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Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 10:08 pm
by ZebraWarriorPrincess
biscuit wrote:Uhm..yeah. They're tasty :tonqe:

Ok, so I've only had whale twice in my life but it was pretty tasty. Venison like.

I really believed everyone knew :hrm: The reason whales are endangered, apart from global warming and pollution, is that they have been hunted to near extinction. The commercial hunt for whale is very much frowned upon and I think Norway and Japan are the only nations still engaged in it :roll:

Is it bad that I actually want to eat some now??

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 1:28 am
by Venus
Thursday, 27 May 2010
Gig review: FotC

Picture the scene: a group of people strolling towards Wembley Arena. Most of them wearing normal clothes... or so you'd think. The more you look around you see a lot of people wearing thick rimmed glass-less glasses. A fair few are wearing garish animal print tees. One man seems to be wearing woven trousers. And, did I even see some dressed as sheep?

The answer is yes. Why? It's the FotC gig of course!

Oh Bret and Jemaine, you talented Kiwis you. How have you done it? How is it that you've turned being a pair of failed musicians with a part-time, incompetent band manager and one obsessive fan into the epitome of cool? What is your secret?

Is it the songs? Is it the fact the deadpan banter between you both is just so bad it's good? Is it because your songs have subtle hilarities that often go unnoticed, unless you're amazingly clever (like me?)

Whatever is it, Bret and Jemaine, of Flight of the Conchords fame, rocked the party at Wembley. Jemaine originally had problems with his swivel chair in the beginning but the stage hand guy soon had it under control. A bit too under control, actually. Jemaine was no longer able to swivel on his swivel chair, but he powered through the drama.

While we sat in the car park of McDonald's eating our pre-show meal, like the classy people we are, we were all wondering how they'd translate their act onto stage. No one really knew what to expect. Would it be all music? All comedy? A mix of both? Would they even turn up? No one knew!

Thankfully, they did turn up. The show opened with Bret and Jemaine in their kind-of-like Daft Punk outfits. After the first song Too Many Dicks, and a standing ovation from the audience, we were introduced to the band.

Bret: It's lovely to be here. At this point I'll introduce the band. To my right is Jemaine.
[Audience cheers wildly and Jemaine plays an awesome little riff on his guitar. Audience laughs]
Jemaine: [Very politely] Thank you. [More audience laughter]
Bret: Neither to my right nor my left, right in the centre of me, is me.
[Audience cheers again, Bret twangs his guitar. One high pitched, solitary note.]
Bret: It's great to have the whole band here tonight.
Jemaine: As Bret's already said, it was lovely to be here tonight.
Bret: It still is, it still is.
Jemaine: Oh, yeah. [Awkward pause]
Bret: What a show it's been(!)
Jemaine: Well, some of the initial excitement is dissipating, but it's still great to be here, thanks for coming.

We knew after hearing those opening words that there were many more good things to come. But it wasn't only about the songs. Bret and Jemaine themselves really made the show a unique experience. They stayed in their persona's, two lovable nerdy geeks, the whole night. And despite the challenges of having to play onstage with the whole New Zealand Orchestra they managed to constantly entertain the crowd. Jemaine really stole the show though. He took a backseat in the TV show, but onstage is where he really shone.

Classic songs made an appearance; Albi The Racist Dragon, Robots (feat. Arnie) and Hiphopapotamus v. Rhymenocerous were as witty and clever as they always have been, and even the new kids on the block like 1353/Woo A Lady had the crowd roaring with laughter. And the spandex. Oh the spandex!

Highlights of the gig?

Jemaine forgot the chords to Prince of Parties and had to sing the chorus extra slow so he could re-teach himself.

The final song, a slow and moody rendition of Sugalumps (with guest appearance by Arj Barker) meant Bret and Jemaine jumped off the stage to mingle with the front row. Bret did have to call security as a crazed women tried to molest them, a man a few rows back started taking pictures of Bret's junk and Bret sprained his ankle trying to climb back on stage, however they managed to keep calm and composed throughout the ordeal.

A terribly disappointing group sing-song of Epileptic Dog meant those at the back let the whole things down. Yeah, that included us! In our defense, it was the hardest part to do (unlike the front who just had to CLAP!) and we did try and do Jemaine's awesome Barry White voice "Ohhh oh, Epileptic, yeah Epileptic Daaaaaawg!" but none of us have the raw talent that Jemaine oozes.

It's no exaggeration when I say the whole audience was in stitches throughout the gig. Bret and Jemaine are true showmen, they laughed with the people that shouted out requests to them and shuffled awkwardly around the cries for a third series. The mix of comedy banter and songs made the night a great success and I only wish they'd stay in London forever.

So what is their secret? It's the blend of witty, deadpan humour, parodical music and the ability to laugh at themselves that proves that these two Kiwis will still be touring the world for a good few years to come. And I'll be following them, not unlike creepy Mel.

Score? Of course it's a 5/5.


A few pics on Flickr:

More pics can be found here

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 2:58 am
by LauraK
Ha, excellent review. :)

Thanks Venus...lovely pics! I know you didn't mean to leave this one out:


Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 3:08 am
by closet jemainiac
that 4th pic shows the enormity of Jemaine's head... :lol:

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 8:27 am
by Whambi
:wave: Hi Venus, made it back safely, thanks (luckily I wasn't flying British Airways with the strike and all) nice meeting you before and after the show!

Here's my perspective of Sugalumps and poor Bret's pulling of his sugalumps muscle.....that's gotta hurt!

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 12:28 pm
by rachel
Venus wrote:
A fair few are wearing garish animal print tees.

I resent that. :wink:
Apart from that, great review.

I'm glad someone caught Bret's accident, I still can't see what he did, must have been when he spread his legs :lol:

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 2:59 pm
by JM13
Bret did have to call security as a crazed women tried to molest them......

Umm a crazed woman? I did not go near them. I should have jumped on them though :lol:

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 3:39 pm
by Venus
Glad you made it back safely, Whambi! It was really nice meeting you and talking to you for a bit! Can't wait to watch your YouTube video a little later on. :)

Jemaine loved your animal jumpers so that's all that matters, rachel. ;)

Haha, many other girls would have jumped on them but you handled the situation very well, JM13. ;)

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 4:08 pm
by rachel
Venus wrote:Jemaine loved your animal jumpers so that's all that matters, rachel. ;)

Truth, and Bret asking if he could still buy one :lol:

The guy who ran down the aisle before you JM was much more crazed. =P

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 12:54 am
by Venus
Yet again, here's an unnecessarily long recap of the show! ;)

Before the show

I arrived Wembley Park station and just followed the large crowd to Wembley Arena. There was a cool atmosphere outside the Arena with people hanging outside the Arena around near the fountains before the show started. I met up with my partners in crime, Rachel and minilea to go inside and take to our front row seats!

Opening Acts

Lawrence Arabia & The Prime Ministers took to the stage as people filed in. I really enjoyed their set and I'm so glad they played 'Apple Pie Bed' which I think is a great song they dedicated to their hosts of the evening, Flight of the Conchords and 'Beautiful Young Crew', another brill song of theirs which went out to people from Hoxton in East London. It was also great hearing material I hadn't heard before and I'm now definitely going to look into more of their stuff. They completely rocked out at the end and ended their set on a high.


There was then a brief pause and this is when Whambi tapped me on the shoulder and introduced herself. It was lovely talking to her about the Conchords, her time in London so far and we just shared our excitement for the show which was about to take place! :D

Arj took to the stage with another great set. It was pretty similar to the set last week at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 17th although I think it may have been slightly shorter as he left a couple of jokes out from last time round including using a phone on a plane and babies. He discussed discovering white hairs in his beard which either makes him old or a wizard. :lol: A highlight was when he made us go for a "Guinness World Record Attempt" for the largest indoor arena bird flip so everyone in the audience flipped the bird with both hands and Matt took the picture on stage.


During the interval I saw Arj hanging around the stage filming the crowd. JM13 came over to say hi just before the "New Zealand Is Yours. Go there now" advert from the archives was shown followed by FOTC taking to the stage. :D

A pic I took just before FOTC began their set:


FOTC took to the stage with their lit up robot heads for another enthusiastic performance of Too Many Dicks. Unfortunately Arj's mike wasn't working until right at the end of his part which was a shame. I absolutely loved Bret's teaser of "Who likes to rock the party?" right at the end though. :lol:

They settled down to first of all introduce themselves as the band. Bret introduced Jemaine and Jemaine played a riff on his guitar and then Bret introduced himself and played a single (but impressive) lick. ;) They then sang another great rendition of Most Beautiful Girl and then Hurt Feelings. Regarding his casserole, Jemaine rapped "The motherf*cka's been simmering for an hour 45" and there was a drawn out pause when Jemaine rapped about waiting for a call from his family during his birthday in 2003 which got a big "aww" from the audience. After this, Nigel was introduced as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and they talked about budgetary cuts affecting the NZSO including one member who never actually had a tuba and always used to mime playing the tuba. I noticed that Nigel seemed to be looking over at me quite a lot during the show and I think it was just cos he recognised me from last week. 8)

They discussed how they would be talking professionally throughout the show. At one point, Jemaine said that they even banter with the audience. To give an example, he slightly lowered and tilted his head to the side to look underneath the bright lights and looked right at me and said "Oh, you look like a girl". I was surrounded by many other girls so it was kinda nice to be singled out. ;) At first I just smiled and giggled and then I noticed he was still looking at me so I laughed and nodded and then he said something like "so you are a girl" and smiled and talked about how they do this and embarrass members of the audience :lol:. He looked over at someone else to give another example and asked them "What are you wearing?" and repeated it in a deeper voice. I hope a video of this turns up somewhere cos my memory of this part is a little hazy once I noticed Jemaine was talking to me. ;)

Jemaine noticed that he had a "spinny chair" whilst Bret's was taped down so if he moved slightly, his chair spun all the way round. Bret said that this happened at their previous gig so he spent half the night with his back to the audience. So Jemaine called Matt to come on stage to fix it by taping it down. Bret started to play Hurt Feelings but stopped to tell Matt to quieten down because he was making the song sound all "tapey". Jemaine complained afterwards that his chair wasn't spinny enough cos he couldn't turn around properly to reach his other instruments. :lol:

Someone shouted out a request for Prince of Parties and at first they were a bit hesitant because they said that they tried playing it the other night but couldn't remember how one part of the song goes. Jemaine went on to start playing it anyway and said it would become apparent which part of the song they can't remember. It was the part when Jemaine sings "Oh pretty prince of parties, where's the party now?..." so Jemaine tried to remember that part there and then by playing it slower. It still sounded fantastic live! It was great seeing Boom live as well.

Throughout the show, they bantered about their 'rock n roll' lifestyle on the road, complete with the muffin story which is always a crowd pleaser. One of their stories was about them taking drugs- Jemaine's antihistamines for hayfever, that is. Bret being the bad boy that he is took half an antihistamine tablet when he didn't even have hayfever and it caused him to feel drowsy. At one point during the show, they were going to play Robots but Bret missed the intro so they gave up for a little while and decided to tell the elevator story but some people in the audience were anxious for them to play the song. Jemaine heard someone call out "song!" so he told Bret and added "don't mean to hurry you along." It was great hearing it live as it was another song I hadn't heard it at the other gigs I attended.

As always, I loved listening to 1353 (Woo a lady). During the song Bret has a solo on the recorder which got cheers from the crowd and I thought it was a cute moment when Jemaine smiled at Bret and nodded approvingly and Bret looked over slightly at Jemaine whilst playing and nodded back as if to say "yeah, I got this". They also performed a funky version of Business Time complete with Jemaine playing the recorder at the beginning before throwing it away behind himself and repeatedly singing "your knees in my kidney". :lol: I also liked Nigel's contribution to the song as he sang "making love!" quite enthusiastically. :D

Before they sang Think About It, they talked about all the caring about all the "issues" which Bono cares about in the world. With regards to AIDS, we were advised by Bret and Jemaine to reject advances made by monkeys and just ignore their calls. As well as AIDS and famine, as always, Bret and Jemaine talked about saving the whales. They talked about how they were booed in Norway whilst they were talking about saving the whales because Norwegians eat whales but we should regardless save the "apparently quite delicious" mammals of the sea. They re-enacted a phone call a whale may make to emergency services and talked about the difficulties whales may have particularly handling handsets with their flippers and not knowing where their ears are unlike rabbits who just have to hold the phone to their long ears. They both put on a cockney accent and Bret said over here we'd sound something like "Allo guvnor, what can I do for ya? Ambulance, police, fire or lucky dip?" and when Bret made the impression of how whales sound like on the phone, Jemaine replied as the operator on the other line by also re-enacting a phone call to emergency services by saying, "Sorry love, I'm actually just finding this very relaxing". I also liked when they were "breaking it down" and people started clapping and Jemaine sang in between "you don't have to clap". :lol:

They played Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous. After Jemaine rapped "my lyrics are bottomless". Bret missed his part to which Jemaine replied "the same thing happened to me". :lol: Yet again I was again impregnated by the Hiphopopotamus' potent rhymes as this time he made all of the ladies in the front row pregnant. ;)

After Inner City Pressure, they sang Epileptic Dogs. Bret sang the extra verse about a pitbull named Earthquake. After, they tried to get the audience to sing along by splitting us in to sections. Bret got the people on his side to sing "Think about the epileptic dogs. Think about the eeeeplileptic dogs", Jemaine got the middle section which I was in to sing in a different way "Thiiiink aboouuuut the doggggs. The epileptic dogs!" whilst Nigel got those on his side to howl like dogs. I'm just as unbiased as Rachel but I think that the middle section sounded the best. ;) Everything was going well until they tried to get the back involved and Jemaine gave them something crazy to sing in his signature deep singing voice. Even I was confused for those at the back and wouldn't have been able to sing that part so it started to fall apart a bit towards the end but at least the front sounded quite good. :lol:

Jemaine responded to another request in the crowd for Albi and Bret played Little Red during the song. People sang along and Bret commented that we sang better for Albi compared to Epileptic Dogs. :lol:

Towards the end of the show, Bret and Jemaine talked about how we were drawing close to the end of the show and that they'll have to go back on the road. Someone shouted out "Season 3" to which Jemaine replied that they could make a third season but then they wouldn't be able to go on the road. So they went on to sing "On The Road" which is another song I hadn't heard live before and it was brilliant and got big laughs from the crowd. I liked how they incorporated the rock n roll stories they've been telling throughout the tour into the song. :)

Before they played Bowie, they told the time tripping story when they met Bowie, a present day and younger version of Tina Turner. Poor Jemaine struggled to put his guitar over his flying scarf. His glasses even fell on the floor and he struggled to put them back on and handle his scarf. I found it incredibly cute though (& kinda funny :lol: ). Bret was directly in front of me so I had a good view of his crotch as he put one leg up on one of the speakers and played his flying V. ;)

They came back on stage for the encore and just before they did Jemaine explained that they were running out of time and said something like "Wembley has a curfew and are we are going to go by the rules?...err yes!" but they said they'll play a couple more songs. They played for over 2 hours but you could tell that they would have stayed on for longer if they could. :)

The Sugalumps videos show practically everything which went on and it was absolutely hilarious to watch live. Arj came on stage this time with a mic that was working and sang his part. As always, Bret was in quite a daring mood and was bouncing around all over the place. Bret was standing on a speaker and Jemaine seemed quite concerned that he may fall "That's a precarious place for your sugalumps- don't fall off that thing" The classic additional lines were sung, "This lady's eyes are creeping up my thighs and they stop on this ball. But that's not all, they drift over to the other ball" (Bret) and "Ladies from the easties, ladies from the westies wanting to molest these tantalizing testes" (Jemaine). I don't know how JM13 handled Jemaine repeatedly saying "Don't be shy". It was so funny when Bret pushed down the barriers and blamed JM13 "Security! She broke the barriers! Full on, London!" :lol:



As usual, Jemaine's tear away trousers were partially done up and were falling off so he ended up taking them off in front of us and I got to see his spangly glitter trousers up close. ;) I also had really good eye contact with Jemaine as he walked slowly past in front of us. We all had our cameras out so he said something like "all you ladies trying to take photos of my sugalumps" whilst gesturing taking photos. As they were taking photos of their sugalumps (including one of the security guys) on a guy's camera, the camera's memory became full and Jemaine explained that it shows how big their sugalumps are. :lol: Bret being the rock star that he is, climbed through the audience and got quite far back. He looked very unsteady as he tried to stand on the chairs so we were all hoping that he didn't fall and luckily he didn't! Unfortunately he did seem to pull a muscle whilst getting back on stage because he underestimated how high the stage was. It was hilarious seeing his reaction though and calling out for a massage after the show. Jemaine sang that he hoped it wasn't an important muscle in Bret's sugalumps. :lol:

They left the stage to a standing ovation and a pic of the crowd was taken.

The setlist was as follows (not in order):

Too Many Dicks
Most Beautiful Girl
Hurt Feelings
Business Time
Prince of Parties
Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous
Think About It
1353 (Woo a lady)
Inner City Pressure
Epileptic Dogs
Bus Driver's Song
On The Road
Demon Woman

We're Both In Love With A Sexy Lady

After the show

Even though I knew I couldn't hang out after the show cos I had to catch the last tube train since Wembley is pretty far out from where I live, I decided to wait around with a few fans for a while cos I knew I'd recognise a few people there. It was great when Rachel pointed out that Dot had posted on WTF! that she was waiting for the boys to come out so we eventually called out "Dot" and she was there right by us. :lol: Just as I said before, the atmosphere was brilliant despite the chilly weather. People played FOTC songs out loud on their phones/iPods and JM13's boyfriend kindly sharing packets of crisps with everyone. The security guys were also incredibly kind by letting us know the times for the last trains and giving out free cups of tea. It was fun discussing various things Conchords related including how great the show was and our excitement for how excited we are to see Jemaine in Men In Black 3D. ;) I hope Bret and Jemaine give us an excuse for us all to meet up with each other again real soon.

General comments

It was another night filled with much laughter and FOTC ended their European tour on a high. It was truly fantastic watching the show from the front row where I could see all of their facial expressions without having to look up at the screens. I loved the setlist and the audience yet again were generally well behaved. They were quite chilled and mostly respectful but I expected people to show a little more enthusiasm at times. It could have been just where I was sitting though and perhaps people further back were livelier.

I loved every minute of their gigs I attended and I just hope they come back soon to Europe to tour again because it has been so much fun and given all the positive reviews I've read, their live shows have gone down really well over here! I cannot thank Bret and Jemaine enough for all the laughs, all the hard work they've put into the tour, their kindness and generosity and all wonderful memories they have given me throughout this tour! :supz:

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 1:36 am
by Nancy
Once again, excellent account of the evening's events, Venus! :thumb:

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:36 am
by Venus
No problem, Nancy!

Prince of Parties :D

Epileptic Dogs- It includes our attempt at singing along :lol:

More videos from the night can be found here. :D

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:45 am
by LauraK
Oh Venus, I love you girl! Your recaps make me feel like I was there. And I laughed a lot reading it. :lol: You're so well-spoken and precise in the retelling of events and then suddenly "Bret was directly in front of me so I had a good view of his crotch...: :rolls: :supz:
Aw yeah....

Thanks for that and for all the great pics. I LOVE the one you got of the audience- Wow! I wonder if they get stage fright?? I sure would!

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:50 am
by LauraK
Oh man! Prince of Parties was terrific!! :lol: the look on Jemaine's face when he realized he'd goofed and then he just cracked up- priceless! I loved the slowed-down part and how strongly he jumped back in to regular tempo.....awesome. What a great show. :D

Re: London Wembley Arena - May 25 - Tour stop #18

Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:55 am
by kipples
I love your recaps Venus :D :thumb:

I don't think they could ever be unnecessarily long :wink: