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Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 9:06 pm
by tvldiva
Gotta show some Eugene love here. I thought he was wonderful last night in Austin. For anyone who knows about his Delta feud or hatred may enjoy this. These are postcard he printed up with the money Delta sent him for lost luggage they could not find but he was able to find. :roll: Airlines! :hrmpf:
This is front and back. Oh yea, he was the artist.

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Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 10:55 pm
by poptartgirl
Religion as high functioning autism...HA ! :lol: :lol:

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 2:41 am
by songbird
The Delta Airlines rant had me in stitches! I have a recording of it from the show I saw in Toronto and constantly listen to it, it's just hilarious! :lol:

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:09 am
by alysaanne
Is anyone going to the Eugene Mirman comedy festival in Brooklyn this weekend?

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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:13 am
by mohumbhai mania
No, but I would love to! He is so dang funny.

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Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:03 pm
by Venus
Interesting interview with Eugene Mirman posted by @conchordsnet:

Interview: Eugene Mirman on Asperger's Syndrome, Advice from Former Teachers, and the Mirman Weirdos

Monday, Oct. 5 2009 @ 9:00AM
By Michael D. Ayers in Eugene Mirman, Featured, Interview, Michael D. Ayers, Sub Pop, interviews


Comedian Eugene Mirman makes even the most productive person look unproductive. In the last several months, he's released his first self-help book The Will To Whatevs, reprised his role as "Eugene" during the second season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords, organized and hosted the second annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival (held last month in Brooklyn) and tomorrow releases his third album, God Is a Twelve-Year Old Boy With Asperger's, his second for Sub Pop. The album captures a live set Mirman from last December at Chicago's Lakeshore Theater, where he dished on crappy airlines, high school reunions, why America is certainly better than abortions, and what he does when he finds iPods.

Sound of the City caught up with Mirman last week in Brooklyn and discussed all of these things in a very serious manner. On most Sunday evenings, Mirman hosts "Tearing the Veil of Maya," a "night of wonderful, informal comedy" at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. You should go, just don't be a weirdo.

This year, you've released a book, reprised your role on Flight of the Conchords, organized your second comedy festival, and are now releasing this CD. This is all very hip-hop of you. You know, because you branch out into everything.

I think a more accurate way to describe it is, is that hip-hop is becoming more like me. Finally, it's what I've dreamed of. But the truth is, all this stuff, it's always what I've done. When I was in Boston, and when I was in college, I would organize various events or shows. Do weird things and put out little magazines or write articles.

Seeing your show, even years ago, I guess it doesn't surprise me that you could do all this in just six months.

Right. But, ultimately I think its fun to do a variety of things. I think when people start out, they say "well, what do you want to do? Do you want to be on Saturday Night Live? And you're like, "No, I'm not really a sketch actor, that wouldn't really be a thing for me." And they're like, "But what else is there?" It's as if they think if you're not doing that, then why are you even bothering. You want to be funny about ideas or something? I'd say, "No, I'd like to write a book." They'd say "Okay, go do your hippie comedy stuff."

People love to write about bands and musicians and download their music and see their shows and everyone loves bands. But I feel like recently, comedians have been getting a fair amount of love too.

It goes in waves. Back in 1989, there would be a comedy show everywhere; including right here, right now. But I feel like stand up is being more popular again, but it's hard to tell. I feel like in the '80s, there was all this comedy. There was such a demand for it and it became insincere and crappy. There are certainly terrible things but there are people that are great and there are lots of informal shows, these days.

When you signed to Sub Pop, did they take you to a secret little vault and let you pick out one Nirvana thing and three Mudhoney things that no one else can touch?

[laughs] Exactly. They were like, "We have this one thing, it's worth about $250,000, you can just have it." I said, "Thank you so much." No, but when I do go there, I go to their little warehouse and take a sweatshirt-which I need a new one, because I keep losing it-and a bunch of new CDs. I bet if I wanted a seven-inch that they had several of, I could get.

Like more than four.

Yeah. "I was wondering if I could get some old demos. Nirvana demos, I promise I won't release them." But Mark Arm runs the warehouse.

For real?

Yeah, for real. He loves to, that's why he does it. Like the way Drew Carey must love The Price is Right to host it. Except Mark is a musician and knows about that stuff.

Is this your most political album to date? The title is very charged.

Yeah, it's so powerful. You know, I'm not sure. I'm going to say no, and then I might say yes. There are a handful of things. I'd been covering the election, so there are a handful of stories and jokes, but a lot of my things aren't political. I'm a bystander at a political event and as a result there are things I notice. They have political undertones, and it's more like, "Can you believe this weirdo" and the weirdo happens to be Republican. But not always. But the title is based on a twelve year old boy that was at a reading. And I guess there would be people that might be offended or something, but those people should be religious and not people that work with people with Asperger's. I actually have a lot of friends that work with people with Asperger's and they seemed to enjoy it. So, I've tested it on them but I haven't tested it on kids whose emotions can't be read.

>Boston Phoenix
Eugene's Lexington High yearbook photo

When I was growing up, I never heard of Asperger's. We just referred to those people as weird.

Yeah, outcasts. And then someone was like, "They have an illness, they can't tell when you're smiling, it means you're done talking." I spent six years in special ed-from sixth to twelfth grade-and I think I was diagnosed with, "He's not a good student." I found out that a friend of mine, when we were in third grade, our teacher came up to her and told her to stop being friends with me because I was a loser. And as proof, showed her my standardized test scores. Which is amazing.

That's not nice.

It's a bad thing for a teacher to do, but I feel like in the '80s, it was literally like "That kid's a loser, I should help this other kid out."

Speaking of, you mention on the album that during the book tour that there were Mirman weirdos that came out. Were there anymore?

In San Francisco, it was super awkward. It was a Q&A, and someone asked who were my influences and I named a few comedians. And then a guy goes "What about Chevy Chase?" I said "He's fine." And then he tells me a five-minute story and the rest of the audience about how his son once gave a ride to the airport to Chevy Chase. And at the end, I said "Do you have a question." And he said "No." Like he was on a panel and he was a panelist. In some other city, someone tried to get me to dance with them.

A girl or a dude?

A girl.

Was there music?

She was singing a song she made up. It was for a blog, so don't think it was for nothing. There was a reason for it.

I love local bloggers.

I was a little sleepy and didn't want to do a dance. But most people are very nice and will say something nice and I will say, "Thank you, nice person."


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Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:28 pm
by mohumbhai mania
My husband has an autistic brother and thought the Aspberger's joke was the funniest joke ever.

Eugene is so amazing to me. Thanks for the interview!

Dude, I might have to order from Sub Pop directly - Mark Arm might actually TOUCH something I order. :prayer:

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Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:11 am
by Venus
That's What She Said--An Interview With Eugene Mirman- L Swain

Eugene Mirman just released a new comedy record on Sub Pop called God is a Twelve-Year-Old-Boy With Asperger’s and it’s funny stuff. One of the problems with being a funny guy is that people always want you to do funny things. No one wants to just sit down with you and ask you mundane questions, but that’s totally my bag, so, a few days ago I interviewed Eugene Mirman over email. Here it is:

LS: Hi! So, how are those plates selling? If you are willing to sell a plate, what would you not sell with your face on it? While we’re at it, tell me about the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, please. Was it a success?

EM: The plates are sold out maybe, unless there are still some through my site. There might be. I would sell lots of things with my face on it, including — hats, a school bus, high-end instant soup, and an artists imagining of Zeus’ penis. And yes, the festival was a success. It was very fun. We had a whole roast pig the opening night, rented a limo to shuttle the audience [One limo! Sounds like quite a crowd! –ed.] from the venue to the subway and had lots of great comedians who shined a light onto societies ills and also joked around about sex and drinking.

LS: Sometimes you say hi to me and sometimes you don’t—what’s the deal with that?

EM: I can be spacey sometimes. Or maybe I’m trying to be mysterious and doing it wrong. Either way, sorry about that.

LS: I figure people ask you about comedy all the time, and I will later probably, but what interests me more right now is that you are Russian. That’s interesting. Tell me about it. I had a Russian boyfriend who moved here in the ‘80s and he had no friends and was stuffed in the trophy cases at school and stuff. Did that happen to you? Do you speak Russian? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does being Russian affect your everyday life? Is it affect or effect? I’m pretty sure it’s affect but now I am doubting myself.

EM: I do speak Russian. I talk to my parents a few times a week. It affects me 2.5 on that scale. In the 80s it probably affected me 4.2. I wasn’t stuffed in a trophy case (I was never good enough), but in elementary school people called me a commie and blamed me when the Russians shot down a Korean airliner. Eventually what started as a youthful disdain of Ruskies transformed into a much broader disdain for me throughout my adolescence. I also was probably [most likely –ed.] annoying. It was most likely a destructive cycle that ended sometime around 11th grade. On a side note, a friend of mine recently told me that in third grade our teacher told her to stop being friends with me because I was a loser and as proof showed her my standardized test scores. They were indeed very low. [You can’t be a loser in third grade. It just doesn’t work that way. –ed.]

LS: You played a rapist in some schmaltzy TV crime drama. Do you still go audition for parts like that or do you have enough work to not do that anymore? I noticed that you have a night of crime drama comedians at your upcoming fest—that’s funny stuff!

EM: I was not a rapist — I was only a suspected arsonist. [I’m going to have to fire my fact checker. –ed.] I don’t really audition for stuff like that very much, and in general don’t really like auditions and try to avoid them (with good success). [So, you pay your bills solely with plate sales? That is amazing! –ed.]

LS: Tell me a funny story about each of these people: David Cross, Zach Galifianakis, and Bret and Jemaine? Which one of these is your favorite? Which of these people gets the most dates do you think?

EM: All those people are in relationships (or married!!!!), so they don’t date. However, I bet they’ve each had sex with at least eight people, which is awesome. It would take too long to tell stories about all of them, but once I know that David Cross, Jon Benjamin and Morgan Murphy got a hotel to let them into Zach Galifianakis’ room by convincing the hotel that Zach was a danger to himself. They were drunk and the convincing took about an hour. [He totally looks like a cutter. I’m surprised it took it them an hour. -ed.]

LS: I emailed Todd Barry to see if he had any dirt/info on you that I could use for this interview but he never got back to me. What do you think he was doing instead?

EM: He was probably making love to a wonderful woman with a beautiful tattoo. [Doubt it. –ed.]

LS: Tell me about the comedy scene in New York. Do you guys hang out a lot and do non-comedy stuff or is it all comedy all the time? Is there somewhere where you guys can be found regularly, like George and Jerry and Elaine at that diner?

EM: We all live in an eight-story brownstone (called a “Double Brownstone”) in Brooklyn and go to see movies, watch each others kids and write television shows and movies. It’s where most of the major alt-comedy decisions are made. [I think you’re pulling my leg. –ed.]

LS: Have you ever played Giggles here in Seattle? If so, did you try the Rita Rudner nachos?

EM: No. And as a result, sadly, no I haven’t tried the nachos. I can’t imagine I’m missing out on much, or are Seattle comedy clubs known for their amazing Mexican food? [Seattle, in general, is known for its Mexican food. HAR HAR HAR!!! –ed.]

LS: What is an average day for you, Eugene? Tell me what it’s like to wake up and be you.

EM: I wake up, finish the second half of a vodka-infused watermelon, give my cat a shot of insulin (he has diabetes), write for an hour, make breakfast, do an interview, and then meet up with friends to work on weird projects. Sometimes I go to a birthday party at the end of the day. [That sounds really nice, except the part about the diabetic cat. That part sounds like a pain. –ed.]

LS: VERY IMPORTANT! What kind of shoes do you wear? What kind of ladies’ shoes are a deal breaker for you?

EM: Shoe shoes. Not sure. [You are trying to tell me that you don’t know what kind of shoes you wear?! For real? What if you wore these?] I don’t have a kind of ladies’ shoe that I outright have disdain for and wouldn’t feel comfortable making one up. I guess if a woman had shoes with anti-semetic stuff written all over them I wouldn’t date her. [Bingo! –ed.]

LS: Were you cool in high school? Did you have a lot of friends? Did you “party”? Did you do drugs? Do you do drugs now?

EM: I wasn’t cool, sorry. I was accepted eventually and had a nice time and friends. I don’t do drugs. I do get a lot of emails from people telling me I must have been really high when I made some video or something and I tell them that I wasn’t, that I’m just a bit of a weirdo. [What about all the cocaine that comedians do? Do the other guys from the double brownstone just take your portion? –ed.]

LS: Did you go to college? Where? What was your major? (If you did not go to college you can make up whatever you want here…)

EM: I went to Hampshire College in western Mass. You can design your own major there, so I majored in comedy. [That’s kind of like going to college, I guess. –ed] I did a one-hour standup act as my thesis. It was actually quite practical since I’m a comedian now, but at the time grownups thought what I was doing was birdbrained and frivolous.

LS: If you had to live in another American city other than New York where would it be?

EM: It would be in Seattle, Austin, Cape Cod, Boston, or maybe Northampton. Maybe Chicago too?

LS: What kind of candy do you like? Chocolate or fruity stuff? Are you a fan of sour patch candies?

EM: I am more of a savory person [Me too! –ed], but yes, I like all those things. I guess Reese’s Pieces, Butterfingers and Whoppers are some of my favorites. [Butterfingers suck, but otherwise I am right there with you. –ed.]

LS: If you had to get a 9-5 job what do you think it would be? What’s your skill set? Are you good at computers?

EM: I would be a weird professor or discredited scientist. Would it count if I worked at a company where I made weird stuff and put it on the Internet or is that too close to what I already do? [No. –ed.] What if I gave myself more formal hours? [Okay. –ed.]

LS: Do you look at the internet a lot? What are some things you look at?

EM: I like Zach Galfianakis’ show Between Two Ferns. I also love Michael Showalter’s show, The Michael Showalter Showalter. I look at some stuff, but not as much as when I temped at an office. I just watched a video Jon Benjamin made called Tech Talk. You can see it here.

LS: What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?
EM: I forget.

LS: Do you watch Mad Men? 

EM: I do. I love it. I am delighted they named a character after me (probably not). [Are you talking about Grandpa/Baby? I had no idea he was named Eugene Mirman! –ed]

LS: Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? Tell me how it all went down.

EM: I think the most famous person I ever met was Robin Williams when he came to the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary comedy show with Bob Goldthwait, and my friend Tony V, because they were shooting a movie in Seattle at the time. [I saw that movie. It’s pretty good. –ed.] But speaking of meeting famous people and Mad Men, I was once outside of the Knitting Factory in New York (after a benefit I did for homeless people — because I’m a really good person) and a guy came up to me and said, “Hey my name is Jon and I’m a friend of David Wain’s and I’m a big fan.” And I was like, “Wait? Jon? Jon Hamm?!” And he was like, “Yes.” And I was like, “I’m a REALLY big fan of yours! I LOVE your show.” It might have spooked him a little. [OH.MY.GOD. Is he as good looking in real life? Do you think he’d let me interview him? If you invited him over do you think he’d come? Did you know there is a Knitting Factory in Spokane??! -ed.] But he was very nice and we talked for a few minutes.

LS: I’m sure you are working on some new material. Please give me a sneak peek and we can work on it here, together.

EM: I am going to be in Copenhagen in December covering the UN Climate Change Conference for a Seattle-based non-profit called Grist. So I’m working on that. I’m trying to come up with titles for the series, so feel free to give me some ideas. [How about ‘Gettin’ Green with Eugene’? Or ‘Eugreen Mirman Reports Live from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen’? Or ‘Reduce, Reuse, Eugene’? -ed.]

LS: And finally, tell me a story about Megan Jasper, preferably something embarrassing. If you don’t have something you can sub in a dirty or weird dream you’ve had about her or something.

EM: I have a great story about her, but make sure you run this by her, so that people don’t believe she is any less professional because of this. Probably five or so years ago Megan, Robin Taylor, me and a few other friends went to see Wilco and Flaming Lips at Madison Square Garden for New Years. Periodically, as people around us would shout out requests at the bands, and Megan, with an equally enthusiastic voice, would yell, “Shit in my pussy!” It’s still one of the funnier things I’ve seen at a concert. I think the next day she ran into some friends of hers that happened to be behind us at the show and had a eleven or twelve year old child with them. I think they thought it was funny, but Megan might have been a little embarrassed. [Megan does this at baby showers, marketing meetings, sporting events, and funerals. It’s her ‘thing’. –ed.]

Tue, October 13, 2009, 1:21 PM


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Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:18 pm
by Venus
Comedians to swap lives for UKTV pilot
Phill Jupitus and Flight of the Conchords' Eugene Mirman trade places in a Wife Swap-style pilot for digital channel Dave

Mark Sweney, Thursday 15 October 2009 07.33 BST

Phill Jupitus: will swap with Flight of the Conchords' Eugene Mirman. Photograph: Rex

Phill Jupitus and Flight of the Conchords' Eugene Mirman are to star in a pilot for a TV show on the digital channel Dave that will see them trade lives in a sort of comedians' version of Wife Swap.

UKTV, which owns Dave, has commissioned a one-hour pilot of the show, Comedy Exchange, which will be made by the independent producer Tiger Aspect.

The show features Jupitus, star of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, trading places with Mirman, who plays Eugene, the landlord of lead characters Bret and Jermaine in the HBO comedy Flight of the Conchords, to see how they handle each other's lives.

The two will swap lives for a week in order to prepare for a final standup performance. The show is being filmed in New York and London.

According to UKTV, it will see the duo "trade countries, career and cohorts to see if they can cut it in a new comedy culture".

"Despite speaking the same language Brits don't get jokes about Altoids or Mickey Mantle and gags about chavs or the WI are lost on us Americans," said Christian Drobnyk, UKTV's director of entertainment.


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Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:35 pm
by mohumbhai mania
These last two updates are awesome! I wonder if some US network will pick up that comedy swap show? pls pls pls pls?

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Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:02 am
by 4everconchordsfan
Eugene, Kristen, NYC & complimentary tickets :

Show # 3 Saturday Oct 25

at NYU's Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
in Manhattan

Standup Comedian and Daily Show correspondent, John Oliver, hosts a unique night of standup comedy for Comedy Central which features some of America's most influential standup stars and great upcoming comics. (Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Paul F. Thompkins - Maria Bamford, Hannibal Buress, Greg Fitzsimmons, Pete Holmes, Nick Kroll, Eugene Mirman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Amy Schumer)

Show Schedule - John Oliver hosts all shows

SHOW 1 ~ Friday - Oct. 23 - 6:45PM
Marc Maron, Janeane Garofalo, Maria Bamford, Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer

SHOW 2 ~ Saturday - Oct. 24 - 7:45PM
Paul F. Thompkins, Maria Bamford, Greg Fitzsimmons, Nick Kroll, Eugene Mirman

SHOW 3 ~ Sunday - Oct. 25 - 5:45PM
Brian Posehn, Kristen Schaal, Pete Holmes, Eugene Mirman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Amy Schumer


PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST LIVE IN THE NYC AREA AND BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TICKETS. As always tickets are complimentary for this event.

For tickets to this exclusive free, live COMEDY CENTRAL show, please email us at with the following information in both the subject line and body of your email:
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This information is NOT shared or used for any purposes other than to accommodate your ticket requests.
Our Privacy Policy is available Here.

The show will last approximately 2 hours and you must stay with us for the entire taping.

We will contact you via email with a detailed confirmation if there are tickets available. You should hear from us within a few days of your request but at latest by 12PM on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22nd. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US DUPLICATE REQUESTS. If you must email us again please put "2ND REQUEST" in the subject line of your email. Thanks.

Come join us for Comedy Central's "STAND-UP COMEDY WITH JOHN OLIVER AND FRIENDS". You are guaranteed a fantastic night of comedy!!


Source/Credit: from the tweetdeck

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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:44 pm
by Venus
Exclusive: Flight of the Conchords is Probably, Maybe Finished, Eugene Mirman Says
10/23/2009 By Vish Khanna

In a recent conversation with Exclaim! about his excellent new stand-up record, God Is a Twelve-Year-Old-Boy with Asperger's, comedian/actor Eugene Mirman discussed the future of the hit HBO show, Flight of the Conchords. Mirman appears on the show as Eugene the landlord, and Bret and Jermaine invited him to open their recent North American tour. So Mirman has some insight about the show and revealed its future is looking mighty bleak.

Here's what Mirman had to say in a recent interview with Exclaim!:

Exclaim!: Will there be another season of Flight of the Conchords?
Eugene Mirman: I don't know but my guess is probably not.

Exclaim!: Probably not?
EM: Yeah, if I had to guess, which is the only way I could decide. I think HBO would want to, but I feel like Bret and Jermaine live abroad and I don't know if they want to do it as much. You could ask them. Actually, you probably can't because I don't think they like doing interviews. So yes, the answer is “probably not” but maybe.

Exclaim!: Okay, probably not but maybe. That's fine.
EM: Not only is it fine, it's accurate.

Exclaim!: It's also a little vague.
EM: Well, I would say “no” but because I can't categorically say no; I have to say “but maybe.”

Exclaim!: Yes, I appreciate that…
EM: Exactly, but the answer really is no.

Exclaim!: All right, thank you for going on the record and saying “no.”
EM: No. But, you never know.

Exclaim!: Is it fair to say that the show has changed your life a little bit?
EM: No.

Exclaim!: Not at all?
EM: Okay wait, yes, it's fair to say it's changed it a little bit. Yeah, people certainly know me from it, so, okay, yes. I like that I had to think about it and you changed my mind. Yeah, that show has changed my life a little bit.

Exclaim!: Well, it's too bad that it's probably, maybe not gonna be back.
EM: Yeah. It would be great for me if it was.

Well, there you have it, maybe. Stayed tuned for our entire interview with Eugene Mirman on


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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:25 pm
by LauraK
Exclaim!: It's also a little vague.
EM: Well, I would say “no” but because I can't categorically say no; I have to say “but maybe.”

Exclaim!: Yes, I appreciate that…
EM: Exactly, but the answer really is no.

Exclaim!: All right, thank you for going on the record and saying “no.”
EM: No. But, you never know.

I love Eugene Mirman. :)

Thanks, Venus.

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:41 pm
by Amanda
Thank you, V... I was about to post that too. I have to say I'm kinda glad they don't do S3. Because doing it means..having to come up with 12 new scripts, 24 new songs ..having to work very very hard for months on end seven days a week, getting more attention from the press, which translates into less privacy.. and all that away from NZ and their families. So, unless they are really into it.. I'd say don't do it. Do whatever makes you happy..and we'll be happy to be there for you, support you and listen/watch what you have to share..

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:51 pm
by Sherry
I think Eugene talks a lot of sense. It seems perfectly logical to me that they don't do a third season. They are both married with families now and it would mean uprooting for another 8 months and tbh I don't think they would want to do that at this time. Or in the future.

I am sure when they are ready they will roll out the Conchords as a live act or some such but the TV show really has run its course. Also many many times they both said the Conchords was only a part time gig for them and they both wanted time to work on other projects away from each other. When the TV show was made this of course went out the window but I can understand them wanting to get back to that and not be pigeonholed into being a folk comedy duo (band) on a TV show.