Update 18 Jan - 2nd season Conchords HBO show

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Update 18 Jan - 2nd season Conchords HBO show

Postby Sherry » Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:36 am

The first show is streaming online for those in the US and will be aired on HBO from Sunday January 18

With that in mind we have a new thread HERE for all discussion of episode 1 of season 2. Please don't discuss anywhere else on the forum as its spoilerific and people will get peed. And we'll have to drag out the mod powers and we hate doing that.

Each new episode will have its own thread this season also. Easier to read and navigate having each show discussed seperately. Saves one monster thread also. Please check the HBO section of the forum for these new threads each week.

So, episiode one is HERE.

Spoilers are there also.

To clarify a few things as they have been asked....

Each episode will have its own thread. - All discussion of said episode in appropriate thread please. Anywhere else on the forum will see the post moved/edited/deleted. Please be considerate that not everyone will have seen the episode when it airs each Sunday night on HBO. So please don't post elsewhere on the forum about the HBO series.

Episode screencaps - If you wish to post them please post to screencap thread for now. Screencap thread can be found HERE Please do not post screencaps for these episodes in other picture threads elsewhere on the forum due to possible spoilers contained within. A few screencaps in the relavent episode discussion is fine, but if you wish to post more than a few (some people post entire episodes) then post them in the Screencap thread please.

Promos - These air on TV prior to each episode airing so of course give things away. Please post anything to do with these in the FOTC HBO Series: second season speculation and spoilers thread.

Avatars and sigs - So long as they are not spoilerific its fine to change them for stuff from the second season. I think once the season has finished airing it's fine to spoil.

If anyone else has anything to enquire about please PM me and ask and I can then work it into this post.



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Re: Second season Conchords HBO show

Postby indigo_jones » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:03 pm

Just a follow up post to ask that all spoilers and even promos be discussed in the season two speculation and spoiler thread (as it has been renamed).

Once an episode has actually aired in the US, discussion can move to the appropriate episode thread, but anything hinting at future episodes should go in the speculation/spoiler thread. Thanks!
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