Things I am going to attempt half heartedly.......

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Things I am going to attempt half heartedly.......

Postby Sherry » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:01 am

Things I am going to attempt half heartedly as it seemed like a good idea at the time and then go all out to achieve epic fail within a week (or less)

or as the rest of the world refers to it - New Year Resolutions

Anyone who feels like having a go at their own feel free :)

1) Attempt to use iCal for all of 3 minutes. Two of which will consist of faffing and decision making over what colours to make my tasks/appointments/events.The third will consist of me nipping over to my browser and never returning.

2) Learn to like my mobile phone enough to actually be bothered to learn to use it for things other than occasional texting. I can only attempt and epic fail at this if I remember to turn said phone on. So I guess this one should read....

2) Turn mobile phone on.

3) Remember to charge said phone before attempting to turn it on.

4) Find out the name of the knob head on TV right now that is supposedly singing on TOTP and add him to the trash pile

5) Learn to walk in 4 inch heels (don't make me laugh). I shall of course only wear them to places that require my presence to sit for the duration and only move off my backside to go to the loo or the bar.

6) Use the iTunes store. I've owned an iMac for over a year now but have never used it. I need to rectify this. I need to play something other than the Wiggles on iTunes itself also. O the shame.

7) Resist temptation to give wedgies to lads whose jeans are sagging so far down their backsides they'd be done for indecent exposure in some countries.

8) See Take That in concert again. This will of course be the year they don't tour at all so of course my plan to go see them is already thwarted before its even begun. Epic fail is already in full swing.

9) Cook more, eat less

10) Eat less of everything I don't cook as well

11) Learn to avoid anyone who says XFactor is good and I should watch it. I took your advice this year, was either bored, in hysterics, horrified, crying (and not tears of happiness or joy I can assure you) or mildly catatonic during the show. You figure out which acts caused what reaction.

12) Get reacquainted with George, Eric, Brad and a few other blokes while sitting in the dark scoffing Maltesers and Minstrels.

13) Find a decent babysitter so I can achieve #12

14) Co-ordinate my outfits with my husbands. Shell suits and singlets are the way forward. And matching cagoules if raining. Christmas sweaters may be a bit more tricky but I am sure we can find something suitably tasteless and tacky.

15) Try not to roll my eyes when someone refers to me as a 'girl'

16) Try not to verbally abuse the people in call centres who insist on spelling or saying my name wrong even though I spell it out to them and pronounce it properly before anything else.

17) See the film Twilight or any other one with Twilight in the title.
Woo by writing this I've just ensured I will therefore be able to safely avoid said films in 2010. My logic astounds me!

18) Find someone to replace Cheryl Cole as the most annoying woman on TV. Apart from every other woman on TV I'm open to suggestions. Cheryl Cole you say? Sounds like a plan.

19) Don't buy myself any sunglasses for the summer.

20) Take myself more seriously

Happy New Year everyone and anyone. Here is to 2010 :)

(I posted this to my FB but thought I'd nip over here and share)

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Re: Things I am going to attempt half heartedly.......

Postby mockingbird » Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:22 pm

:lol: Sherry! That's quite a list. :thumb:

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Re: Things I am going to attempt half heartedly.......

Postby Nancy » Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:53 am

Yes, Sherry, I saw it on FB, but couldn't think of a thing to add. :puzzled:
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