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Images and gifs

Postby Sherry » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:37 pm

Images & Gifs

We know you love sharing and posting pics of the guys (and other stuff) :lol: and we don't wish to stop you from doing so. However we try to be considerate to people viewing so please bear in mind that for some viewing lots of large images or large gifs in a post can still be a slow and painful process. We are therefore asking the following

* Please make sure to resize your pictures to a manageable size before posting or uploading to the forum. Huge pictures will either be edited to a smaller size or deleted (if we are unable or unwilling to edit). 640x480 is a good size for images on a forum.

* Please limit yourself to no more than 10 pictures in a single post.

* Feel free to upload images via the attachment option when posting or you can use off site image hosting (Flickr/Imageshack etc)

* Gifs included in posts should be smaller than 1MB (300-500KB is usually decent enough quality) in size. Please be careful how many gifs you include in one post. Particularly if the actual file size is larger. Some have clocked in at 3MB or more and posting even a few of those can clog up peoples browsers which have been known to then crash. The occasional large file isn't going to get you into trouble however.

* Please resist requoting images in your replies too often. Especially if the pic(s) you are quoting are on the same page of the thread already. If there are masses in one post edit the pic quote when you post and leave in just the picture(s) you are replying about. Or try using a persons nick at the start of your reply and this will let them know you are posting in regard to their posted picture and save having to include images over and over.

* Please credit pictures to their owners (where possible) if they are not your own. Owners name is sufficient. If posting press images please credit/link the source.

* Images from wire services (Getty etc) are generally not allowed to be posted. If you have a paid wire service account, please PM mohumbhai mania (our head mod) and she'll keep a list of those of you who do so we don't hassle you.

* Please be aware of the following with regards to screencap threads. Anyone wishing to screencap a film or something similar and post vast quantities of caps on the forum in their own thread needs to
a) check with a mod first (just in case there is a problem or reason we don't wish them posted)
b) use thumbnails and linkage to their own off site account for larger sized images.

Thanks :)

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