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Avatars & Signatures

Postby Sherry » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:18 pm

Avatars & Signatures

Avatars should be posted as JPG/PNG and should not be greater than 50KB.
Avatar dimensions should not exceed 100x100 pixels.

Avatar sizing examples :)

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Signatures have a maximum of 300 characters.
Signatures have a maxiumum of 3 links (which will be part of the 300 characters)
Please do not make text larger than 'Large' in the text option box. We would prefer normal sized text where possible.
Please try to ensure if you have a gif in your signature it does not exceed more than 600KB.
Total image dimensions must not exceed 500x185 pixels (this includes multiple images).

Sig sizing examples



Thanks :)

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