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Future of the forum

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:15 am
by Sherry
Hello all eyes that happen to be reading this :)

Its been a while since I posted anything on here but felt it was time to update people on the future of the forum.

I'll try to keep it short :)

The forum does not attract much in the way of active members posting anymore. Whatever the reasons for this, as it stands, it is quiet and likely to remain so for the forseeable future.

With this in mind certain areas of the forum have now been closed and archived and can no longer be posted to, only read. A few sections more may shut up shop in the future. Some sections of the forum may then disappear altogether and be archived out of public sight.

The main website has been gathering dust for a long time now and will remain that way. It will also be archived and moved to a new URL at some point in the not so distant future. It will be replaced by a new homepage containing social media feeds and accounts and other more modern internet delights. The forum will be integrated into that somehow but on a much more pared down level. Most likely for news updates on the Conchords and to tie in with the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Any members wishing to access their accounts on the forum can continue to do so. You will still be able to post in the open public areas of the forum till such time as decided otherwise.

If in time, after all these changes the active forum use does not pick up or remains stagnant the forum will shut up shop on all public posting from members. We will decide at that point as to if the forum will then be used to continue posting FoTC news and stories or not.



Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:37 am
by ItsAllRyche
Sherry -

I still come by every week or so, but the traffic here has totally slowed to a crawl.

I believe keeping this forum open - just smaller is a good idea. I have made good friends here and hope to meet
others in the future.

I hope the ones posting and the new arrivals keep posting and we can form a smaller group. There is so much going on
with Bret, Jemaine and their co-horts.

I for one am still interested in posting and that being said, I agree with changes you have made. My only request is that
this stays up and not go completely away. :pray: :)

If there are costs...lets talk about it. :hrm: we will work it out.

ItsAllRyche aka JoAnn

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:18 am
by MVL
Hi Sherry,

I too would like the forum to stay open for posting by members and for disseminating FotC news & stories. I came onboard late for the years of FotC frenzy here, but for me it's still worthwhile to keep it open, even in reduced form, for interaction among those of us who still read & post. With the projected film & tour, & with the other things keeping B & J & cohorts busy, there should be plenty to post about. (I do hope more of us new[ish] members would.)

I'm also hoping that there's a way for the sections that are already archived, those that may still be, and especially the main site to still be accessible to the public somehow. You built a great resource on all things FotC & if at all possible, I would want those newly discovering them (& there seems to be no lack of those, even from PH) to be able to have the pleasure (as I did) of learning more about them through this site/forum.

As ItsAllRyche said, let us know about site/forum maintenance costs. Would like to be of help if needed.

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:50 pm
by ItsAllRyche
It is understood that What the Folk facebook page is up and running with updates. That being here there are no crawlers and we can post without outsiders viewing our thoughts...

Thoughts? :hrm:

Oh and I am 2 away from 1000 I want to put those to good use :)

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:33 pm
by Nancy
:lol: :rolls:
Now choose those words carefully!!! :wag: :tsk:

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:06 am
by Sherry
Thank you for your replies :)

The website will remain online. Just it will move from its current URL and be replaced by a new homepage with the forum, twitter and FB feed built in to it all being well. I also plan to remove all downloads from the old site then as tbh, they've been out there years and are in the public domain well and truly now.

The forum is pretty much dead. I hear what you are saying re keeping it open but people are just not posting to it. Many longer standing members drifted away, lost interest, whatever it was and new ones are not coming in the numbers they once did. Mainly I feel because the site is inactive and also the way news and so on is posted online these days means its out there far quicker than it used to be and so the forum doesn't have the same place for those discovering them or wanting to talk about them in more recent times. The forum has had its time IMHO. It shall remain open in a far more streamlined form to allow posting about the Conchords or Bret and Jemaine, Rhys and Taika but outside of that, I don't see the need to keep other areas open. Some of them had not been posted to since 2012 and archiving them seems the most logical thing to do. The HBO series, Fun n Games forums will archive soon. The tour section content has been archived but new tour topics can be posted, although this will probably also be archived once the tour ends.

Venus and Nancy oversee the forum and do a great job and I am eternally grateful as without them here, the forum would have closed up shop when I stepped down from writing and closed the site. I am aware though that one day one or both of the ladies may wish to go off and do something else and cease to mod or spend time here and then there is no one to replace them. They are volunteers and I truly appreciate the time they have given over the years to enable this forum to continue. But unless they get something back in the way of activity from others posting, one or two people alone cannot a forum make. Venus has been the driving force in the news updates and does a great job with it but its news that most of the time is able to be found elsewhere online these days or comes from elsewhere. It gets read here by some but little in the way of replies or conversation which is a shame. And people read it on Twitter or FB or a news alert and the forum doesn't really come in to it for many these days. Its not part of the equation for most.

I sometimes toy with the idea of getting back into the Conchords thing, taking part more but honestly, my head just doesn't want to be there. I had a lot of personal problems when I ceased with the site and tbh, more since then have just kept my focus away from anything to do with the Conchords. For me, it had its time with Iris and Figwit, then with the WTF! website in those early years, they were the best for me. Since my son was born and life as I knew it went to crap, something in me changed and try as I might, I cannot seem to get it back. No regrets though, can't have those. Just being the kind of person that I am, I prefer to close the book and end it rather than leave it to linger slowly, dwindling away. The forum has bugged me in that respect for a long time and I personally would have no issue closing it and letting the door shut on everything once and for all. If it really doesn't pick up with the movie and tour, then once those are done I will probably close it once and for all. Because if those two events don't get people posting more or see new members signing up, nothing will.

Please know its not about the money. It never has been. Funds were ok back when the site was busy to be able to cope with the amount of bandwidth and people downloading etc (remember the site was around long before You Tube etc exisited), people donated and we were able to cover the costs even at the busiest time thankfully, though we did have to increase the bandwidth and pay more hosting fees a fair few times :rock:

Now it is so quiet the site is hosted on my husbands server and he keeps an eye on it. Given there is little site traffic compared to a few years ago its costs are minimal now. The domain name is also covered as I have no plans to give that up.

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:29 pm
by Nancy
:( I understand completely, Sherry. I agree with all you've said, especially about the wonderful work Venus has done keeping us up on all things Conchords. :cheer:
You are right about the birth of social media and its effect on the forum. I for one constantly search for the "Like" button here - what does that say??? That we'd rather use Like or an emoji to react, as opposed to discussing our reactions? Sadly, I think so.
I love the place you created for all of us to gush about our guys and their cohorts, and I liked the fact that I knew it was always "there". But times change, people change, our ways of communicating have changed, and it's time to face the music. :(
You have my full support, and I'm sure you have the support of everyone else here as well. Onward, into the Distant Future! :horse: (I don't think I've ever used that emoji!)

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:15 am
by LauraK
I completely understand, too. I loved this place and the camaraderie I found here with so many wonderful people. A "safe" place to make new friends and discuss our love for these 2 Kiwis and their cohorts, be silly, and keep up-to-date on all things Bret and Jemaine.

I'll definitely miss being able to peruse old threads as I do still come from time to time and reminisce. What fun we all had at the shows, meeting each other, doing a bit of stalking when the boys were in our towns, and reading about everyone's experiences always made/makes me smile. I'm a bit of a hoarder and have a very large container in the basement with family photos, a suitcase of memories from my own childhood, things of my son's that I think are important to keep, etc etc. I have that same 'hoardy' feeling about this place, even though in '09 I was late to the party and part of the 2nd influx.

We do tend to do all of that chatting and pic-sharing on FB these days...other places too, I suppose, but I'm a fuddy-duddy who's not a fan of Twitter or Instagram. :P And it just doesn't have the same feel on FB.

We can't make waggly-eyed comments about Jemiane's or Bret's booty on FB as freely as we could here, lol! :wink: We have family and friends who have no idea just how risque we can be, lol!

Thank you, Sherry, for starting up WTF and for keeping it going for so long. Thanks also to Venus and Nancy for stepping in to Mod and keep the FB page alive. :type:

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:50 pm
by Diah
Are my ears conceiving me?! Ha! But seriously. Thank you for all of your hard work ladies!!

I just celebrated the anniversary of my first post on the 11th. Fashionably late to the party. (I can't believe it's been a year)!

I understand about personal lives and family being priority,Sherry, but without the guys and their cohorts to make me smile everyday I would have a much more difficult time getting through the tough times.

I love the forum format and had been off for 7 years. I was happy to find this one. Posting here feels more intimate. We don't say Jermaine and Brett. Although I know I ask questions about things that you all have known for years. :|

I'll keep posting my random, sarcastic posts wherever I need to or else I'll end up mumbling to myself about the guys at inappropriate locations and obsessively watching eveything they do repeatedly ( oh wait that I already do).

Anyway, love reading all of your posts. No one else is allowed to fade away from WTF! from this point on. :tsk:

FoTC fangirl for life, yo! :supz:

Diah aka RVera the Doppelganger aka Radiah

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:57 am
by Sherry
ItsAllRyche wrote:It is understood that What the Folk facebook page is up and running with updates. That being here there are no crawlers and we can post without outsiders viewing our thoughts...

Thoughts? :hrm:

Oh and I am 2 away from 1000 I want to put those to good use :)

O dear. I am so sorry. I deleted a few help topics and stuff from the archives when I moved them and some people lost posts when they went. I'll see if I can reset your post count to read 998 again.

If not post a whole thread of bump posts to get it back to 998 and then I'll just move those out of sight and not delete lol.

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:17 am
by Nancy
Wow, I guess the post count did get cut down - I was well over 9,000, maybe 9,450 or more, I don't really remember- and of course I had visions of getting to 10,000, but I know it's not meant to be, and quite frankly I was never really going to make it to 10,000. :roll:
Thanks for helping Ryche, Sherry. :clap:

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:33 pm
by LauraK
Oh, bummer...I was over 9,000 also. C'est la vie. :)

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:07 am
by Sherry
I'm winding the forum up slowly. Its taking a while as I am going through everything to ensure it can be archived properly and left here once the forum shuts up shop finally.

I've removed all accounts with no posts, all the spam accounts (of which there were many) and also deactivated a heap of accounts which have not been used in a long time.

Also all profile links, IM usernames, email and so on have been removed from public view. I think I've gotten them all but will go through and double check.

Lots of images within the posts no longer work. I'll try to find a way to get them back and viewable but it may be they are gone and no clue where you can find them now if they have not been saved somewhere. The reason they are no longer viewable is because the URL may have been changed or removed or the site hosting the images has moved/deleted them.

I've also deactivated new member sign ups as of today.

Am also putting together a holding page which will link to the WTF! Twitter and FB accounts and a few other places. Once that is done and all that info is listed there the forum will be linked to also and most likely then will close its doors once and for all and remain an archive.



Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:03 am
by Diah
Thanks for all of your hard work Sherry. I had an awesome 13 1/2 months on the site.

C'est la vie.

Re: Future of the forum

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:10 am
by Sherry
Diah wrote:Thanks for all of your hard work Sherry. I had an awesome 13 1/2 months on the site.

C'est la vie.

Hey Diah :) Its Venus and Nancy have been keeping this place ticking over the past few years. I've very much taken a back seat. I'm glad you've enjoyed posting here.

The forum is still open for a while longer, not sure exactly when it will finally shut up shop and people are welcome to use it till then. I've no clue when the movie is mooted for or the tour, not sure its going to be active here that long if its a long ways off.

The holding page is being worked on and probably sometime in the new year will go live, depending on real life stuff.