Bass Tab for the theme tune

Erm, music, lyrics and tabs. Asking about Conchords music, lyrics or tabs please post here.
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Bass Tab for the theme tune

Postby ial1980 » Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:30 pm

Hi all
Can someone post the bass tab for the theme tune to the FOTC show? Or point me in the right direction on the forum to the where the answer may be hiding. The guitar part I've worked out.



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Re: Bass Tab for the theme tune

Postby sarpugster » Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:19 pm

Hello Ian,

I play what I've tabbed out below. I have a tendency to tweak basslines slightly when playing them myself, but it is pretty accurate I think.

Check out the HBO Silly Teaser as well, where you can see what Jemaine is definitely playing...

A ------7--7--5------------------------7-7-5
E --5-------------7--5---5-4-5-4-5-5---------7-5

(-'s do not represent anything in this example - just a way of separating the tab. The rhythm should be easy to pick up.)

Hope that helps and makes sense. Let me know if not... :)

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