I Told You I Was Freaky nominated for a Grammy!!

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Re: I Told You I Was Freaky nominated for a Grammy!!

Postby Nancy » Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:16 am

Heh, heh, nonch, that's the last time I'll use her as my news resource. :lol:
Anybody watching? What are the highlights for you?
I was impressed with Lady Gaga's live performance, plus I liked Keith Urban and John Mayer's guitar work and the trio sound on Jolene. Mick was pretty good, as was Babs. Knowing how unbelievably nervous she gets performing live, I'm surprised she sang her ballad from a Star Is Born.

Overall, I'm not real keen on the sound this year - there's no live bite to people screaming high notes, except for the ladies doing the Aretha tribute at the top of the show. Everything else sounds like there's a volume cap, or something weird that takes the excitement out of the high notes.
(Sorry, nothing could help poor Bob Dylan. Either he has wicked bronchitis or his voice is shot)
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Re: I Told You I Was Freaky nominated for a Grammy!!

Postby SheWolf » Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:39 pm

jillbean wrote:
Venus wrote:Lewis Black won...

The guy that rants and raves on The John Stewart show? I mean I like his spots on there but an entire album's worth? AND over FotC? :hrmpf: Nuh-uh.

Haha. I have a friend who's really into Lewis Black and she sent me some DVDs awhile back and I found him funny at first coz I'm a fan of bitching and moaning but yeah, I can't imagine a whole album, I could barely take a whole show on DVD. A little goes a long way, whereas FOTC can be enjoyed again and again.

Dunno, Nancy I didn't watch. I don't think I've ever actually watched the Grammys. I guess I assume it's mostly pop music which I can't take but I heard Arcade Fire won and that's pretty cool. 8)
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Re: I Told You I Was Freaky nominated for a Grammy!!

Postby ItsAllRyche » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:55 pm

I enjoyed the show this year. But honestly I was in and out of the room the entire time, laundry, dog walking, etc. So it really did not hold my interest for long.

I like Lewis Black and am seeing him again here in Phoenix.
But, FOTC is my choice, so, blah...oh well..

Arcade Fire ! Yes! it shocked everyone. I too liked Gaga's performance and costume, pretty cool. The song was great.

I loved the trio of Norah Jones, Keith Urban and John Mayer doing "Jolene". Great guitar work indeed.

Katie Perry (Brand) performance was sweet, with the video in background of the wedding..aawww! Bob Dylan, ouch. Mick Jagger, cool too.

Never heard of Melinda Lambert until last night, glad that song won, its a good one.

That is my run down, of a very ho-hum evening.

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