About this section *Updated June 11*

Share a kebab or a cab. Pull your sexy dance moves or sing about your day. Wear your beard scruffy or your chops huge. Bretero or Jemainiac, we're mixing it all up here. Also Your Stuff now incorporated here.
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About this section *Updated June 11*

Postby Sherry » Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:57 pm

How best to describe this section :hrm:

We were thinking of it as a little corner of fun for you. Should you wish to join in. Some weekly threads, some daily, some just as they come and how they flow things.

Some of the hoped for regular threads have some pointers in their first posts. Others will be a bit more freestylin' :popcorn:

This section now incorporates Your Stuff. Its all been moved over here. From there. So feel free to post your creations, handiwork and whatever else you get creative about.

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