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Conchords Connections

Postby Sherry » Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:29 pm

Some of you may have seen it already, others not, but I thought if I gave it a thread of its own maybe we would see some new suggestions put forward for the page.

I've recently set up and gone live with a New Zealand Talent page on WTF!

Visit it here

Its pretty much what it says. Many of these artists have a connection with the Conchords (or Bret or Jemaine) somewhere down the line., so I figure its all good 8)

Anyways, if anyone has a band, actor, writer, comedian or musician they would like to suggest for this page, post it here or drop me a PM or email. Include a little bit of write up, a link or two and if possible a small pic I can use.

Hoping you all like it and it proves useful for visitors to the site discovering more NZ talent :D Feel free to discuss :)

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