May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby RubyRed » Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:06 am

Here's a really positive review about the Vegas show:


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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby hurt_feelings » Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:32 am

Glad you guys enjoyed the pictures :D. We loved that he was wearing that lion shirt as well hehe, but we didn't expect him to be so tall!

@eorious: I hope you're right! (about Bret's dad being thrilled by how beloved his son is) :) .

Thanks for the review Ruby!

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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby eorious » Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:52 pm

Ok, I’ve finally found time to write up a recap of my Las Vegas concert experience. I apologize it took me so long. It’s hard to believe the concert was just over a week ago. It’s been such a tough week, both at work and otherwise, that the night feels more distant to me. I knew if I didn’t write it down soon I’d lose it completely. I decided to break it up like vmh did so as not to bore some of you with details you might not be interested in. I'm still working on writing up an account of the m & g.

Pre-concert (Flighty Meet-up)

I arrived in Vegas about 5pm on Saturday. I stepped out of the airport into the blinding sunlight of a Vegas afternoon and immediately felt weighed down by the oppressive heat. It was about 40 degrees warmer than it had been when I left my apartment 10 hours earlier on a cool Chicago morning. I’m tired of hearing the phrase “but it’s a dry heat”. As if dry heat doesn’t make you sweat.

When I got to my hotel I showered, changed into something more appropriate for the weather and called vmh. She had just arrived at the Hard Rock and was wandering around trying to find the concert venue. A few minutes later I got a call from alysaanne who was also at the Hard Rock. By the time I got over there myself, the two of them had already found each other. The three of us settled in at the bar in the center of the loud flashy casino area and watched all of the action swirling around us as we chatted and waited a few hours for the concert to start. Vmh and alysaanne are both such sweet girls, I’m so glad I got to hang out with them. I had been nervous about travelling to Vegas alone but there I was, in town for less than two hours and I was already having fun!

The concert was supposed to start at 9, so about 8:15 I started getting antsy and wanted to get in line to pick up my Will Call tickets. The line was huge and I wanted to make sure I’d have time to stop at the merch table too. Alysaanne was determined to find someone to buy my spare ticket so she decided to hang back by the bar while I got in line. I really appreciate that she did that for me, I was prepared to just eat the cost. But it all worked out perfectly – by the time I made it through the ticket line and the slow-as-molasses merch line, there was Alysaanne with someone to take that extra ticket off my hands. And he was a great guy too, tons of fun and a big fan. We got inside and into our seats literally moments before the concert started, which was about 20 minutes after nine.


Jemaine introduced Arj. It was a long intro (compared to the other two shows I went to) and quite entertaining. He started off with “some of you may know him from his Comedy Central special…” and when the audience cheered in recognition Jemaine started shouting “Liars! Liars! That hasn’t even aired yet it’s not going to be shown until January!”. Oh Jemaine. :D So cute. (someone actually posted a recording of it here)

Arj’s set was fantastic. He is a really funny guy. I’ve never been a big fan of his character on the show (I think because it upsets me that Dave is always lying or giving bad advice to the B & J characters) but when he’s being himself he’s just as funny and quirky as the boys. I can see why they’re friends.

So the guys came out with the usual TMD opener, and since Arj was there he did his rap in the middle which was just great to hear. I tried taking a picture and I got a great shot, composition-wise, with Arj right in the center of the guys as he walked across the stage. Unfortunately, because I was using my crappy iPhone camera none of them have any faces. And that’s pretty much the story for all the photos I took, even though I was 10th row dead center, with no heads even obstructing my view: beautifully composed shots of bodies without faces. Sigh. I need a real camera.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but at some point towards the end of the tour Bret apparently upgraded his disco-ball cod piece. When I saw them in Milwaukee at the beginning of May their balls were identical, but in Vegas Bret’s ball was much larger than Jemaine’s and even had some gold mirroring in addition to the silver. I wouldn’t have noticed (being a Jemaine-girl) except that at the end of TMD Bret grabbed his ball and started jerking it around wildly. (Hoping I don’t get censored for that statement… :worry: ) I wonder if the original one broke, or what. (I’ll leave you all to make up your own jokes about that, I think I’ve gone far enough.) :lol:

The underwear being thrown on stage was obviously planned and was no where near as funny as that YouTube clip of the boxers being thrown on stage last year in Seattle. The audience was animated (aka drunk, at least where I was sitting) but not obnoxious, and it was good to see the guys be responsive towards requests. They did seem a bit annoyed about the Freebird request but they do such an awesome rendition of it now that I’m glad I got to see it live. Some guy kept yelling out for Leggy Blonde and Bret’s response was “we don’t do that one”, but Jemaine started playing the tune and then did his rapping bit about the panties. Bret said that the show would be a lot shorter if they just played the highlights of each song like that.

It’s unfortunate, but they didn’t really seem to use Nigel as well as they did at previous shows. Maybe it was a problem with the sound at the venue, or because they were trying to be more “Rock & Roll”, as Jemaine kept saying. The version of I’m Not Crying in Chicago was just breathtaking thanks to Nigel’s accompaniment, but it seemed to me that the guys were in a mood to be goofy that night in Vegas. Jemaine did a lot more singing in weird voices than I had seen him do before. When they did The Most Beautiful Girl he sang the entire song in a high falsetto, like he was seriously trying to channel Prince. I really do appreciate that they do every show differently (makes it worth going to more than one!) but I felt bad that the Vegas crowd missed out on a lot of Nigel’s gorgeous playing.

There were also no costume changes at this show, no DG20, no wild gyrations during sugalumps. Bret did take someone’s camera (it belonged to a guy) and shot a few pictures of his sugalumps. But that was as wild and crazy as it got. We did get to hear a lot of songs though, and they played until almost midnight (Jemaine explained to us how very Rock & Roll that was to be on so late).

There were a few songs that I heard live for the first time in Vegas, and that made me really happy: Albi, Robots, H vs R, and Bowie. It’s always fun to see just how potent Jemaine is going to be in H vs R (sadly he only made it to row 5 that night, leaving me and 4everconchordsfan childless). Bret had messed up two verses in Hurt Feelings earlier in the night, and so Jemaine promised us an extra song. We got it in a fourth encore song, which was Bowie. I think that may be due in no small part to the guy who bought my spare ticket – I had mentioned to him that I really wanted to hear Bowie live and he made it his mission to shout that out until we finally got it. Who ever said chivalry is dead? :boogie:

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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby songbird » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:23 pm

Sounds awesome, eorious!! :D
I'm so glad that you got to hear Bowie. It's my favourite song, and hearing it live is such a gift. I know it made my night at the show that I saw! Haha, I've seen the YouTube clip of Jemaine doing the Leggy Blonde rap, it was priceless...lucky you for getting to hear it in person :D
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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby Venus » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:21 am

Thanks for the recap eorious! Your description of the Too Many Dicks codpieces is hilarious :lol:. Glad you had a good time :)
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Re: May 23 - The Joint - Las Vegas

Postby Sherry » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:50 am ... conchords/

Not sure if this one has been posted. Apologies if already on here somewhere

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