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NZ Herald Article

Postby poptartgirl » Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:41 pm

Snippet from (See below) You can read the whole list here: ... d=10482540

"Home entertainment"

We pick the local talent who made the most significant contributions to our year in entertainment.


The comedy pair's big break into their own show on American primetime was the Kiwi showbiz success story of the year. Hey, we knew them before they were famous, when they were only "New Zealand's fourth most popular comedy-folk duo" and live, had a fine line in deadpan introductions and brilliantly funny songs which managed to parody entire genres in a single bound. No we couldn't quite see how that would work as a sitcom. Nor apparently could anyone in TV production here, and they're meant to have active creative imaginations. But there it was, Flight of the Conchords, a show backed by American telly giants HBO -about two Kiwi blokes and their guitars trying to make it big in New York being helped - well, in his own way - by Murray their manager from the New Zealand consulate.

Pity its timeslot and the company it kept - the awful local backpacker sitcom Welcome to Paradise on beforeheand - meant not a lot of New Zealanders have seen the best New Zealand comedy in decades, yet. But with a second series on the way, FOTC are on their way ... to becoming our third or even second most popular folk-comedy duo, at the very least.
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