"Conchords star may join uke string-along"

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"Conchords star may join uke string-along"

Postby LauraK » Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:14 am

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Conchords star may join uke string-along

by Ellen Irvine | 30th October 2009

Is he or isn't he? Rumours abound that Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie could make an appearance at the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra's Tauranga Arts Festival shows tonight and tomorrow.

Age Pryor, who founded the group, said it was anyone's guess whether McKenzie would turn up.

Pryor said the band would play in Tauranga with 11 or 12 musicians - the mystery 12th being McKenzie.

"We never know until the night just who can make it. We have had the pleasure of having Bret McKenzie with us over the last few shows. We never know if he feels like coming along. No one from the band knows."

The orchestra was one of the first acts in the Tauranga festival to sell out, and has just completed a sell-out national tour. It's come a long way since the band's beginnings four years ago, as a few friends having a lark in a cafe.

"It came about from a couple of different things. The main one me going to Fiji and hearing a lot of people playing ukulele, and also guitar, and singing together," Pryor said.

"When I came back I brought a ukulele with me. I wanted to start a band that was singing together and all about the fun, and not about serious work."

When the band started "jamming" at a Wellington cafe, though, they soon found people were drawn to the ukulele.

"Friends would come up and say I've got a ukulele, can I play with you?"

After a few impromptu gigs, the band took off and began serious rehearsals.

Now Pryor can't believe the orchestra's success.

"It's crazy, we just played 15 or 16 sold-out shows around the country. It's massive," he said.

Pryor describes the band's show as a mix of well-known songs, played in a "different sound" with a comedic element.

The orchestra will play sell-out shows at the TVNZ Crystal Palace tonight and tomorrow night.

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