Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006

Postby Gayle » Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:46 pm

Note to Sherry: if you feel this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it. I couldn't decide if it should go here or in the General Forum. Thanks. :D

I was trolling the Fringe website today, just out of curiousity mainly, and suddenly thought "HEY! I wonder if FoTC is participating this year!?!?"

I would love to go to the festival, I've never been, and it's something I've jealously heard about from friends who have gone more often than I care to think about.

In addition, I'd love to go to Scotland, and perhaps even cross the border and visit the York Railway Museum.

Has anyone heard any stirrings about FoTC participating in this year's festival?
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Postby Sherry » Sat Feb 04, 2006 8:12 pm

Well lets see

I think I'll move this to the 'general' forum as its not really Conchords related as such.

Edinburgh during the Fringe....

Can I say that I love the city of Edinburgh. I cannot say enough good things about it. I myself am planning on attending the Fringe again this year but with the Bloke in tow :) But as we have already been outside of the Fringe season and have seen the sights, it really is more to sample the Fringe and see lots of acts.

The Fringe itself is a mad manic month. Accomadation is hard to come by (read non existant) at short notice, the city doubles (maybe triples) its population and on the whole, the whole town is in overdrive with crowds, acts, litter and traffic. Anyone who is wanting to see Edinburgh sights as a holiday might well do better to go outside of Fringe season. It really is crowded and hectic during August. However, if you do go during the Fringe and want to see the sights, it is doable, only hectic.

If you are going to the Fringe for the acts that might appear then you need to wait till June sometime for them to be announced. And then its hit and miss with the smaller lesser known acts as to what might be good to go see. Its usually the word of mouth after a week or so and when reviews are filed you get an idea of the good stuff to be seen. The bigger names usually sell well in advance, and often do shorter runs or take a couple of nights a week off. Its really hard to predict who will play where or for how long until the full list is announced.

Its worthwhile if you want to see performers, but could be an expensive trip (consider airfares are high that time of year, accomadation and the exchange rate) If you only plan on a few days in Edinburgh itself and the rest elsewhere, then thats also cool. The Highlands are amazing and there is lots to see outside of the city.

I guess it all comes down to what a person wants :)

As for the Conchords, I really have no idea (and chances are they don't either) as to if they will appear there this year. They would need to write a whole new show, and no idea if that is on the cards or not. And I don't plan on hassling them and asking about the Fringe this early :P I'm going to be patient. Although I am going to the Fringe this year regardless of them appearing there or not. Just something the Bloke and I want to do. So many cool performers that play there I would love to see, so a week there is in order. I missed GUD performing the other year along with a few other comedians. So this year I am going to go nuts and squish in as much as possible.

Anyways, don't let this put you off :P It really is a great experience, but if you go during Fringe, don't expect to be able to get a seat in a cafe for even a cup of coffee and a sandwich as they are like gold dust and fought over :roll: Its eating a slice of pizza from a dodgy take away out on the street somewhere and hoping for the best :?

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Postby Gayle » Sat Feb 04, 2006 8:40 pm

Thanks for sharing that, Sherry. I sort of figured that was the deal with the Fringe, but I still have an interest in going.

I guess I'm itching for a new experience. Something that involves over priced air travel, perhaps a bus or train prone to spectacularly breaking down, a few dodgy cabs that feature unidentifiable scents, people who's English is barely recognizable to me, "food" from a leaky pushcart handed to me by a 8'10", 30 stone, kilt-and-nothing-else-wearing bloke named McGuffin or similar.

I've got the wanderlust. Can't be helped. :(
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Postby indigo_jones » Sat Feb 04, 2006 9:45 pm

Too bad it's not the Glasgow Fringe. I'd have a place to stay then. If you do get to Scotland, it's definitely worth hiring a car and driving around a bit. It's a beautiful country (although I might be a bit biased, as that's where my mum's from and I love it tremendously).
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Postby Gayle » Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:48 am

I'm very jealous, Indy! I'd love to spend time in Scotland. I've got a fair amount of Scottish blood in me (my maiden name is Kimball, Grandad, Dad, and brother all named Donald). Got a family tartan and crest and all that.

Not that I have any close relatives there, though I'd still like to go one day.

I am hoping to go to the fringe this year - or if not then next year, after I've had a bit more time to save and plan.

Sherry - have a lovely time there with the bloke. It's getting to closer to move in time, eh? That's very exciting!
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Postby Sherry » Thu Apr 06, 2006 9:07 am

My annual leave is booked and I am free from Saturday 19 August and then am back at work on Monday, wait, thats a public holiday, so Tuesday 29 August 8)

Sometime over that period we are off to Edinburgh for the Fringe. Chances are 4-5 days. I know of a nice 2 bedroom apartment to rent, or if thats taken, a nice guest house, not far from Princes Street and the city centre, owned by the same people who have the apt. So hopefully it'll be provisionally booked sometime this week :D In some ways I dislike having to book so early, but with Edinburgh, its best to if you know you are definately going to go for Fringe.

Also, flights are only about £40 return, if not less, I think last time we went, it was £35, so we can be there in about 2-3 hours door to door.

Gayle, are you still considering going this year? If so, maybe we can meet up if we are both in town the same time. And might even be that the Bloke and I also go on a spend a few days exploring the Highlands either before or after Edinburgh. Depends on his work and how much time he can have off. I get 4 weeks paid leave from my jobs, from my main job, anything up to 6 weeks, depending on how the holidays fall and trips taken by my bosses. Its not planned on my part, but as I look after children it sometimes means they go away on holiday outside of my having booked holiday (I can't book holiday time in school holidays unless they go away, which is cool, just means that as I take my leave at other times, apart from a couple of weeks in the summer hols, my annual leave seems to often extend to 6 weeks plus - ummm :puzzled: )

Anyways, Edinburgh it is this summer.

Anyone else made holiday plans this summer? Or is there a thread for that I missed :roll:

And oooo next year, all being well, New Zealand will be the destination. We are planning a trip back to Australia to see The Bloke's family and thought it a good idea to tie it in and try to get to NZ also for a while 8) I can live with that :lol:

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Postby /me » Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:38 pm

I dunno, I would recommend going during the festival, but then I haven't been to Scotland outside of the festival. You meet tons of people, maybe not necessarily Scottish people, but tons of people nontheless, and there is always something to do. If you go at the right time, the theatre festival overlaps the jazz festival overlaps the film festival overlaps the book festival...or something like that. There are a heck of a lot of festivals going on making up the "FESTIVAL." But Sherry is right on about getting accomodations now and I would add checking out what acts are playing, getting the scoop on the ones with buzz, and getting tickets for those as soon as possible too. The big names sell out fast. But, by all means GO, Gayle! I can't recommend it highly enough.

In other news, where did this come from? LMAO!
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Postby Kate » Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:43 pm

/me wrote:In other news, where did this come from? LMAO!

Courtesy of the lovely Ellen on this page:

http://www.whatthefolk.net/forum/viewto ... c&start=30

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Postby Sherry » Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:23 pm

Oooo crummy news for the Fringe this year.

Venues angry at Fringe costs hike

Manifest Destiny was staged at the fringe Festival last summer
Venues at the Edinburgh Fringe festival have condemned a big increase in the cost of performance licences issued by the city's council.

Edinburgh City Council has more than quadrupled the cost of the licence in some cases, but says it will phase the changes in over three years.

All venues have to purchase a theatre licence before shows can perform.

The organisers of the festival, which starts on 6 August, said they were "deeply concerned" by the costs.

Read the rest here

Bit busy atm to post thoughts on this but will hopefully be back later on to do so :)

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Postby Sherry » Wed Jun 14, 2006 8:38 pm

The Perrier Award will be no more :cry:

Perrier ends Edinburgh comedy tie

Perrier is to stop sponsoring the comedy awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after 25 years. The awards, which have been known as The Perriers for years, will now be called the if.comeddies. The new sponsors, Scottish banking firm Intelligent Finance, give the awards their new prefix.

Cambridge Footlights were the first recipients of the prize in 1981. Other winners include Steve Coogan, Lee Evans and The League of Gentlemen.

"Twenty five years is a record time for a sponsorship and we felt that it is time for us to explore new opportunities," said Perrier's managing director Stefano Agostini.

The awards' organisers say the new name is meant to be "friendly" and easy for audiences to remember, like the Oscars.

"Our new name incorporates three things," explained producer Nica Burns, "Edinburgh, the name of our new sponsor [and] the word comedy". She said she hoped the awards would come to be called the Eddies. Burns also announced changes to the awards, including an increased prize fund and the creation of a new programme to develop comedy talent.

Stepping stone

Over the last quarter of a century, the comedy awards have expanded in parallel with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

"There used to be just 50 shows eligible for the award," said Burns, "now there are 250".

A panel of 10 judges - seven professionals and three members of the public - attend all of these shows before deciding on a winner. For many, such as Dylan Moran and Al Murray, the award has been a stepping stone to bigger things in television, movies and the comedy circuit. A best newcomer prize is also awarded to an act making its debut performance at the festival. However, the awards have been criticised for ignoring female comics. Only two women have ever won - Jenny Eclair in 1995 and Laura Solon in 2005.

Former winners Rob Newman and Emma Thompson called for a boycott of the awards in 2001 in protest at the involvement of Perrier's owners, Nestle, in marketing powdered baby milk in developing countries. As a result, an alternative competition called The Tap Water Awards was set up the following year.

The Iffies? The Effies? The Eddies? They are all pretty crap sounding IMHO :roll: They don't really work. Ah well, its a done deal. Perrier got 25 years out of it :P And many a famous comedian got a break because of the award also. Not just the winners I must add :P The other nominees also :lol: Some of the greatest comedic talents never won even.

I'm still in two minds about going to Ed this year. Bill Baily is only doing a short run, Dylan Moran is only playing the odd night, and neither of those really fit in with my time off. A few other acts will be there, but its not really worth it just for a couple of smaller shows. The expense and travel and so on outweigh everything else. It would be cheaper to see them when they actually tour the country rather than go to Edinburgh during Fringe with all the extra expenses. Ah well, always next year :D

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Postby EvilMoose » Thu Jun 15, 2006 5:15 pm

I hope to be able to go one day. It sounds amazing. We have a festival here in Orlando but it seems over the last few years it has basically become an excuse for performers (more like exhibitionists who think they're artists) to get nekkid in public. It makes me sad they think they have to shock to entertain.
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Postby Sherry » Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:07 pm

I'm still toying with the idea of Ed in August. Just annoying that the few main acts I want to see are only doing a limited run which is not when I hope to be in town :roll:

On the other hand, Rhys Darby and a few other NZ comedians etc will be performing. I'm pretty sure he'll be back in London also though, so could catch him there.

Decisions decisions :hrm:

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Postby Sherry » Mon Aug 14, 2006 11:02 am

So BBC reports this as the pick from Week one so far....

Critics' choice: Edinburgh Fringe


Black Watch has received universal critical acclaim in the opening week of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Written by playwright Gregory Burke, it follows a group of soldiers belonging to the Black Watch regiment on its last tour in Iraq.

It might seem premature to announce that the most compelling theatre experience of the entire Fringe has already been unveiled, but if there is a more powerful, urgent, pefectly realised piece of work than Gregory Burke's Black Watch out there, I'll undertake to run to Baghdad and back.
Daily Telegraph

Black Watch avoids the pitfalls of most documentary theatre, which allows us liberal theatre-goers to take a cosy gander in the zoo. Instead, it places the audience in the very heart of the war zone. John Tiffany's storming, heart-stopping production is all disorientating blood, guts and thunder, threaded through with history and songs of the regiment and intercut with lyrical moments of physical movement, like some great dirty ballet of pulsating machismo and terrible tenderness.

For once, superlatives are no exaggeration. This is a stunning show. John Tiffany's direction in the warehouse-style space of a drill hall makes it feel at times like a deadly version of a military tattoo.
Daily Mail

Not everyone will agree; not everyone will sympathise. But few will come away untouched by this thrilling, raw, challenging and masterful piece of work. It takes a lot to get an Edinburgh audience to its feet but they were standing to applaud this.

Black Watch is an astonishing artistic whirlwind that, despite its localised setting, is utterly international in its approach. The world must see this play. Immediately.

The foundation stone of Gregory Burke as a playwright is his grasp of different kinds of male relationship: camaraderie, community and rivalry are all present between his characters, but they are always talking the same language and wired for the same feelings. His new piece Black Watch fits this hypothesis perfectly.
Financial Times

Jim Henson's Puppet Improv
Midnight Cowboy
Girl Blog From Iraq: Baghdad Burning
Reginald D Hunter: Pride and Prejudice and Niggas

Anyone wanting to check out whats going on can visit the Ed Fringe site

I'm always curious to know what goes over well there. And to see how the Iffys erm, I mean Eddies fare over the Perrier Award. And who gets nominated.

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Postby Will » Thu Aug 24, 2006 12:43 pm

Unfortunately Flight of the Conchords aren't playing in Edinburgh this year. It's a great shame as I would have loved to have seen them. I've only seen them live once before, over a year ago in London, but now that I'm back living in Scotland it would have been great as I still remember them as one of the funniest acts I've ever seen.

I have caught a few acts in Edinburgh this year, including other New Zealand acts with Jarred Christmas and Rhys Darby. Both excellent and both up there with the best shows I have seen this year at The Fringe.

Let's just hope for the Conchords to make an appearance next year.

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Postby Sherry » Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:30 pm

Will wrote:I have caught a few acts in Edinburgh this year, including other New Zealand acts with Jarred Christmas and Rhys Darby. Both excellent and both up there with the best shows I have seen this year at The Fringe.

Let's just hope for the Conchords to make an appearance next year.

Sounds like Rhys is doing well :D He's a somewhat active person in the flesh :lol:

And yeah, here is hoping they perform there again sometime. Would be cool. I get the feeling the US is getting all the upcoming action :hrm: Demanding market and it seems the guys are concentrating on it for now :roll:

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