Just saying hello

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Just saying hello

Postby Cleren » Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:42 pm

Hello, Gayle, sorry it's taken me a fortnight to reply. We only have one computer and my son has computer games and not nearly enough homework.

I don't recall meeting Zobi la Mouche, but then, a girl meets so many cats, and I may have been drunk...

Admittedly, that doesn't happen very often these days, which in some ways is a shame. There are things I don't miss about drinking - the hangovers, the embarassment, the guilt, the gleeful reminiscences of my friends, the incriminating photographs. But there are things I do miss, if I could just remember what they are...

Oh, yes, the way you love your friends to bits and are not backward in saying so. The things that seem hilarious when to a sober person they would just be funny. Speaking of which, don't try going to a FOTC gig after a drink or six - it's physically painful! I returned home from one trip to Edinburgh walking like an old woman, having knackered most of the muscles in my torso.

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