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Eugene Mirman

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:27 pm
by Lamppost
He had one of the best sets in Comedians of Comedy: Live at the Troubadour and his Super Deluxe series "Space Talk From Dimension Eugene" is insanely funny. And also insane.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:58 am
by poptartgirl
He gets a brief mention for his upcoming appearance at South by Southwest Festival. ... p#comments

Eugene Mirman: Avant-garde stand up and "Flight Of The Conchords" actor Mirman returns to MC multiple events at the festival.

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:52 pm
by poptartgirl

The 11th Annual SXSW Web Awards // Presented by Adobe uncover the best new websites and celebrate those who are building and implementing tomorrow's online trends.

This just in! We are pleased to reveal the 2008 SXSW Web Awards Finalists. Hundreds and hundreds of innovative web designers and developers from across the globe submitted websites in this year's competition, all sites that have been launched or completely redesigned in 2007.

Winners in each of the Web Awards categories (ranging from "Amusement" to "Blog" to "Music" to "Technical Achievement") will be revealed at the SXSW Web Awards Ceremony scheduled Sunday evening, March 9 at the Hilton Austin Downtown. This highly-entertaining evening includes the Web Awards Pre-Party along with plenty of talented industry peers — as well as hilarious commentary from emcee Eugene Mirman.

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:16 pm
by poptartgirl
Interview w/Austin Chronicle : ... d%3A597195

Eugene the Destroyer
His comedy kills, and now he's storming the SXSW Web Awards

Successful stand-up comedian. Opening act for indie rock heroes the Shins and Yo La Tengo. Blogger for The Village Voice and video satirist for Huffington Post sister site Sometime-actor on HBO's Flight of the Conchords. Viral-video artist supreme, whose comically shoddy home-video skits about fictional "sexperts" and the difficulties of time travel have spread all over the Internet and turned their author into a cult hero among users. Now New York-based comedian Eugene Mirman is coming to Austin to add another bullet to his résumé: emcee of the 11th annual SXSW Web Awards.

According to South by Southwest Interactive Festival coordinator Shawn O'Keefe, Mirman was a logical choice for the job. "Eugene's indicative of the social involvement on the Internet that we're interested in," he says. "He's a prime example of a guy who's leveraged the Web and all its interactive potential to his advantage."

Mirman, however, has a different take. He claims the reason Festival organizers chose him is because "they knew I'd destroy Austin if they didn't."

"Actually," he continues, "I think they knew that I was a comedian who does a lot of blogging and Web-based stuff, so they probably thought I'd fit. The Internet has been good to my career; it's allowed me to do my comedy videos and get them out to a wide audience, much wider than I would have without it."

With his incongruous, conversational comedy style – full of absurdist social observations, good-natured sarcasm, and left-field references to throwaway movies and TV shows – Mirman should fit right in among the varied honorees at this year's Web Awards program, which celebrates the innovations that are constantly broadening what the Internet is capable of and what kinds of information and entertainment users can have access to and interact with. The websites up for awards this year include collaborative activist film site World Without Oil; Kongregate, which features Web-only games like Glove of Fury Challenge (where players must help cultural icon the Hamburger Helper acquire something called the "Death Mask Card"); and Ustream.TV, which provides artists and musicians the opportunity to perform for viewers all over the world through live interactive broadcasting. (In case you were wondering, this is the only place to watch the third Swiss Beat Box Battle live as it's happening.)

Anyone familiar with Mirman's comedy can tell you that Glove of Fury Challenge could have just as easily been the name of one of his videos or stand-up routines (so could Swiss Beat Box Battle, for that matter). Plus, for a performer/video artist like Mirman, a site like Ustream.TV could represent a whole new world of performative possibilities. So it makes sense that Mirman is coming all the way down to Texas to be an awards-show host.

"I'm a huge fan of the Web and other tech stuff," he says. "The innovations in the technology provide new possibilities every day to present your work to the world and to come up with new ways of doing things as a performer."

"I think the whole interactive world has changed entertainment by taking promotional power out of the hands of the corporations and giving it back to little guys, like me."

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:07 pm
by poptartgirl
Eugene is also performing at the Mess With Texas party during SXSW. ... ineup.html

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:30 am
by poptartgirl
Interview from the Austinist website :

Eugene Mirman is much funnier than you. A mainstay of New York's alternative comedy scene, Mirman's profile has been even higher of late. In February, his Comedy Central Presents special debuted, and earlier this year, he was asked to cover the New Hampshire primaries for He can also be seen as Jemaine and Bret's strange landlord in HBO's Flight Of The Conchords. A multi-year veteran of SXSW, Mirman is hosting this year's Web Awards at SXSW Interactive and is also performing at multiple SX venues during the music festival.

Austinist recently traded emails with Eugene Mirman to discuss Tom Cruise, John McCain, and annoying SXSW party bouncers.

You're hosting the SXSW web awards. We know that the internet is funny, but how does one riff on categories like "CSS" and "Motion Graphics?"

I didn’t realize I was limited to riffing on those categories. I don’t really know how you would, I guess you’d have to figure out how to tie it into sex (specifically hand jobs) or political corruption.

The Invite Them Up night you helped create in New York seems in retrospect to have given great notoriety to a huge cadre of great comedy performers (including Todd Barry, Aziz Ansari, Flight Of The Conchords, Demetri Martin.) We'd like to now give you the opportunity to take full credit for everyone's careers.

That would be untrue. However, I did decide to make Vampire Weekend the breakout band at this year’s SXSW. Just as I made Franz Ferdinand the breakout band in 2004. Wait! I just decided to make it MGMT. Wait! I changed my mind. It’s Vampire Weekend again.

In covering the primaries for, did you learn anything about a candidate (or the process) that really surprised you?

Yes, absolutely. I learned that news people try to find the most important person in a hotel bar and stand next to them. Little do they know it’s only Chris Matthews and no one else. And sadly, Chris Matthews has no one to look for and stand next to.

We know you're an Obama supporter, as are we, but we can't help but feel for John McCain. The guy sat in a Vietnamese jail for five years, and worked often on policy with Democrats, but got creamed by Republican extremist shenanigans in 2000 and is now running for president in a year when even lots of conservatives will vote Democrat just to repudiate George W. Bush. So our question is: can you find a joke in all of this? Can a wealthy, successful white guy running for president actually have bad karma?

I don’t know. Sometimes it’s not appropriate to joke around, especially about a smart, likable senator, who has a good heart, and fought to free this country from British rule some 232 years ago.

Um, has Tom Cruise sent you a cease-and-desist yet? (That video was genius.)

No. I don’t know if he knows about my video. I believe Tom Cruise is somewhere focusing on turning traditional self-help and psychotherapy principles into weird postulates that somehow involve aliens.

Will your cleverly named character Eugene break out of his shell at all during Season 2 of Flight Of The Conchords?

It’s not really up to me. Maybe? I do have a new emotion I’ve been working on that I’d love to try out on the show. It’s a combination of lust and confusion.

You've toured as a support act for a lot of rock bands. Was there any band's audience that you totally connected with? (We're imagining that this is tougher than a regular gig.)

With many of the bands I’ve opened for it can change from night to night. I’d say the shows I’ve done with Yo La Tengo have generally been the most receptive, with their audiences often being the most genuinely into comedy. But it depends more on the venue and city than the band’s audience (unless the audience is dangerous or sleeping).

SXSW isn't new to you—you've been here before. Have any good SXSW or Austin stories from a past visit?

I don’t know. I have hundreds of okay stories. I probably have about fifteen stories that are funny if you were there. Here’s one I guess: I think two or three years ago Red Bull had a building downtown that they had a late night party in during the festival. You needed some stupid key or something to get in, I can’t remember exactly. What I do recall is that I went there one night and had a nice time. The next day I came back and the guy at the door was being a jerk—not like a normal jerk not letting us in or something—but like an obnoxious self-important caricature jerk you remember years later. (Also, it wasn’t that crowded inside because this was during the film and interactive part of the festival.) Then all of a sudden, the bouncer recognized me and asked how my show at Emo’s was that night. I told him it went well. Then the guy at the door, concerned I might be famous or in a hot breakout band said in some weird code way, “I’m going to turn around and walk away and if you come in I won’t know….” (Wink, wink….) And I remember thinking that we were both at least 30 years old and he was acting like a retarded spy. He could have said, “Come in.” But instead, he chose to pretend to turn around and not see me and my friends. So now whenever I think Red Bull, I think “douche bag.” Still, my friends and I got in, stole a bottle of free vodka from the bar and hung out in a room with an art installation involving video cameras, monitors and synthesizers. It was fun. That’s probably everyone’s story from SXSW, except Robert Plant, who has had all sorts of adventures.

Finally, we love reading the band list every year at SXSW just for names like This Will Destroy You, Say Hi To Your Mom, Afrobots, and Care Bears On Fire. If you had a band, what would you call it?

If I didn’t have any commercial aspirations, it would be called The Neck Rape Death Fuckers and if I did, it would be called Sunblast 2550.

Eugene Mirman will host the 2008 SXSW Web Awards on Sunday, March 9th and will perform at Esther's Follies and The Velveeta Room on Friday, March 14th as part of SXSW Music. He'll also perform at Emo's on March 10th—tickets are available via TicketWeb.

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 11:23 pm
by dandy lyons
So I'm going to see him perform in Seattle July 11 as part of SP20. I'm pretty stoked.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen his page lately?? "The Marvelous Crooning Child" cracks me up!!! :roll2:

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 8:17 am
by FanBase
dandy lyons wrote:So I'm going to see him perform in Seattle July 11 as part of SP20. I'm pretty stoked.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen his page lately?? "The Marvelous Crooning Child" cracks me up!!! :roll2:

Ah! The Crooning Child is goofy. :lol: I'm looking forward to catching his performance at Sasquatch. I've heard good things about his shows.

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:26 am
by Emafer
dandy lyons wrote:
Meanwhile, has anyone seen his page lately?? "The Marvelous Crooning Child" cracks me up!!! :roll2:

ohmyGod i LOVE The crooning child. It's freaking HIALRIOUS! I don't really get a lot of his other stuff, but Crooning child had me in tears. The Who Medley is the BEST!

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:15 pm
by halokiti
Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival 9/25-9/28
from Bumpershine blog
Hey everyone, big comedy news! The First Annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is coming to Brooklyn (Union Hall and The Bell House) on September 25-28, 2008. Guests will include many Invite Them Up and Tearing the Veil of Maya regulars (such as Showalter, Mirman, Tisdale, Benjamin, Barry, Galifianakis, Birbiglia, Oliver and Schaal) and a bunch of folks we haven’t seen in Brooklyn before like Jason and Randy Sklar. Check out the schedule below and this article in Time Out NY for more information.

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival: Sept 25-28
09/25 2008 8:00PM The Bell House (Opening Night Awards Gala) Brooklyn NY
09/26 2008 9:00PM The Bell House (Invite Them Up) Brooklyn NY
09/26/08 7:00PM Union Hall (Eugene Mirman’s Fresh Faces of Comedy) Brooklyn NY
09/26/08 5:00PM Union Hall (One of Each) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 2:00PM The Bell House (Apartment 2F Reunion) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 9:00PM The Bell House (The Very Best Supporting Television Cast Members Live) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 5:00PM Union Hall (Eugene Mirman’s Fresh Faces of Comedy) Brooklyn NY
09/27/08 7:00PM Union Hall (Jon Benjamin Presents the Failed Pilots of Sam Seder) Brooklyn NY
09/28/08 6:00PM The Bell House (The Shac) Brooklyn NY
09/28/08 9:00PM The Bell House (Tearing The Veil of Maya) Brooklyn NY

September is a very busy month for all the FOTC cohorts, not that I can afford to go to everyone's shows.

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:54 am
by tvldiva
Eugene Mirman will be on Comedy Central this Friday, 9 Jan. It's on at 1030pm central time. If you haven't seen his act- check it out. He is very funny.
Dane Cook is on right before him, so do be careful not to tune in too early. I can't guarantee your safety!
:doomed: :doomed: :bolt: :sofa:


Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 6:24 am
by tvldiva
Ok, I do have an issue with Comedy Central routinely being a minute off on their schedule. I had my DVR set for 1030pm for Eugene and I got a full minute of a shirtless :que: Dane Cook. That is wrong on so many levels.... :sosad:

But Eugene ROCKS!!

"I was put into special ed because they thought I was slow,
but I stayed for the ladies!!"

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:22 am
by tvldiva
In case anyone is interested, Eugene is putting out a book called "The Will to Whateves", coming out in February. He is also doing a short book tour. I've included a link to his site- which is great. It looks like Todd Barry post on his site too.
The Marvelous Crooning Child is great- click on the picture!!

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:03 am
by tvldiva
hmmmm....looks like I'm the only one posting here lately. :hrm:

Oh, well. To anyone who is going to be in Austin for SXSW this year, they just updated the bands listing(all 1800 of them) and I saw this-
John Wesley Harding and Eugene Mirman's Cabinet of Wonders w/ special guests (Brooklyn NY)

Looks like he does this show in New York on occasion, can't wait to see who will be joining him here!!

Re: Eugene Mirman

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:10 am
by poptartgirl
I've seen John Wesley Harding in concert. In addition to his songwriting talent, he has some really funny and witty stage banter.