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Re: Aziz Ansari

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:42 pm
by Venus
So I went to see Aziz live at Soho Theatre last Sunday and he was on top form! He sold out 5 nights at the intimate theatre (where FOTC performed during their earlier days!) well in advance and it was his UK debut so expectations were high but I'm sure nobody was disappointed. The opening act was called Dan Levy from LA and he was pretty good.

Aziz first opened his set by allowing us to take pics before he actually started as long as no one took pictures during the show. He got someone to pretend he was attacking him in the second photo. :lol: He also commented on the crazy set behind him which was up for a play going in the theatre at that time. It basically looked like a collection of someone's household rubbish & laundry behind plastic! :lol: Both Dan and Aziz commented on a boy who looked really young in the front row and the boy said he was 14 so there were some nervous looks in that boy's direction when their jokes were about sex and porn. :lol:


Aziz covered a range of topics from meeting girls in bars, racial slurs, food, sign language, 50 Cent, Jay Z, his cousin Harris and ATMS (or "cash points" as they're known here when he corrected himself, noting that he was aware of the UK lingo ;)). Seriously funny stuff! During the encore, he asked if anyone had any questions and people were shyly putting up their hands to ask a question which amused Aziz because he said he's used to people just shouting stuff out at him. :lol:

One of my friends was really keen on meeting Aziz after the show so we decided to try and meet him. About 5 mins after the show ended, Aziz came from backstage to meet fans inside so I joined an orderly queue with my friend to get a picture with Aziz. I asked him to sign my FOTC S1 DVD and he was like "sure" and was impressed by all the autographs on the cover. He asked who had signed it so I told him Bret, Jemaine, Rhys and Arj so he replied that I need to get Kristen to sign it and I agreed and said hopefully I'll get meet her. I also told him that I really enjoyed the show and he said thanks and that he was happy that I did. He was just really sweet. :D


I would love to see him live again so I hope he returns to these shores soon. :D

Re: Aziz Ansari

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:49 am
by Nancy
That is so cool, Venus! :thumb:

Re: Aziz Ansari

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:08 am
by LauraK
Sounds like it was a great show. :)

Wow, you think they could have covered all that set stuff with some black curtains or something, lol. :lol:

8) on the sig.

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Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:32 pm
by Venus
Thanks Nancy and Laura. Haha, yeah you'd think that they could have tried to cover up the set and I thought it would be distracting but Aziz's show was so good that it wasn't. :)

Here's a great review of his show from The Independent:

Aziz Ansari, Soho Theatre, London

A superstar in the making – even if he does shoot puppies

Reviewed by Robert Epstein

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Quick fire: Ansari keeps the material coming, but it's all judged with precision

The roll call of Indian American comics doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, but in the past few years a new generation of talent has emerged on US television, from the scene-stealing Danny Pudi in Community to the tongue-tied Kunnal Nayyar in The Big Bang Theory via Iqbal Theba's Principal Figgins in Glee and Mindy Kaling's Kelly Kapoor in the US version of The Office.

But perhaps the most talented of the bunch is Aziz Ansari.

Though not yet a name here (not that you'd know it from the speed with which this five-date tour sold out), he has made a splash Stateside with bit-parts in Flight of the Conchords and Scrubs, followed by a breakthrough role in the NBC hit Parks and Recreation, and a film-stealing turn as the hilariously awful, loudmouth comic Randy in Judd Apatow's movie Funny People. Being a loudmouth, however, is anathema to Ansari's own act; dressed like a latter-day member of the Rat Pack, he is charm personified, making it clear that being the host of last year's MTV Video Music Awards isn't about to go to his head.

Ansari's act, like that of his excellent warm-up Dan Levy, is not blow-you-away stuff – he runs through the familiar gamut of the difficulties of approaching a woman at a bar, wasting hours researching inane subjects on the internet, and the hazards of predictive texting – but it is solidly funny and slickly executed, and he throws in more than enough unexpected payoffs (not the least of which involves the shooting of puppies in the face to teach a couple a lesson in respecting the elderly).

He also treads the precarious line of racism with precision, exploring his favourite ethical slurs ("a touch of the tarbrush") and revealing how it is possible to make almost any word or phrase seem racist just through its enunciation. His chosen phrase for the evening is Kit Kat – "Brown on the outside, wafer on the inside". No, it doesn't make sense, but then, nor do racist epithets.

His delivery is never less than at devastatingly breakneck pace as he veers from stories about the absurdity of his cousin's university application form (a free-form essay that equated the atomic bomb with DVDs at check-out counters) to the rapper 50 Cent's astounding lack of fruit awareness.

But by far the biggest crowd-pleasers come during his encore, for which he digs up an old Randy routine ("I can't believe how stupid those jokes are"), ruminates on the similarities between buying bed sheets and drugs, and sounds off on his pet subject, R Kelly, with the suggestion that the rapper start putting together his own dictionary: "Vegeburger – like when a cheeseburger tastes weird."

The set has a beautiful flow to it, and Ansari's affability (apparent also in his willingness to pose for photographs afterwards), timing and quick wit bode well. When he returns to these shores, don't be surprised if this budding superstar is playing rather larger venues.


Re: Aziz Ansari

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:02 am
by Nancy
Aziz tickets go on pre-sale tomorrow for a gig at the Beacon Theater in NYC: ... INtEzpLmPI

It's Saturday, June 16. Anyone interested?