If Your Into it Lyrics

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If Your Into it Lyrics

Postby MrCrowley » Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:40 am

If Your Into It:

B:If you want me to, I Can hang Around With You,
If I only Knew, That's what Your Into.

J:You and him, Him and you, If thats what your into,
him hanging around, around you, you hanging around where your there too.

B: And if you want me to, i'll take off all my clothes for you,
i'll take off all my clothes for you, if thats what your into.

J:How 'bout him, in the nude, in the nude, in front of you, thats what he's,
prepared to do, is that the kind of thing, you think you might be into.

B:And if you want me to, i'll let you get naked too, could be a dream come true,
providing thats what your into.

J:Is that what your into,him and you,in the nude,thats the sort of thing
he wants to do, is that the kind of thing that you think you might be into.

B:And then maybe later, we can get hot by the refridgerator, In the kitchen
next to pantry, I think that might be what you fancy.

J:In the buff, being rude, in the nude, doing stuff, with his food, getting nude with the food
we heard thats what you are into.

B:And then on our next date, well I could bring my flatmate, not sure if Stu had
seen ya, but maybe we could double-team ya.

J:How bout you, and two dudes, in the nude, getting nude with two dudes with food,
thats if Stu's into to.

B:All the things we could do,things I'd do for you,you'd have to say so first,
or else i'll get imbarrased. Its what ever turns you on, It's what ever gets
you off and turns you on.
....And Then On Our Next Date, I Could Bring My Flatmate, Not Quite Sure If Stu Had Seen Ya, But Maybe We Could Double-Team Ya - If Your Into It by FOTC

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