HBO cancelling Flight of The Conchords.. or not...

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HBO cancelling Flight of The Conchords.. or not...

Postby Sherry » Wed Aug 15, 2007 7:24 am

Please feel free to discuss/repost any convo on the subject of 'will there/ won't there be a second season' here

I posted my thoughts about the possibility of a second season on the main news page. Here is what I said

I'm really not surprised to read that HBO are supposedly undecided about a second season of Flight of The Conchords. And I find myself not really minding all that much. I come from a land where great and good TV comedy series are short and sweet but deservedly become classics. The bad ones merely short and sweet and forgotten. I can live with one season of FoTC. I can live with two, should HBO and the Conchords decide to plough ahead with more episodes, but it's no biggie. I'm a fan of the Conchords I really am, so don't think for one second I don't want them to do well. Of course I do, but far better the Conchords do things their way and in their own time.

Should the Conchords choose to renew with HBO if its offered then fair play to them. I hope season two will be a great success on their terms and not based on viewing figures and all that *waggles hand* stuff. However I am also remembering them saying in the past that they like to work on other things away from the Conchords and that that's what they might go and do once the album is finished. Something else.

Whoever decides about a second season, should it turn out that HBO cancel, I don't see Bret, Jemaine, James, Rhys, Kristen or Arj (and not forgetting all the other support cast and the crew) will have failed. I loathe the word, failure... failed and how it's used in terms of fame and fortune in that weird world of fame and fortune. It's a crappy word and one I will never feel comfortable with when it comes to art and the people who make and perform it. And comedy to me is an art. It gives me more enjoyment than peering at a painting in the Louvre or seeing a disheveled bed or dead cow in a tank. Its all subjective eh :) Should Bret and Jemaine be the ones who decide to walk away and do 'something else' then good luck to them. I'll follow what they do with interest in a non stalkerish way :p And I'm sure the Conchords will be back with a new live show sometime in the not too distant future.

If Flight of The Conchords is not renewed for whatever reason on either side, then so be it. My thanks and congratulations to all involved for making something fresh, different and with the ability to make some of us laugh. If it is renewed, then ditto the previous sentence above.

A few more things to add as I awoke to a number of emails this morning :)

Do people ever consider that maybe just maybe the guys themselves won't want a second season, even if one is offered. Not that the guys have said that to me or anything, but Jemaine had another project lined up back in NZ sometime soon and they have both said they like to keep the Conchords as a part time thing, not a full time, to allow them to work on other projects.

I don't know. I really don't see what all the fuss is about and people making HBO out to be the bad guy. And even if they are and they cancel, the Conchords will still be around doing their thing.

I've already had emails about me starting a petition and trying to encourage HBO to keep the show, but I'll go on the record here as saying thats really not my style. Of course, feel free to do as you wish, but please understand you won't be seeing me posting anything on the news page. My life is busy enough without a 'Save the Conchords' campaign. In my mind they don't need saving and are doing just fine as they are :P

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Postby tvldiva » Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:47 am

With all the hard work they put into this and being away from home for so long, it makes me think that they would not do another series, or if they do, not anytime real soon. Both have such diverse interest and it has been well noted that they are looking forward to working on individual projects. I look forward to what comes next for both of them.

As much as I have enjoyed their series, I have to agree that a one off series would be best. When this show comes out on DVD,
I predict that it will be an instant movie geek/fan boy must-have. :wink:

Now, I'm a bit of a night owl/insomniac, and have been watching HBO Zone's west coast feed. They were just showing the last 3 episodes of FOTC. But right before the last episode came on, I heard the HBO announcer say "And now for the season finale of the Flight of the Conchords." Say what?!?! :shock: I played it back a few times and sure enough, that's what he said. I checked and next Sunday's episode is still listed but it's still got me a little freaked out. I'm hoping it was just a little faux pas and not a Freudian slip.

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Postby poptartgirl » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:47 pm

With only 3 episodes remaining, is it too much to ask that HBO air all the remaining episodes ? :wink:

Pretty please ! :)
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Postby Sherry » Wed Aug 15, 2007 7:38 pm

Jemaine was interviewed in the NZ Herald tomorrow :lol: He spoke about the possibility of a second season...

Clement is looking forward to heading back home after spending most the year stateside filming, writing, singing and talking up his two big productions.

The reaction to the show, screening in the northern hemisphere summer, has generally been positive.

"I was nervous but we've got positive and negative.

"I saw a thing in the Guardian the other day saying it's the best new sitcom in years, and there are other people right on the other end of the scale ... the truth, of course, is somewhere in between. But it's probably the best reviewed new comedy show on TV here and a lot of new shows when they start they take a while to get some good reviews and ours straight away got some."

Clement says says HBO have indicated they are interested in keeping the Conchords flying.

"We know they are interested in doing another series but we have to think about it.

"It's not a definite offer but they have talked about us starting writing but we've got other things we want to do as well.

"But one season is not very long though. Twelve episodes - I think that is what Fawlty Towers did.

"The only reason I would want to do it is to do it better.

Read the entire interview here

It's pretty much as I've been thinking all along so please don't lose sleep over the fact the guys may not make another season. I'ts really not all HBO's doing if they don't and Jemaine has said they (he and Bret) both wish to do other things. Let's wait and see :)

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Postby Johnnyp » Wed Aug 15, 2007 9:38 pm

See great minds think alike. I mentioned Fawlty Towers in another thread about only doing 1 season. Yep 8)

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Postby Inhale Mary » Wed Aug 15, 2007 11:57 pm

Season 2: They make it, but it isn't what they thought it would be. Yeah that's it.
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Postby k_obrien » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:17 am

I really hope they at least get one more season. I could live with only two seasons. But 12 episodes? I may just have to throw my TV out the window, Bret-style.
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Postby Mel » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:44 pm

I think that a second season wouldnt be unreasonable.... I think it more depends on if they can come up with enough songs to fill the season more than if they can come up with more plotlines.

Mork & Mindy ran for four years... same "fish out of water" premise. (I'm sure if I thought about it, I could come up with more sitcom examples) I think two would be good for FOTC on HBO.. more & they prolly would have jumped the shark.

I think if HBO gave them a long enough hiatis to write the new songs, it could be a great second season... maybe I'm just being too much of an optomist.

As far as weather J&B would want to do that... that is the big question.. and I would imagine money will play into that also.


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Postby tvldiva » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:14 pm

I would be fine if they decided to only do one season. Having said that, I would be very supportive of a second one, but I would have concerns.
On the upside, they have built up such a great support cast around them and with the experience of the first series under their belt, they should be better prepared for the work ahead.
The downside is the amount of work involved with a series. I would rather have one series and the Conchords touring , than a second series and the Conchords break up.

All this speculation will not be up to us, but to HBO and the Conchords. Either way, I will always be a fan.

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Postby mrquint » Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:37 am

all signs point to a 2nd season.

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