Bret & Jemaine co-host Tom and Alex's radio show on Triple J

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Re: Bret & Jemaine co-host Tom and Alex's radio show on Trip

Postby Venus » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:09 am

SheWolf wrote:Love your new ava Venus.

Thanks! Great screencaps. :thumb:

tynant wrote:It cracked me up when they were talking about Will Smith high-fiving the kids on the bus and Bret asks what would happen if they did that. Jemaine says, "We'd probably get arrested." Then makes reference to 2 hairy guys on the school bus. :rolls: :roll2:

:nod: :roll2:

Credit to dazz26 on Instagram:
Flight of the conchords in the studio


I also liked how Jemaine picked up a guitar to make himself feel more "comfortable". :)
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