They Like to Rock the Party: Behind the Scenes with

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They Like to Rock the Party: Behind the Scenes with

Postby ASmallTurnip » Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:49 am

There's a really interesting interview with Troy Miller and Patrick Stewart here on about how the second season was filmed. Some of the A/V nerdiness went totally over my head, but it's still a great read, with some nifty pictures.*

Here's one little snippet to whet your appetite:

What has been the most interesting experience while shooting season two?
Stewart: We had a guest director this year, Michel Gondry. Working with him was a little more challenging because there is a slight language difference. Even though he speaks English, it is with a very heavy French accent. When he gets excited, it gets heavier. And judging by his work in the past, you can tell he doesn’t look at something and shoot it straight on. He directed the episode called “The Australian,” and we had all the light sources bounce off the floors, walls, kitchen counters and tables to light the people. He didn’t want the normal, realistic approach that I take to lighting. He cares about screen direction, and once you get a lot of business going with people moving here and there, it makes shooting the scene with three cameras more difficult. Almost every scene in that episode is different from the way we normally shoot Conchords.

* Jesus, the guns on these guys. Insane.

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Re: They Like to Rock the Party: Behind the Scenes with

Postby indigo_jones » Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:57 am

Thanks for this, Neepje! Little details like this are kind of interesting, even if I don't understand all the technical bits.

* Jesus, the guns on these guys. Insane.

No kidding! :shock:
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Re: They Like to Rock the Party: Behind the Scenes with

Postby Nancy » Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:45 am

This was great, Turnip. This stuff amazes me, though a lot of it was foreign territory for me. :hrm:
Liked the guns. :shock:

I noticed the picture of Mel and the guys had Mel on some contraption, I'm guessing for the opening of the Dreams video. (I've obsessed about how they raised Mel up to the sky and still had the guys in the shot! :puzzled: ) I would love someone to walk through how that video was shot, ending coming out her eye - how'd they do all that? :dunno:
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