What The Folk forum has shut up shop

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What The Folk forum has shut up shop

Postby Sherry » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:26 am

16-2-2016 - Update - The PM system is now turned off.


The forum has been in wind down mode for a long time now and has seen very few active users over the past year or so. After a great deal of thought I began to archive sections of the forum that had long ago ceased being used and left open only the Conchords related sections. I also closed the forum to new account sign ups. As of today, 5 minutes ago in fact, I archived and closed the last few sections of the forum.

All sections are now locked and cannot be posted to any more. Everything in public view on the forum will remain online for all to read.

New accounts are no longer accepted and in the PM system has been de activated.

What The Folk! is still on





The forum ran for over a decade. It, like most things, had its time and place. I would like to thank all those who posted here for their contributions to making the forum a fabulous source of Conchords related info and for sharing their creativity, humour and inspiration with other like minded souls.

My deepest thanks to Venus, Nancy, Ali and all the other ladies and the One Guy for helping out with mod duties over the years and ensuring the forum was a good place to be, to read and to post. Without Venus and Nancy it would not have remained open these past few years so a big big thank you to them both for their time and effort. It has been very much appreciated.

And with that, away I go.

Thank you once again, its been a great 10 and a bit years and I have lots of memories to carry with me.


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Re: What The Folk forum has shut up shop

Postby Nancy » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:07 pm

Thank you, Sherry, for giving all of us a place to gush about our favorite guys. It has been a pleasure to help out here, and I thank especially Venus for her tireless work, keeping the forum updated on all articles, photos, and personal stories of the Conchords.
How strange that this should be the shutdown day - I had my first dream about the guys last night - after all these years! Only fitting, I guess.
I am grateful to the forum for introducing me to like-minded friends who I still meet up with after lo these many years. We never would have met otherwise, and for these friendships I shall be forever grateful to Sherry for creating this wonderful place.
And so, with a long distance hug to Sherry, Venus, Ali, and all, I wish you all the very best, may we all treasure the memories of our good times here, and hopefully, may we have the chance to meet up and share good times in person.
My thanks, Sherry. Well done. :tears: :D
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