That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

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That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

Postby kipples » Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:53 pm

I have to say, I'm more then a little sad to say goodbye to this year :cry:

If you had told me a year ago that in the next twelve months I would lose my job, be on the dole for 8 months, start playing the ukulele, post videos on youtube playing the ukulele, meet my idols, travel to Manchester to see my idols in concert for the third time in a week, meet people off the internet who are also going to see said idols, finally visit Northern Ireland twice in a month, fall in love with Edinburgh (Edinguy!), get into a strange stare-off with Cillian Murphy, keep my sobriety, get a job in the place I got my first job, find out I have a cyst in my brain (doctor"it's nothing to worry about"), receive Christmas cards and gifts from people I haven't physically met, and then on top of all that, make plans to visit London, Texas and New Zealand for the next year....well I would have laughed in your face until I choked :rolls:

I want to thank all you girls for being a big part of this year as well. It was this place that made me pick up the uke, it was this place that the European tour dates had been announced causing me to have one of my happiest days ever, and it's (indirectly) trough this place that I've made plans for 2 of my 3 trips next year. Basically.. :iloveyou: :bighug: :hug:

But enough about me. What were your highlights/low-lights of the 2010?

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Re: That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

Postby nonchalant obsession » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:50 pm

It had some hard bits, but overall for me, 2010 was more than generous and lavish with lovely bits. Full. Memorable. One of the highlights was meeting so many of my dear forum friends in real life. :hug:

And there was this...

Image :heart:

*sigh* Yes, 'twas a good year. :blush:

I'm working on some resolutions. :writersblock:

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Re: That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

Postby biscuit » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:47 pm

2010 was a pretty good year (but then I think most years are good looking back as long as nobody got ill or died...)

Not so good bits:
-Living in the country
-Giving up my first proper and really excellent job
-Thinking the boys wouldn't get their places back at their school

Good bits:
-Leaving the country and going back home. Yay!
-Getting new also very good job in town.
-All the kids getting to go back to their old school.
-Getting two new ukes and playing loads!
-Getting back into writing :)

Massively brilliant bits:
-FOTC going on European tour and me and Zebra seeing them in Bergen! :D
-Zebra visiting me in October :)
-Getting an iPhone for Christmas (what? I'm shallow :lol: )
-Getting tickets for PF gig in London in February where I'll meet up with my beautiful fellow folkers and also hopefully jam a bit :D
Thanks to Ariadne at RAC for my gorgeous new avi :-)

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Re: That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

Postby deliriumtree » Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:08 pm

2010 was a fabulous year for me. I liked Biscuits set up so will use that. :D

Not so good bits
-Worrying for mostly no reason
-Worrying people hate me mostly for no reason
-Worrying my best friend hates me for mostly no reason and is going to stop talking to me
-Worrying in general
-Mean dog grooming clients
(all these are every year though)

Good Bits
-Starting a work out program and really seeing results
-Doing a bit of model work (although unpaid)
-Making some really good new friends although online through twitter, such as my editor
-Keeping a close friendship for a whole year.

Massively Brilliant Bits
-Sharing my writing with others and getting published (without even trying! hehe)
-Trip to Vegas to meet Flirty Friend. My first time traveling alone and that far away. I'm now in love with travel.
-Being disowned by my family (except for my mother). A weird thing to say but a huge relief. I really don't need that abuse. :D
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Re: That was the year that was. Looking back at 2010.

Postby ItsAllRyche » Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:36 pm

I really enjoyed reading these. Here's mine:

Not so good bits: (some actually horrible)
lost my mother
lost my beautiful dog (Teemu)
built up debt

Good bits:
met wonderful WTF'ers in person
saw my dream men 3 times *I am bi-chordian
got a new wonderful job
lost 25 lbs.
had good health
became a "Big Sister'

Plans for 2011
finish remodeling condo
buy a new car
meet up with WTF'ers again!
see Dream men again
lose another 25 lbs.

YAY I wish you all much good health, happiness, and stronger love, or new love, and chances for us meet up again!

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