May 19 - Phoenix, AZ

The place where all the 2009 North American Tour is now living. Gig threads, pre and post gig threads, meet and greets, the works. All found here.
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Re: Phoenix Show this Tuesday!!

Postby songbird » Fri May 22, 2009 4:40 am

I know, they didn't play it at my show either...that was the only thing that I was a little disappointed about. I had really wanted to hear H vs R and Robots, and they didn't end up doing either of them. However, they did do Bowie (my alltime favourite when it's the live version), including the entire story of them time tripping back to the 1970's (possibly my favourite song story ever), which definitely made up for it in my books :D
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Re: Phoenix Show this Tuesday!!

Postby DaMango » Fri May 22, 2009 5:04 pm

Venus wrote:Yes I love the Epileptic Dogs remix part! And aww poor Bret-y! But yes their mistakes can be quite endearing :)

Haha they even randomly sang 'When Doves Cry' :D:

Eek! Prince is my favorite! (and in my avatar, heehee) I am such a geek, I made sure to mention Prince to both Bret and Jemaine when I met them in Seattle. Luckily they both said they were fans, so I didn't feel like such an idiot.

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Re: May 19 - Phoenix, AZ

Postby ItsAllRyche » Sun May 24, 2009 5:11 am

Hi All,

Finally had a few minutes... check this out...

very cute. Except was not happy with how washed out color was, guess I just don't know how to upload it properly.

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Re: May 19 - Phoenix, AZ

Postby LauraK » Sun May 24, 2009 5:25 am

Hey, it looked fine to me! Thanks! :)

It looks like they've practiced their version a bit...."why are you...a lady...tryin to get into a relationship with a bird.....................I'm not gonna marry you cuz you're a human and I'm a bird................I'm never gonna return.......just to.....have sex with you, woman....." Lol!! :lol: :clap:

Thanks, Ryche!
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Re: May 19 - Phoenix, AZ

Postby Sherry » Sun May 24, 2009 10:21 pm

Via email :)

Dear what the folk person,

You didnt have anything up yet for the Phoenix gig, so I wanted to write a little tid bit.

Arj Barker opened up, and made good use of the crowd and area, recommend seeing him if he is your way. Also, when the guys were playing "Too Many Dicks" Dave (Arj Barker) came on to do his part of the song from the show! Crowd was uproarious...

They both wore, or at least Bret wore a southwestern style shirt, which was nice to have them sporting some of the style of the area. Early on the crowd got the guys confused as into what to actually call this city, with so many people from the greater Phoenix area, people were shouting out, "Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale..." The guys just started asking us what we wanted to be called, then just settled on "Scotch - dale." The gig was fantasmic, too bad larg professional style cameras were not allowed in the venue, otherwise I would of had some great shots from the ground lever seats, just a bit off to the right!

Some audience in the front was able to convince them to strip their jackets off, if they had them, so they got Matt to go and get them some jackets, so they can appease the mob. Later on someone else asked for Monkey Sex right before the guys were to play "Think about it" The Conchords were suprised, and said that they would always tell people of Phoenix, and mentioned that we asked for "Stripping and Monkey Sex, I suppose its alright considering its so hot down here, you could pretty much get away with anything." - Jemaine and Bret

Again, people shouted "Freebird" and it was played, gloriously, with some minor alterations from the duo. Later, and I do not remember what brought this on, but Jemaine bursted into Prince's "When Dove's Cry" It was pretty Freaky!

On a very good note, the crowd was very well behaved, except for the usuall, "that guy." I was pleased with our demeanor, and wouldnt expect anything less from my Phoenix/Scotch-dale venue, considering what I have heard about previous shows.

Setlist as follows:
Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor
Hurt Feelings
The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room)
I Told You I Was Freekie
Foux du Fafa
Carol Brown
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous
I'm Not Crying
Freebird (partial)
Think About It
When Doves Cry (partial)
Epileptic Dogs
We're Both in Love With a Sexy Lady


Business Time

One encore ensued but there was no hope for a second when the lights came on, and I was left still clapping....

No meet and greet, I suppose due to the swine flue, especially on the boarder states.



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