Flight of The Conchords - Part 6

Conchords news, chit chat, waffle and conversation. Also convo about Bret and Jemaine in Conchords mode
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Flight of The Conchords - Part 6

Postby Sherry » Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:17 pm

Yes its that time of the week again. The day after Sunday. And Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday also. So Friday then. Once again I am inspired to write something vaguely about stuff that may or may not be interesting and Conchords related.

What I said the last five times still applies. And we are now on the last part for me to torment you with 'Boohoo' I hear you say.

Hoping people reading this have managed to hear the show somehow and therefore have a clue about what I am going on about. If not, then :bang:

So what do we know this week that we didn't last... Conchords BBC Radio show info

Episode details - 6 - Neil Finn saves the day.

Cast list

Bret McKenzie - himself
Jemaine Clement - himself
Brian Nesbitt - Rhys Darby
Emma Kennedy - Suzanne
Rob Brydon - Narrator
Neil Finn - himself

Rob Brydon. Narrator. His best bit this week for me included

His love for music and his watching Top Of The Pops through the serving hatch when making his tea. And liking The Blur.

"Losing a member can be damaging for any band, but for a duo it can prove disastourous. Turning them from a band into a man with a guitar no better than a busker or an annoying drunk person at a party"

After Bret is fired from the band they place an ad, Rob says - "An advert is immediately placed in Loot...... A week later ithe advert is moved to the correct section of Loot"

"Hopefull wannabee after hopefull wannabee gives it their all in the toilet, eager to fill Bret's shoes"

"With a Bret shaped hole in the band"

And onto the show

Songs featured in part 6

Think About It, Think Think About It
She's So Hot! Boom! (or Boom Boom, She's So Hot)
And a few snippets of others from throughout the 6 weeks.

Bret has been fired from the band following a 'harrowing pie fight'

Auditions for new member. Justin - He who sings Morning Has Broken.

And here is where the guys nearly play their reunion gig


And in case you are wondering where exactly it is, I have included one of my handy maps for you below


And this would just not have been right without a virtual tour 8)
So, if you would like to see what the view would have been like for the guys sitting down in the podium/stage area, go HERE and the view from the crowd would look like this, sort of . Maybe nothing like it, but it gives you an idea. And here is the page with lots more information on the Albert Hall thats Royal During the Proms. So not really what it would have been like for the guys, but maybe just a little bit. :roll:

Bits I love from the show

The audtions for a new band member taking place in the toilets.

Brian informing those that failed the auditions. His awkward explanations to people over the phone. And then telling Kipper he had not been succesful for the role, just umming and ahhing and not knowing what to say.

Brian calling Neil. His trump card. His 'bombshell' offering Neil Finn an audition for the band. And his slight surprise at being turned down by Neil. Then his pretending to not hear what Neil was saying and claiming to have to go.

Jemaine's attempt at filling the hole left by Bret and multitasking all the instruments.

The reunion gig at the Royal Albert Hall LINK image etc. Brian and his attempt to plan in advance by 'this Staurday'

Then cut to the actual reunion gig back in New Zealand, at the Taranaki Tavern. Loud cheering and a large banner saying 'The Return of the Conchords' Beneath it, in glitter, 'Welcome back Jemaine and Bret' with both names spelt correctly, even Bret's'

The radio show interview with Taranaki FM. The guys explain all about the last 5 weeks in an amazing short summary. And then Brian joins them. The bickering and one liners between the radio presenter (JBone) and Brian are priceless. As is Brian's insistance of calling him Jeremy.

Lines/quotes from the show

During auditions the following conversation takes place with the first person auditioning, Justin.

Brian "OK, who have we got here. Justin. Thats you! 2 J's, that could be confusing right off the bat"

*Jemaine begins to sing along in the background with Justin*

Jemaine - "Well see, he's singing in the register where I always sing in"
Brian - "Ah right. Hang on a minute Justin"
Jemaine (to Justin) - "Just your singing in the register where I would normally sing. Have you had training?"
Justin - "Yes"
Jemaine - "Yeah. Guitar lessons?"
Brian - "Jemaine, your speaking lower than you normally do.
Jemaine - *Low voice* "No"
Brian - "Yes you are. You're trying to be deeper than him"
Jemaine - "Could be higher
B "Can you go higher? And also what aboout your accent.. its quite English"
J "Well just because its our gimmick isn't it, New Zealand"
B "New Zealand"
*Justin then starts again in an insane Aussie/Kiwi accent
B "Not bad.... quite low though"

*Justin then hits a strangled higher key and sings on*

*Knock knock knock knock knock*

Brian - "Someone wants to use the toilet"
Jemaine - "Morag (or Moira) wants to use the toilet.
Brian - "I thought you put the sign up. Auditions!"
Jemaine - "I did, but she wants to use the toilet"

During Jemaine's demonstration for Brian, playing multiple instruments Brian listens and is impressed then asks "How are you playing the keyboard?" Jemaine, it appears demonstrates, and Brain responds with the line "Ah no, you've gone to far there *sigh* Lets just go and get Bret back eh?"

In the pie shop

Suzanne (gently) - "Hi Jemaine"
Jemaine (quickly) - "O hi Bret"
Bret - "Would you like a pie?"
Jemaine - "Yeah, thats what I'm here for. Its a pie shop isn't it"

.....a bit later on in the pie shop.....

Jemaine - "Got a new shirt I see. Starting to dress a bit like Suzanne"
Bret - "Its a uniform'
Jemaine - "O right, yeah that makes sense"

.....slightly later again.....

Jemaine (to Bret) - "O yeah there was another thing I was going to ask you actually. Ummm. Do you want to audition to be in the band"

Jemaine - "What do you say Bret? Lets do it for the fan"

And I am done. Once more. For the last time, this being the last part. The floor is all yours. All I ask is swooning be left elsewhere. By all means have fun, but, yeah, well, I didn't do all this with swooning in mind :shock:
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Postby Johnnyp » Sun Apr 09, 2006 6:53 pm

The second take of Morning Has Broken is too funny. Thanks Sherry.

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Postby Gayle » Sun Apr 09, 2006 9:31 pm

This episode was great - except for the radio interview back in New Zealand - too long, I thought. But excluding that I thought it was brilliant.

Favorite bits: mostly what Sherry posted above!

Also: Jemaine places the condition of "no girlfriends" on Bret's return to the band to which Suzanne says "That' fine." She seemed a bit relieved, actually. And the fact that you can imagine the sheepish (haha) grin on Jemaine's face from the way he asks Bret if he wants to audition for the band.

Thanks for starting the discussions for the episodes Sherry!
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Postby jm513 » Sun Apr 09, 2006 10:35 pm

Well, I know what I am doing tonight! I need to listen to 6 again!!
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Postby Andria » Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:12 am

Oh goodness, yes, Morning Has Broken was hilarious. I really enjoyed the JBone interview. :lol: The way the Guys just keep on talking when JBone and Brian bicker.

I find myself quite sad that this is the last part of the radio show. :cry: We have none left to discuss. Perhaps they will be another segment? :pray:
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