Rhys on Absolute Radio podcast

Rhys Darby, the legend that is Murray. Everything and anything to do with Rhys post it here please.
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Rhys on Absolute Radio podcast

Postby Sherry » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:36 pm

Can be found here http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/djs_show ... /podcasts/

Scroll down a bit and you'll see it. I'm listening atm. Enjoyable :)

Am grabbing it for anyone who wants a copy to save. Will post it later.

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Re: Rhys on Absolute Radio podcast

Postby LauraK » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:10 pm

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Re: Rhys on Absolute Radio podcast

Postby LikeACurry » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:35 am

I was a bit "peeved" (to use Rhys' term) on one part about the interviewer Annabelle saying she didn't find Jemaine's face pleasant! I was like :wtf: :que: :evil:, she seemed like she had no sense of humor or taste because she mentions how she didn't like the way kitchen looked in the show either :roll:. Other than that, it was a funny interview and I seriously couldn't stop laughing esp towards the end, he was hilarious as usual :roll2:
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Re: Rhys on Absolute Radio podcast

Postby closet jemainiac » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:54 pm

:wtf: is right!!!! what's her problem?!

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