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Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 9:29 am
by YisBot
Joined and sent it to friends!! I really hope this pans out! Also a great way for fans to bond, getting up at all hours of the night to watch the boys! :rock: :supz:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 3:46 pm
by Nancy
It definitely was the coolest thing to be all online at the same time watching the Academy Awards - I can't imagine how we'd be watching them in concert. Would the sqee-ing ever stop? :yay: :bounce: :love: :whitey: :woohoo:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 2:37 am
by terre_369
Hi again, Ladies. :wave:

Thanks for your warm welcome and enthusiasm for this idea! Also, many thanks for joining the Event, and passing the link on to your friends. too. I'd thought you'd' be into it-- but reading your responses, here, gave me the goosebumps all over again. :)

I agree, it's so exciting to imagine hooking up with one another, online, watching an FotC concert together. In this case, it'd be the closest thing to sitting side by side, rocking' to a great… nay, The Greatest charity gig ever!

I see it and feel it all so clearly, as well… it almost pains me!

On the FB Events page, we're up to 95 who've joined. Now we know: Hard-core FotC fans = 95 :D

But what about the casual fans? The ones who snapped up concert tickets so that it sold out in minutes?
The ones who filled up Wembley Arena three times over-- 12,000 people a pop-- for example?
Or Hollywood Bowl, with 17,000 peeps..?
And every one else from every other concert and tour...

Where are they, and how do we reach them?

WTF!, FotCMB, and Conchordsnet are (blessedly) already on top of getting this out on FB and Twitter.
We're writing to other people who may be interested in seeing the event happen, scoping websites that may be willing to promote it etc,
It's been great to come together to pool in ideas, effort and resources... already the sellotape of love sticking people together...
but we still need to find all the other paperdolls who'd enjoy this chance to be stuck together, but still don't know about it!

It's not going to work just asking for numbers. We also have to drum out interest to avenues we'd never even expected to approach.
For instance, this weekend, I've decided to hit London's NZ hangouts. I'll have cards printed up, with the link to FB, and chat with people. Will leave them with a bunch of cards so they can pass it on, as well. Will have a looksie in NZ food stuff shops here, too-- perhaps they'd be willing to keep some flyers by the till...

Now, if you'd told me last week, that this is what my brain is planning on doing… well, passion is a creative madness, isn't it? ;)

There are, also, a few ladies who're starting up a little campaign of their own- to try to reach more people.
They'd first written to me, to ask if it was alright for them to go ahead with it--- which threw me back, at first, because of course it's alright!
Anything anyone feels inspired to do to make this happen, can only help and strengthen. And bless them for it, too!

Really, this isn't my idea. It zapped into my head, yes… but, the only thing mine about it was to get it out to others. (And trust me, it did not leave me be!) Now, this thing belongs to everyone who wants it to happen-- because that's the only way it can really happen!

So, no, of course I don't mind it if someone feels inspired to try something. This is yours, too; feel free to go for it! Besides, as mentioned, it's quite creatively liberating, and also gets one up to all kinds of funky business.
And, there's also really no wrong way to go about things... because everything about this is so good and worthwhile, in the first place, anyway. Huzzah!

OK, let me post this now, because I've been wanting to respond for a while-- but it's been super busy.
I hope I haven't come across as preachy, also... These are just some things currently on my mind.
Also about now would also be a great time to miraculously transform into an Indian goddess, and sprout 16 agile hands to tappity-tap away.

LOL! Now wouldn't that be quite the sight and confusion, when passing out the cards in booze-fueled NZ pubs, this weekend!

Along with that divine image, I'll also leave you with this one:
A visual of what this streamed event could look like...

... buut, because I can't get the picture to embed, I'll leave you this link, instead.

Thanks, ladies. You've been great!

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 5:38 am
by mockingbird
:lol: :thumb:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 1:08 pm
by Venus
It's great to see how many people are interested already and terre, you're already doing a fabulous job of trying to drum up more interest and so is everyone else helping to spread the word on the social networks. I'm sure many Kiwis would be keen to help out with this too especially as this event is raising money for ChCh so it's brilliant that you're targetting them. Getting the media onside to help spread the word would be very helpful too to reach out to the more casual fans.

I absolutely love that visual representation! :clap: :thumb:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 6:15 pm
by YisBot
Maybe reaching out to the local NZ papers/tv would give us a big edge. But I have no clue how one would go about doing that.

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 1:17 am
by LauraK
I loved your take on Sellotape! :clap: :supz:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 3:38 am
by terre_369
Happy Super Full Moon, everybody! Awooooooo….

YisBot, that's a great suggestion: the possibility of contacting media-orientated, NZ groups. In fact, yours is a very welcomed affirmation, because it's also something we've been looking at.

And by we, I only mean the most beautiful coming together of representatives, in cause and fan-ship:
Venus, akaconchordgirl (conchordsnet), Ami, and emira (FotCMB).
a.k.a. The 'Stream Team. :supz:

We've set up a group page to communicate through. It's HEAPS easier, having one space to bounce ideas off of one another, and collate the various good ones people've also dropped in.

For example, on the events page, Lisa Gay suggested opening a Twitter account-- for this cause. Actually, that could be quite good; it may be useful in getting the idea out to a wider scope-- alongside WTF! FotCMB, and conchordsnet- who've already been on the case.

So, a Twitter account has been newly opened, with it's first Tweet born under this big, full moon.

Here: @FOTC4ChCh -->!/FOTC4ChCh

(If you're Twitter inclined, could you please 'follow' us, and 'RT' as and when? The more of us... well, that'd be merry, merry nice! )

Glad you enjoyed the visual, and the take on 'Pencils in the Wind'. I have to admit that I chuckled myself silly as the picture came together-- and even heard the freakin' choir sing, in the (very adapted) lyrics.

Thanks to WTF! in the first place, for transcribing the tv show lyrics, and posting it up. I used it as the frame to play from; maybe not all would appreciate that, but I did! :D

Here's wishing you all a potent weekend, in whichever department rocks you.
Also, if you could hold, in your mind, for a moment, the picture of the 'streamed event happening-- with a HUGE link up from all around the world …
The moon is full, and so are the possibilities, non, mes chéries? ;)

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 5:39 am
by Great H
I think it's more important to get the idea in front of FOTC and event management somehow - even if the campaign takes of exponentially they'd need to have time to set it up - and still have time to get it publicised so more than the rabid few log-on. They'd have better resources to publicize it too...

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 4:25 pm
by terre_369
You're totally right, Great H. Thanks for getting right to the crunch, too, and for bringing everything back into perspective.

Ideally, we wanted to pass strong numbers to FotC/management-- but, with the urgency of time, and the scope of people we're still trying to reach-- it's proving to be quite the challenge.

I'm actually kicking myself now, for not having pushed through and gotten in touch with FotC/management right away, after the initial posting of the idea. Then, there's also the other side of me that felt the potentials available within the idea is so powerful on it's own; by its own merit, it'd have transcended human formalities.

If FotC/management approved, and proposed this idea on to other fans-- it'd be the best (and fastest) way to gage actual interest in, and validity for setting up an online event as this.

(Man! This could be such the opportunity for people to come together, in good cause and cheer, to get something really going on!
One love, one heart; let's get together and feel alright. :rock: )

In terms of the monetary aspect of viewing such an event online for charity:
Ultimately, it'd be up to FotC's management decide how it'd be done. But, we'd been discussing it, trying to picture how it could work.

Perhaps, there could be a website to log into, to subscribe for the event.
For payment, there'd be a small starting amount agreed on, as a donation-- with an option to add more on top.
Once the donation is made, a personal login code is provided to access the 'stream on the day.

That way, if something messes or interrupts the live-feed, people also can't get too uppity-- because it's a donation.
And, in the event of a big tech issue-- maybe, the concert could even be linked to as a podcast, later on.

Ok, wanted to let you know I'd caught your post, Great H. You're right, we're just going to have to be upfront about it now. If they're up for it, great! If not, then at least we'd know, and can all let it go.

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:21 pm
by Venus
Business time at last for Canty fans
'Investigate the lyrics, you'll be rewarded'
Last updated 05:00 27/06/2012

FUNNY FELLOWS: Flight of the Conchords Jemaine Clement, left, and Brett McKenzie perform in a sold-out concert at the CBS Canterbury Arena in Christchurch last night.

The wait finally came to an end for thousands of Christchurch fans of Flight of the Conchords last night.

In March, hundreds camped overnight outside the CBS Canterbury Arena to buy tickets for the popular duo.

Last night, at a packed CBS Canterbury Arena, it was finally Business Time.

The New Zealand folk-comedy duo of Oscar winner Bret McKenzie and Emmy nominee Jemaine Clement received a huge ovation in Christchurch.

At about 8.50pm, the duo, wearing boxes on their heads, came on stage, starting their set with Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor.

"If you really investigate the lyrics, you'll be richly rewarded," said Clement.

The Conchords were supported by United States comedian Arj Barker.

Fans counted down to the concert on Twitter last night.

"Listening to Flight of the Conchords at work and randomly cracking up laughing at my desk. Yaaaay #FOTC tonight!" tweeted Hayley Payne in Christchurch.

"Getting pumped for @arjbarker and @fotc in Christchurch tonight!" tweeted Michael Jeffcott.

"U aint alone, dawg," Arj Barker tweeted back to him.

The proceeds of the concert will go towards Cholmondeley Children's Home and the restoration of the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Flight of the Conchords are set to play in Nelson's Trafalgar Centre to-night.


arjbarker on Instagram:
“Christchurch at intermission #keen #fotc”


“Evil Woman, Christchurch #fotc”


“I <3 Christchurch #fotc #picoftheday”


Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:33 pm
by YisBot
Holy man that looks like a lot of people!! Was this their biggest venue in their NZ tour?

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:44 pm
by SheWolf
I was thinking the same. Also can I be bitchy and say that it would be nice if Arj would take a decent photo for once. All this instamatigramwhatchamacallit, is not art, it's just bad photo taking. :lol:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:45 pm
by Deirdre
That is huge! I am so grateful I got to see them in very small venues. The one large venue I saw them at, UT Austin, was really too big. Of course if I hadn't seen them before I wouldn't be saying this, I am sure. :whistle:

Re: 26 June CBS Arena, Christchurch

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:07 am
by Nancy
I keep thinking how small even Town Hall in NYC seems compared to this. :shock:
Hi, Dierdre! :wave: Yes, it seems the smaller venues you saw them in are in the past. But you never know - another Largo evening may pop up someday. :pray: