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December 21 2008 - The longest 6 weeks of my life.....

There is of course Conchords news in the universe but first an explanation regarding my lack of posting updates these past six weeks...

A lovely winters evening at home, roaring fire, sofa, hubby and me vegging out having gotten the boy off to sleep. Fast forward a couple of hours and a torrential amount of rain and lo, we had three foot or so of water flowing past our house where previously we had had the farm track. Anyways, downstairs of our house flooded and we had to move out into another house (sans internet) for six weeks while our house was made habitable again. My computer died in the flood. And all three HD's sat for 6 weeks till my shiny new iMac arrived and all my files transferred. So finally I can update the site and get back to being a regular feature here again.

Ok, now for Conchords news.... much of which has been well publicised but I'll post it so I am up to date.

HBO will be streaming the first episode of the Conchords second season from Dec 22. FunnyOrDie have been streaming it for a little while already. The second season begins airing on HBO in the US on January 18 at 10pm.

Then there is Flight Lip Dub. What can I say apart from it involveds lip synching to the Conchords and a few others bits that Mel will tell you all about. Check it out here

Use LastFM (formerly known as AudioScrobbler)? Interested in joining the Conchords group over there? Click HERE to do so.

The NZ Herald ran this Conchords article about the streaming of the new episode only being avaiable within the US. The gist of it is, some people were pissed. And it being a NZ paper you can read that as a few people in New Zealand were pissed.

Want to see some Jemaine Clement - The early years action in Skitz? Then wait no more and go visit NZOnLine and view clips 3 & 4 on the page.

Rhys Darby is in the new film Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey. Its out in the US now and worldwide soon. Check here for country release dates.

Things to look forward to in 2009.....

Conchords season 2 airing from January 18 (US only - NZ will be airing it in the New Year sometime)

Jemaine's upcoming new film Gentlemen Broncos. He plays Ronald Chevalier and even has his own website. If you find yourself attracted to Ron it turns out you are not alone...... The WTF! forums have a fair few mentions of Ron's attractivness. Somehow hypnotishing..... that voice, the hair, those eyes.... and the sweaters!

Rhys Darby appearing in the Richard Curtis film The Boat That Rocked. View some movie posters of the film over at IGN Movies and UK Rotten Tomatoes.

November 6 2008 - Mark the calendar, take the night off, order in take out....

Its reported that the Conchords second season on HBO will begin airing on January 18. Read it here

Congratulations are in order! Jemaine and his wife Miranda celebrated the birth of their baby boy into the world recently. Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis Clement was born in New York last month. Welcome to the world little one :)

NZ Stuff reported -

Conchords star becomes a dad
Flight of the Conchords Kiwi comedy star Jemaine Clement and his new wife are celebrating the birth of their first child together. Clement's wife, Wellington actress and playwright Miranda Manasiadis, gave birth to their son, Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis Clement, in New York last month. Clement was in the middle of filming the second season of the hit comedy show in New York.

Sophocles was named after one of Manasiadis's Greek grandfathers. Iraia is understood to be the name of one of Clement's grandparents.

Sophocles has been described as magnificently cute, with his father's lips. The couple married in Los Angeles this year.

Rock For Kids is having its rock and roll charity auction on December 5. Flight of The Conchords signed a chair. One one of them actually sat on. The blurb reads...

This Flight of the Conchords signed stool will be auctioned off on December 5, 2008 for Rock For Kids. It was signed at the May 14th, 2008 concert at the Chicago Theater, and was one of the stools that the duo sat on during their performance that evening.

For more information and to bid online visit Rock For Kids

Rock For Kids - CXonchords signed chair
Photographed by: Steve Nozicka

Over the years I've had plenty of emails asking what guitars Bret and Jemaine use. Well over on the WTF! forum ASmallTurnip has been busy researching at procrastination central and tracked down which guitar Bret likes to use. Turnip and his (or her) 'epic nerdification' know no bounds. Lucky us eh :) Thanks Turnip. Read below for Turnips findings.

Bret's lovely guitar, as seen clutched protectively here:

Bret McKenzie a 1974 Yamaha FG 200, as seen here:

1974 Yamaha FG 200

This one's varnish is a bit lighter than Bret's, but! It' it? Could it be? Yeah! YEAH! I FOUND IT!

You can see that the two thick white lines circling the round sound hole are the same, the chestnut-coloured pickguard is the same, the vintage headstock is the same - oh, I think we've got it.

It's been interesting finding out about this baby, actually. It's not a terribly expensive or fancy guitar. In fact, it seems to have been the first and most basic guitar that a lot of players owned. But Yamaha really seemed to have produced something extraordinarily special in the 1970s. People get a little misty-eyed when they talk about it. Here's one fellow's description of his FG 200:

"It has absolutely beautiful tones and the harmonics really ring out. You can play a harmonic, put the guitar down, come back about two minutes later and it'll still be sending out those amazing sounds! It's true that they don't make 'em like they used to."

Or another:

"I've been playing for 31 years, and I've been through many guitars. I have owned 6 new Stratocasters. 2 Marshall stacks. Many assorted pedals. 5 new acoustic guitars. But the only original guitar that has stuck it out with me is my Yamaha FG200.

It's like this: I say play what you got and learn to master it. If you have the opportunity, then move on to other guitars. Like myself, you will find that one special guitar and when you do, you will know it."

I really get a kick out of these players talking about their favourite guitars like they're the love of their lives. I don't know. I don't play the guitar. But maybe I just like the idea of having a genuinely moving connection to an instrument like that. I mean, they're inanimate objects, but they're alive. It's kind of spooky and gorgeous all at the same time, isn't it?

And I love that Bret still obviously adores his old, beat-up friend. He may have other guitars (I've seen him frolicking with a souped-up, top-of-the-line Gibson recently), but his Yamaha is the one he always, always comes back to. There may be fancier and much more expensive guitars out there, but this one? This one is Bret's.

Read the forum thread here

And the coolest Halloween costume this year. Adam made this for his son :) Go vote for it at Costume Kingdom

The Hiphopopotamus

October 12 2008 - Watch and weep

Or just watch. Weep if you are a (secret) Jemaine admirer and are envious as how close the person holding the camera got to said Jemaine person. And Bret.

This gig vid is of the Conchords playing at Amoeba a while back. View all 52 minutes and 43 seconds of it here.


Back home in New Zealand the Conchords won four awards at the Tuis - otherwise known as the 2008 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Read about it here or view their acceptance speeches below. Congrats guys :) Russell Baille has a different viewpoint on the Conchords winning those awards. Read what he has to say here . Bret's dad Peter McKenzie had a few things to say on the Conchords winning four awards.


Short article from Filter magazine. Read it here

Flight of The Conchords did some filming at this years Bonnaroo. Not saying a word *zips mouth shut* Clip below


Rhys Darby was interviewed for the NZ Herald recently. Read the article here

2 October 2008 - Another month's worth of news

If like me you are swamped with real life stuff then you really won't have missed the goings on in Conchord world. Mainly as there are none. Well nothing of the major earth shattering kind of goings on. Just small nibbles here and there. So a news roundup is called for

Conchords can be spotted in and around Brooklyn filming for their second season of their HBO TV show. Check this site for news on when and where. Just dont go stalking them ;)

The Emmys went to everyone else but the Conchords and James Bobin it seems. Read more here. Ah well at least fun was had by all at the awards themselves. Always next year eh?

Flight of The Conchords tour poster 2008 - By Tyler Stout Remember those funky tour posters (and album cover) the Conchords had? Well Tyler Stout designed them. And you can view them on his website here You can also purchase some of them via his TStore Click TStore link on the page there. $25 each. (NOTE- Site not available 404 error)

The O2 gig in the UK in January has yet to be confirmed with the venue. So no tickets, no info, nothing to report as yet. Its still a tentative date as yet. As soon as I have any news on it I'll be sure to share.

BBC audiobooks are releasing a 4 CD Directors cut of the Conchords BBC radio 2 show from 2005. Much of the HBO show stems from this and its still classic funny a few years later.

Pre order the Conchords BBC radio series here.

Conchords BBC radio series <---- said Conchords BBC radio series CD cover

Conchords cohorts and other prejects news! Yes there is some.

One of Bret's other projects the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra had a bit of space given over to it in the New Zealand press recently. Read the article here. Visit the WIUO official website

Taika Waititi directed this ad for British TV recently. A Pot Noodle rap.


O and this one too. Complaints led to a short cut in the ad. Bah humbug. But this is the full version. Enjoy :)


You can view them both on the Pot Noodle website also. And some other stuff also

Kristen Schaal news in the LA Times. Read more here

1 September 2008 - Who didn't see that one coming eh?

I know I did. What am I on about? The not so surprising news that the second season of the Conchords HBO show will be the last. Various online press picked the story up and ran snippets but you can read the entire article here in glorious pic colour! And no, I'm not crying tears of sadness at the news. I'm hoping the guys get the chance to work on other things for a while and that they might want to perform live as the Conchords sometime in the future. The TV series isn't the be all and end all Conchords wise. They were and still are are a great live act and I hope they can get back to that eventually.

Click on a thumbnail to view full size. Left to right.

Q magazine Conchords article page 1 clearQ magazine Conchords article page 2

Q magazine Conchords article page 3 clearQ magazine Conchords article page 4

O and the Conchords are playing the 02 in London in January. Apparently. So that'll be you and 17, 550 (I did some research and found it to be this many seats) other people in there then. Nice and cosy eh. Hope you have good vision if stuck in the crap seats. And hearing. Maybe they are playing the smaller 02 venue. Nothing on it as yet. Anyways, when tickets go on sale I'll be sure to let you all know.

30 August 2008 - Rhys Darby gets his own news update :>

I know many Conchords fans also like Rhys and his style of comedy so I'm giving over a bit of space to let everyone know about his upcoming US gigs and a UK one.

Sept 13, Starland Ballroom Sayreville NJ
Sept 19 - 21 Carolines on Broadway, New York City
Sept 27, Wilbur Theater Boston MA
Oct 26, Trocodero, Philadelphia
Nov 1, 930 Club, Washington DC

And that UK gig.... October 16, Riverside Studios, London

Unfortunately Rhys cannot venture any further afield in the USA as he would be missed on set of Flight of the Conchords (they are shooting for the rest of the year). The gigs he has put in are as far as he can get without missing a day of work! The lone gig in the UK is to support the release of his DVD release (see below) on October 20. We have noted that the Philly and DC gigs are not yet on sale, so be patient, and London goes on sale the first week of September.

Rhys Darby DVD cover And wooo a Rhys Darby live DVD! DVD order here Released on October 20 in the UK (states DVD is 'all regions' compatabile so should be fine for US to order also)

20 August 2008 - Bear with me here

I wasn't paying attention due to having a life outside of the computer and also that I don't really give a monkeys about the Emmys or any other awards wotsit. Nor have I seen most of the other shows nominated so cannot form an opinion either way. Anyways, the Conchords didn't make the final cut for the Emmys Best Comedy Series. Boohoo. They did however make it through in other awards.

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series
Flight Of The Conchords • Sally Returns
James Bobin, Director

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series
Flight Of The Conchords • Yoko

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics
Flight Of The Conchords • Song: 'The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)'*
Bret McKenzie, Composer and Lyricist
Jemaine Clement, Composer and Lyricist

*Is this original? What counts as original these days anyways? I thought the Conchords played this live before the HBO even began filming.

Flight Of The Conchords • Song: 'Inner City Pressure'
HBO • Dakota Pictures and Comedy Arts in association with HBO Entertainment
Bret McKenzie, Composer and Lyricist
Jemaine Clement, Composer and Lyricist
James Bobin, Lyricist

Go read what Variety had to say about the nominations here

The second season of the Conchords HBO show is in pre-production. Apparently filming starts later this month, possibly early September and will run to the end of December.

I didn't post about this sooner as tbh I figured that they were after genuine applications so didn't want to draw too much attention to it. But some lucky person(s) are interning on the second season of the Conchords show by now. They wanted people to cover all areas including production, locations, art, props, wardrobe, accounting, grip, electric and camera. Read about it here.

Jemaine Clement is starring in the upcoming film Gentleman Broncos. To tie in with and no doubt promote the movie there is a Ronald Chevalier website set up. Gotta love the voice! As its a project unrelated to the Conchords any more news on Gentleman Broncos will be posted to the Jemaine section of the site.

Jemaine married his long term girlfriend Miranda Manasiadis in LA recently. I could waffle on about women the world over weeping distraught into their cocoa, using a lifetimes supply of Kleenex to mop up the tears, dreaming of what might have been and then waking up..... but I won't. A low key affair and would explain sightings of Jemaine wearing a wedding ring ;) Congratulations to the newlyweds :) Read about it here, here and ooo here

24 July 2008 - Where does the time go?

Seems like only two weeks and four days since I last updated.

There really hasn't been all that much happening in Conchords world. Rumour mill says Jennifer Aniston may appear in the second series of the Conchords HBO show. Actors strike then caused doom and gloom and may well have pushed back filming. But considering the guys were still in the writing process I don't think it will hurt them. O the Emmy noms were announced. The Conchords made the cut. Sort of. The long short list was announced, so ten shows that in due course were whittled down to five. And some other categories (there seem to be a gazillion of them for the Emmy's. Overkill springs to mind. As does brain implosion from trying to work it all out). Anyways, long story very short, the Conchords HBO show has 4 Emmy noms! They are

"Yoko" - nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (James Bobin, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie)
"Sally Returns" - nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (James Bobin)
"The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)" - nominated for Original Song (Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie)
"Inner City Pressure" - nominated for Original Song (James Bobin, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie)

Read more about it all here on the WTF! forum. Read the Emmy list in full here.

The Conchords appeared at SubPops 20th birthday bash. Read a write up on it here at ThreeImaginaryGirls . Also a vid has popped up. Contains the 'boxer short incident' Are you intrigued enough to click linkie and go view. Thanks Jeremy for sending the info in.

And something to keep an eye out for in the future. A new Conchords documentary being made in New Zealand and supposedly airing on Prime.

To all those who have emailed in recently, if I've not replied to you please don't think I am ignoring you. I have so little free time since baby arrived I just cannot manage to write replies to everyone anymore. But I do read them all. And try to reply to as many as I can when time allows.

July 6 2008 - Short and sweet newsroundup

Where I don't waffle on about stuff. I don't have time to now :p Thanks to this fellow....


Our son was born May 10th and weighed in at 9lb 15ozs (4250g). And yes, with a mop of dark hair that just keeps on growing! Thanks to everyone who has emailed in to congratulate us on our new arrival :)

Now Conchords news....

FoTC , rumour has it may be appearing at Bic Runga's next gig at Largo on July 8. Not for a proper set but an couple of numbers perhaps.

Drowned In Sound has an interview with the Conchords online to read.

Emmy hopes for the Conchords. Read more over at Chortle and join in the discussion on our forum here .

The Flight of the Conchords audiobook has been nominated as one of the 40 best audiobooks (selected by The Guardian). Vote for it here .

The Comix Club will have Conchords cohorts appearing this month. Arj Barker and Greg Proops can be seen there. See the Comix event calender for more info.

NZ Herald has a story titled 'Why the Conchords really took flight'. Read it here

And lastly, Rhys Darby has a new career as Roger federer's coach. For once a really good ad. I laughed lots. But it ain't making me run out to buy anything with a Nike swoosh on it though :p Read a New Zealand press report on it here


June 15 2008 - Conchords are a bit popular this month

BPM Conchords cover - Issue 91 BPM has a Conchords cover and article. Read it online via here

The New York Times has an article on the Conchords also. Talks about the writing of the new season of the HBO show.

Blender magazine is another covering the Conchords this month. Read the collect call here

Geek magazine, quelle surprise also had an article on the Conchords. Read it here

And last but not least.. SATC vs FoTC... yes, fandom will do that to a person. Read more over on Defamer here

June 2 2008 - America discovers Conchords - loses the plot!

What happened people? I drop off the radar for a little while as my baby finally made an appearance in the world. And you lot lose the plot! :p

My email inbox has seen some serious action of late I can tell you. And blimey, what the hell happened to America and the Conchords viewing public? Did you all go insane at the sight of the guys? So many reports of heckling, talking over the guys banter and yelling out of song requests, drunk people..... sounds like fun :| The Conchords were doing a bit of meet and greet after the earlier gigs but this seems to have stopped as the tour went on. Were you lot scaring them? :p Its being discussed on the WTF! forum

I've had loads of gig reports and some pics sent in and at some point I shall get to updating with it all, but as there are so many gig reviews and so on to be found on blogs and image hosting sites I'm not overly worried that my not posting them right now is actually depriving you. Many fans had good things to say about the Conchords which is cool. Just less good things to say about the audiences (of course not all of them, just some).

Some cool things about the tour... Posters! Limited edition ones for each city. Of the pictures I've seen of them, this one is by far the coolest. Look what happens when you turn off the light! Bret and Jemaine look good :p

Conchords tour pposter 2008 Conchords tour poster 2008

More tour poster pics and discussion can be found here on the WTF! forum

Did this actually happen? Google and the Conchords? Oooo yes it did. Read more here

May 15 2008 - Ladies Of The World clip


Visit the WTF! forums for ongoing news and gig info and convo.

May 8 2008 - News round up

First up, the May 29 SF gig - June emailed in with the following info on the venue

'Just thought I’d let you know that I called Davies Hall in San Francisco and the box office says that Davies Hall will not be running the hall the evening of the Flight of the Conchords concert. Ticketmaster has rented the entire hall and they will be supplying the staff so Davies Hall has nothing to do with the decision of who is allowed entrance into the show. If what Ticketmaster says is true in their email to you, buyers must certainly be aware that they may not be allowed entrance to the show without proper ID.'

Next, read about the May 5 Conchords gig in Philly on the WTF! forum. Lots of pics from the show posted also in that thread. Read about the Conchords New York shows here

Also there is a thread on the WTF! forum for ticket swaps and sales (at face value plus booking fee etc only). A few people have tickets to sell, some to swap and others are just wanting tickets. Have a read of the thread here and if anyone is able to help, swap etc, let them know :)

New York Times ran a review of one of the Conchords NY gigs. Read it here

Australian TV is finally airing the Conchords HBO series. Channel: 10 (a.k.a. ten) on Sundays. Time: After Rove (which the TV guide estimates to be at about 10:10pm) Thanks mandraco for the heads up.

The Conchords went in at #2 in the New Zealand music chart also. Read about it here . Congrats to the guys for the success in their home country :)

May 3 2008 - Ticketmaster have spoken... Fans please read (SF May 29 gig only)

*IMPORTANT* Save my sanity please! This news post applies only to the extra SF gig on May 29 at Davies Hall. It does not apply to any others. It is a follow on of the previous SF gig news story and an update on the 'fair access' ticket purchasing. I am not replying to individual emails on this as I simply don't have time or energy (baby arrival imminent).

I've emailed them a few times now. My questions were pretty simple with regards to scalpers selling on tickets for seats in the Orchestra rows that were supposed to be 'fair access'.

*How is this possible when Ticketmaster stated 'fair access for fans' and 'will call only' and no Ticketfast option was to be available for sales on these seats?
*What are Ticketmaster going to do about this situation?
*Are tickets for those seats going to be collect in person only regardless of the Ticketfast option working?

Ticketmaster finally replied with this....

Dear Sherry,

Thank you for contacting us. In the spirit of fair access to tickets a will call only restriction has been put in place for all Flight of the Conchords tickets that were purchased through the Fan Club presale. Tickets purchased may be claimed only by the original purchaser through the box office will call window on the day of the event. In order to receive your tickets, you must present the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, a government issued picture ID, and the Ticketmaster order number issued to you during the sale.

Please be aware that these tickets are non-transferable and will be voided if resold. Likewise, no name changes or alternate pick-ups will be permitted. Please note If tickets purchased under the presale, and were received via ticketfast, will not be valid for the event.

So an answer in one way, but still not an explantion as to why Ticketfast was working for those seats.

I have also emailed the venue direct to ask them about what might happen if someone presents a printed off ticket for those seats bought from a scalper. I've yet to receive a reply. One of two things I would guess... either a) The venue will not enforce what Ticketmaster have said and people will be able to use tickets via the Ticketfast option or b) they will enforce it and there will possibly be quite a large number of empty seats in the Orchestra.

Fans be aware and ensure if you have tickets for Orchestra rows A - L you may well need your ID etc to collect those tickets at the door and that a Ticketfast print out might not be enough, even if you are the original purchaser.

Be very wary buying tickets from scalpers for the gig. You may well lose out bigtime. These scalpers used the password as they bought tickets during the presale, so please exercise caution.

Feel free to pass this information along to your Conchords communities if you wish. Thanks.

if I hear from the venue with regards to this matter I shall be sure to update with it.

May 1 2008 - Thanks for nothing Ticketmaster - Fair access to tickets for fans... pfffft

*Note to self* When Ticketmaster post on a sales page the following

Additional Information: Orchestra Row A through L will be will call only.
In the spirit of fair access to tickets for fans, Orchestra Row A through L are "WILL CALL ONLY". UPS and Ticketfast will not be available as delivery choices. You will need to bring your government-issued photo ID and credit card used to purchase the tickets to the box office window on the night of the show to retrieve these tickets. Once your order is picked up you must immediately enter the venue. ** Will call tickets must be picked up by card holder. Alternate names for will call will not be allowed. **

Don't believe a word of it.

Within minutes of tickets for the Conchords extra San Francisco gig going on sale, they were springing up on certain sites for insane amounts of cash. 2 orchestra seats in row C for example will now set a fan back (if there is one daft enough to pay the asking price) $449!

How the hell is this possible? Well it would appear that for all Ticketmasters talk, they didn't follow it up and when purchasing for the Orchestra section the Ticketfast option was left open to use. So people were able to buy tickets, have them in their account, save them to file in PDF and are now able to sell them on.

I've emailed a number of sellers of these overpriced tickets and have been told this is exactly what happened when they attempted to purchase tickets. So of course they bought them. I've also emailed Ticketmaster about how was this possible and as yet have to hear back from them. I hope they reply with something. If not I shall keep emailing.

So once again, genuine fans have been kept out and are now being ripped off. The only people profiting will be the scalpers and they can only do that if fans buy these overpriced tickets. My advice on that is DON'T PAY THE SCALPERS EVEN IF IT MEANS EMPTY SEATS ON THE NIGHT. Leave them stuck with a loss.

Feel free to email Ticketmaster if you are a tad annoyed or mightily pissed off. Its an email form set up so have to enter a bit of info but it can be done.

In other news, good news...

The Conchords album landed in at number 3 on the Billboard chart! Pretty impressive and I guess this means the guys are no longer the nugget of great comedy flying under the masses radar. They are well and truly centre stage. Part of me is thrilled for them, part of me misses the days before they were this well known and in demand. Another article on the chart success here

April 30 2008 - Columbus OH gig added - May 16

Flight of the Conchords - Schottenstein Center , Columbus, OH
Fri, May 16, 2008 08:00 PM - Onsale to General Public: Fri, 05/02/08 10:00 AM EDT

Go here to book tickets for this gig.

No blurb with this gig about fair access for ticket purchasing. But lets hope it applies eh. Come on Ticketmaster, you can do it, you know you can ;)

April 29 2008 - Extra Conchords San Francisco gig added - May 29

And scalpers will hopefully be thwarted. Thank you whomever over at Conchords HQ/Ticketmaster. Steps have been taken to stem the flood of overpriced tickets from scalpers. The fans do truly appreciate it. Lets hope it goes some way to ensuring genuine fans get tickets for the face value price (don't pay the scalpers people). Not the Conchords fault, and I am sure they don't want fans to have to pay $200 a ticket to see them.

Flight of the Conchords - Davies Hall , San Francisco, CA - Thu, May 29, 2008 08:00 PMTicket info here Onsale to General Public: Fri, 05/02/08 12:00 PM PDT - Support act - Aziz Ansari

Additional Information: Orchestra Row A through L will be will call only.
In the spirit of fair access to tickets for fans, Orchestra Row A through L are "WILL CALL ONLY". UPS and Ticketfast will not be available as delivery choices. You will need to bring your government-issued photo ID and credit card used to purchase the tickets to the box office window on the night of the show to retrieve these tickets. Once your order is picked up you must immediately enter the venue. ** Will call tickets must be picked up by card holder. Alternate names for will call will not be allowed. **

*Note* I do not know any pre sale password and even if I do hear of one, I shall not be posting it on the main site this time round. With regards to 'fan club' pre sale, there is no official fan club so not sure what its on about.

Apparently the Conchords played Largo last night. Read more about it here. I was not able to post this news as I was due to time zones, sounds asleep. Don't forget the mooted Largo reopening with the Conchords scheduled in to appear. No definate dates as yet, but the Conchords are supposed to be appearing at Largo in LA in June. Largo is relocating in May and reopening the following month. Will be sure to let you know when the listing appears. Read about Largo moving house here.

Under The Radar is in stores now. Anyone who gets this magazine and can grab a scan of the article feel free to email it in. Thanks.

Under The Radar - Flight of The Conchords cover

Conchords are in Geek magazine this month also. Not a cover worthy article obviously ;) Anyone who reads this and can grab a scan of it feel free to email it in.

April 27 2008 - Conchords #1 album on iTunes

Yup its true! Beating Mariah Carey and a few others I have never heard of. Click on screecap to see it for yourself. Congrats guys!

Flight of The Conchords #1 on iTunes - April 27 2008

NME reports on the Conchords recent Amoeba appearance.

Eugene Mirman is supporting the Conchords at the Tower Theater in Philadeplphia on May 5. Read his other gig dates here

April 25 2008 - Conchords Amoeba in store appearance

Flight of The Conchords made their instore appearance at Amoeba yesterday. Go read a cool review by Nicole Campos over at LA Weekly. Pics ahoy there also!

Anyone else with a write up or pics from Ameoba they would like to share with the world, drop me an email and I'll do my best to post it before I pop.

I'm not really covering reviews of the new Conchords album as so many are out there adn can easily be found via a quick online search. But there is a discussion over on the WTF! forum if you feel like adding your opinion on the album. Need to sign up to post.

iTunes Conchords pre order had an extra track, Bret You've Got It Going On. Many missed it. Now I don't link to torrent sites etc for such things (nor do I know if the track is even on such places) but I do know its been included on SubPop's 20th birthday compilation album. Which would probably explain why its not on the Conchords album. Read about the SubPop album here

Next, want to see what the Conchords looked like when they were 12? If so go view this video clip of them performing Petrov, Yelyena And Me back in the year 2000. OK I lied, they were not 12 but look it. Almost. Had Bret even discovered what shaving was back then?

And just to let you know, if you've emailed me with fan submissions, asking for info etc and I've not replied its not because I am ignorant. Its because I am *still* pregnant and sitting at the computer for any legnth of time is bloody painful. I'm updating news but not much else till baby arrives and I can actually sit down comfortably without needing arm extensions.

April 23 2008 - Conchords random snippets

Righto, unless I am very much mistaken there was an album release yesterday. Hoping those of you who bought it already are enjoying it. Masses of reviews are already out there so I'll spare you and won't post any! Discuss on the WTF! forum

Listen in full to the Conchords album here

O and the Conchords are set to appear at SubPop's 20th birthday bash. Tickets on sale April 26 - Read more here Why are they not playing the comedy night with Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry and others? They are lumped in the band section *ponders this*

Next, interview with the Conchords in Wired magazine

And if you go visit Micheal Muller's photography portfolio you'll find some cool Conchords pics. Click the Conchords linkie and then wiggle the mouse over the image to see more. Flash site. I won't post them here due to copyright. I'm being good and respecting it :)

The Conchords live appearance at Amoeba on April 24th appears to have been brought forward to 6pm. So get there even earlier or you won't see a thing.

The Conchords have been filming a music video for Ladies Of The World. Check it out below.


One word... Coachella. Four more to explain the one... No I don't know.

I'm off to blob out again for a bit.

April 13 2008 - And the general feeling about it all is....

Mixed. Very mixed. Depending on what blog, forum or news site you read, people have no end of thoughts on the Conchords upcoming US tour. Many fans have emailed me having been lucky to get tickets in the rush, quite a few others were unable to buy any tickets at all finding the shows sold out in less than five minutes. Those fans were then gutted to see tickets appear for resale within minutes on certain websites at EXTORTIONATE SODDING PRICES, I mean $400 for 2 tickets to the LA gig? If any fan out there is daft enough to pay that kind of money well, words fail me.

Many fans are thrilled to be able to see the Conchords live finally. I'm chuffed for all of those people :) For those people, positives on seeing the Conchords abound already :)

However here are the negatives I've read elsewhere and also been emailed on. And my thoughts on all of them.

* Tickets were average $35 plus a $9-10 booking fee per ticket. Many people feel that is overpriced.

I have no idea of pricing normally for the kind of venues the guys will be playing, but for me its in the ballpark of what I would expect to pay to see a good comedian in a largish venue. But maybe to the US market it is high. Still, people were prepared to pay it. I hope you get your monies worth.

* No gigs down south and not looking like being any anytime soon. Many fans are miffed. Miffed being an understatement.

I really don't know why no gigs were included further south. Maybe logistics, travel, time frame, I cannot say. I do hope should the Conchords tour again that they will be able to include some gigs in your neighbourhood.

* Tickets selling out so quickly online and therefore people queing at the venues were mostly unlucky and told 'sold out' within minutes.

Ticket allocation seems to have been very heavily in favour of online sales. A shame that more tickets could not have been allocated to people waiting in line. As those kinds of sales are slower, many people missed out. If they then get home to see 20 tickets listed by scalpers it must be a really crappy feeling. Sort it out Ticketmaster and venues. Please.

* Scalpers are cashing in. Even with a ticket allocation of 4 per sale.

A great shame but not surprising really, as soon as some level of 'fame' (bleh at that word) is reached everyone wants a piece of you. It's now happened to the Conchords in America. I resigned myself to this over the past year but anyone who didn't see it coming..... you've hopefully spotted it now. Don't pay the scalpers is my advice. Let them go out of pocket and not sell the tickets for daft money. I shall not list any scalper tickets for resale on the site.

* Concerns about what the live show will contain. Some seem happy to hear old stuff. I've read comments from people who don't want to see the same show the guys have been doing the last few years and who hope to see a new set over the old material. I have to say, as I still see it as comedy over music I'd also be hoping for the same. I don't go see my favourite comedians when they tour every few years and hope to hear the same material over each time. I like new thank you :) But who knows what the Conchords are going to do. Maybe a bit of both and mix it up a bit. We'll soon find out. If the tour is to promote the album then it may well be the back catalogue you hear.

Oh and you may notice some changes going on with the website over the coming weeks. In the process of moving things over to a new set up that's easier for me to maintain and you to use. Fed up with Dreamweaver :| Already the main menu has altered and is now permanently expanded so its easier to find things.

Anyone with anything to say about anything Conchords related, from tour to upcoming album, feel free to join us over on the discussion board/forum. You will need to sign up to the forum to be able to post.

April 11 2008 - Non tour Conchords news

Almost - Firstly, please stop emailing me asking for tour information elsewhere or inside tips. Your powers of persuasion are not going to work on me ;) If you want a heads up on any gig info as it comes in sign up to the mailing list newsletter, the RSS feed or visit the site! Thank you.

For those unable to get tickets for the LA gig, you might want to try squishing yourself into the queue that will form for this live appearance at Amoeba on April 24th at 7pm. As the Conchords now seem rather popular this will probably also prove to be a total full house, but hey, thought I should let you know. Start queing now maybe?

Now onto some slower burning Conchords news I've held off posting so as to cover the tour info fully....

Is this the Conchords album artwork? Perhaps a lil poster type wotsit album cover? And as I reported ooooo back in August 2007, the upcoming album is also due for a vinyl release :) Click images for larger size

Flight of The Conchords album cover Flight of The Conchords album cover Flight of the Conchords Flight of The Conchords album cover

The Conchords announced the second season of their HBO show will air in January 2009. Not long now people! And hey, thats a millisecond in Conchords time really :p

Next up, if you want a 2009 Conchords calendar (no idea of content but it appers to be an HBO thing, click here

Great article on Kristen Schaal - Read it here

And lastly, I could go into labour any time now (yes I have been expecting a baby for the last 8 plus months and sitting at a computer updating stuff lately has not been pleasant I can tell you), so if all goes quiet on the site for a bit be sure to check out the WTF! forums as others will I am sure be posting info as it comes in. Newsletter and RSS will still be sent out so please save my sanity and if its regarding gig info, tours and other such stuff, don't email me please. Just wait for the updates I'll send out.


*UPDATE* April 14

Gig info and tour dates listed over on the Gig Info page

Tickets appear to be sold out for all venues

And what the crap? A $9.55 booking fee on top of each ticket!

Pre sale ticket info is now available online for all the gigs. I'll post more gig info as it comes in. I'll also send out to the mailing list and RSS feed Please don't email me asking for more info or if I can help secure you tickets. I cannot. Nothing to do with me, I'm just your humble webmistress! To be fair on everyone updates and info will be sent out to the RSS and mailing list as well as being posted here.

Check out listings and map locations over on the SubPop Conchords page

March 30 2008 - Finally getting my arse into gear

Real life stuff, more of that to come soon as the baby is due in a few weeks... but enough of my life. Onto Conchords stuff....

Flight of The Conchords CD cover Available on pre order from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Ships April 22!

And if you can't wait that long, go visit the Conchords SubPop page and download one of the tracks, Ladies Of The World.

Now the reason for all these magazine covers and interviews is (and call this a wild guess here) because the Conchords have a new album to promote. So they are doing the old press circuit and getting their kit off and dressing up as Captain Pugwash (ok maybe not Pugwash, but still Captain), some dodgy fitness dudes, and erm some even more dodgy 'tached wanna be porn stars (if that wasn't the intended look I apologise but its what I got from the Maxim shoot :p )

Next, another magazine cover, Under The Radar. And I am guessing once it hits the shelves we'll find out what Conchords goodness is inside. And woah, Bret as a blonde is better looking than erm, ok, so he's not. Can I laugh now?

Flight of The Conchords - Under The Radar magazine cover April 2008

The Conchords also appear in Paste magazine this month. Article reads -

Flight of the Conchords Takes Off by Bud Sooppa

"We knew it was gonna be hard. but we didn't know it would be impossible," says Bret (or Brit in Kiwi pronunciation) McKenzie about Flight Of The Conchords' schedule from late 2006 though most of last year, which required the New Zealand musical-comedy duo to write and film their HBO series five day a week while recording an EP and full-length for Sub Pop on weekends. McKenzie and his comedic partner Jemine Clement acknowledge the use of stimulates to get through the grueling ordeal. "We'd be in the studio half asleep, drinking Coke trying to get this stuff done" McKenzie says. "Not doing coke, drinking Coke." "We'd mix the Coke with the cocaine and make a paste out of it, Clement explains. "Like a mojito," Bret adds. "But carbonated," Jemaine clarifies. The duo would still be waiting for a day off if not for the writer's guild strike, which prevented them from starting work on scripts for the second season. "It's a dream for us, " McKenzie says, "a forced holiday. During a quick trip to LA, Clement and McKenzie submitted to a fan-mag-style pop quiz over lunch (Brit had the viggie burger)

What's your sign?
JC: Capricorn
BM: Cancer
JC: Cancers and Capricorns get on really well.
BM: Jemaine doesn't get sick of me, I get sick of him.

Favorite Rapper?
BM: R. Kelly
JC: Neil Tennant.

Favorite Rock Band?
JC: Jimi Hendrix Experience.
BM: Steely Dan. Would that be rock?

Favorite TV Shows?
JC. It's Gary Shandling's Show. The Larry Sanders Show and Blackadder are the shows that got me excited about comedy.
BM: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Tenacious D and The Monkees.

Fave Film Comedies:
BM: Harold and Maude, This is Spinal Tap
JC: Rushmore and Robocop

Fave Workout Regimen:
JC: I play clumsy basketball and coordinated squash.
BM: Tennis or soccer

Fave Body Part:
JC. Penis! Oh, mine or other people's?
BM: My guns.

Fave Religion:
BM: I love the Christians
JC: It's all Islam for me.

Fave. Presidential Candidate:
JC: Probably Obama
BM: the winner

March 14 2008 - Conchords overload! Speedo alert!

The Conchords are everywhere. And semi naked to boot. They seem happy to get their kit off for mens magazine Maxim and ladies mag Bust. So covering all their fan bases eh ;)

What the hell am I on about? Only these priceless pics and articles....

Bust magazine Read more here

Conchords cover on Bust magazinespace Conchords in Bust magazine

And Maxim... Read the article and view pics here


Also this interview for you from the Daily Northwestern

Racists, bigots and chauvinists, but not drug-users - Flight of the Conchords is winning over the world, but they just want to eat cake by Joel Handley

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie are two comedians who have found success playing struggling musicians as Flight of the Conchords. Armed with two guitars, seven chords and a couple killer falsettos, they've reclaimed the world of musical-comedy from Jack Black's grubby hands and rejuvenated a post-Sopranos HBO. Since their series premiered last summer, their stars have been rising steadily. But the soft-spoken, mild-mannered New Zealanders aren't too keen on fame.

Their show tonight at Northwestern's Cahn Auditorium sold out in 45 minutes. To get tickets, some fans even slept at Norris University Center. Others stood in line through the early morning hours. When I spoke to Jemaine and Bret over the phone Tuesday, I asked how all this attention made them feel. They said they were a bit nervous because they hadn't played together in a while.

In conversation, as in concert, they work well as a pair. They finish each other's thoughts and can help each other through faltering answers. We talked for half an hour about their past, future, fame and secret powers. Here's the abridged conversation:

Q: You just recently won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for your EP "The Distant Future." How did you feel about your win? Has it changed anything?
Jemaine: It changed our life in New Zealand for the last week we were there, 'cause it's quite big news there. We'd go down the road, and every third person, strangers, would say congratulations to us.

Q: Did you like that, or did it get annoying?
Jemaine: It's a little scary to tell you the truth. We were like principals at a huge school, just 'cause everyone knew us, and that's sort of what it felt like. I don't really like it, to be honest. It's nice, and I can see that it's nice, but it's been quite sudden. So it was quite weird...... Read the rest of the Q & A here

Australian fans will be pleased to know that Channel 10 have bought the rights to air the Conchords HBO show. Hopefully by the end of the year! Just when you've all finished watching it on YouTube or elsewhere then :| Read more here at Defamer

And lastly a bit of Bret action (with the Black Seeds) More Bret stuff in his Bit On The Side


March 11 2008 - Where do I start?

I suppose gig info is a good place. No definate dates but the Conchords are supposed to be appearing at Largo in LA in June. Largo is relocating in May and reopening in June. As yet no confirmed dates but will be sure to let you know when the listing appears. Read about Largo moving house here.

Next up, gig reviews from the Conchords Northwestern show. North by Northwestern review here and The Daily Northwestern review here.

What else.... a Conchords interview from Triple J in Australia. I recall hearing about this a while back but missed finding it online till now. Anyways, go listen to it here.

Nifty bio write up on the Conchords over at Current Biography.

And woo those Conchords won another game! Read about the basketball team named after your favourite musical comedy duo/pair here

February 27 2008 - HBO second season pushed back to 2009

I won't do puns today. I think you will be distraught enough as it is without my adding to it :p

So yes, erm about those Conchords...

Whitney Matheson, from USA Today's Pop Candy blog reports - An HBO spokesman tells me the strike pushed it back to the beginning of 2009. Sorry about that, but the duo will release an album April 22.

Also reported over on The Watcher . Same thing different words.

Rumours include the Conchords need more time to write new songs, the writers strike and purple cheese tasting blue. If I hear anything I'll be sure to let you know.

Personally, coming from the land of Eng I don't mind the wait. Lots of our TV has long breaks inbetween and shorter seasons, so it doesn't worry me a bit. So long as the guys are happy and doing their thing, whatever that is in 2008, then good luck to them. At least they are not rushing it and botching a good thing. They have always been a slow burn so this is at least in keeping with their laid back, low key approach.

In other news - Hi res Conchords album cover is here!

Flight of The Conchords CD cover Click image to view the high res cover!

February 26 2008 - Conchords sold out gig but another one lined up

Conchords selling out? Of course! Students at Northwestern University will be seeing the Conchords perform a sell out gig on March 6. Read more here . The gig sold out in 45 minutes. You can read about that here.

Anyways, there is still this for fans of festivals... 2008 Sasquatch! Music Festival, to be held May 24-26 at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington. Tickets go on sale March 8; prices increase two days later and will be raised again the week of the event. Details can be found on Sasquatch!'s Web site. Read the entire article over on Billboard

February 25 2008 - Album cover art

Flight of The Conchords CD cover Awaiting a higher def image. Its green. A bit blue. And is that a bug in the corner?

February 16 2008 - Radio NZ interview with Jemaine

Jemaine talks to Oscar Knightley on Radio New Zealand about his favourite songs. He talks about being almost papped by the press in New Zealand, not getting too personal and You Tube amongst other things.

Download the interview here (10.3MB) *songs faded out so just the interview*

February 14 2008 - Yup, it was really them

Online news roundup for the Conchords.....

* Stuff NZ has a great article, video clip and pictures from the Aro PA. View here
* New Zealand Herald talks about their upcoming album and a few other snippets. Read more here.
* Rebecca Barry, writer for NZ Herald let her imagination run away with her here
* Now the writers strike appears to be at an end an autumn/fall window has been suggested for the Conchords second season with HBO. In between I am sure the guys will be busy with solo projects and also filming and recording for the second season.

Pictures from the Aro PA yesterday. Click thumbnails for larger image.

Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008 Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008 Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008

Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008 Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008 Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008

Flight of The Conchords at Aro - Feb 13 2008 Flight of The Conchords at Aro Feb 13 2008 Thanks to Chris for sending them in :)

Clips from the Aro PA yesterday. Conchords performing Inner City Pressure and Think About It. Hand held and shaky footage.



February 12 2008 - Guys making personal appearance - Arovideo, Welly, NZ

BREAKING NEWS! This just in from those fine folk at Arovideo. From Wellingtonista

It is our pleasure (and absolute thrill) to announce that Arovideo will be playing host to the hottest act in New Zealand (and possibly the world) right now, "Flight of the Conchords".

In support of the local release of their widely-acclaimed HBO TV show on DVD, Bret and Jemaine will be performing a short set live in store from 10am, Wednesday the 13th of February, at 97 Aro Street in Wellington.

Then from 10.30am until 12pm, they will be signing copies of the DVD, which will be available to buy on site at $39.95 for the 2-disc set.

Space limitations on the ground floor of our store mean this will be a very intimate, exclusive event indeed, and entry will be on a "first come, first served" basis. While we cannot guarantee you will gain entry for the performance itself, their should be ample opportunity to meet the guys, especially if you are armed with a copy of their fantastic DVD! There will be eftpos facilities available, though cash is recommended.

This clears up the confusion over the guys possibly appearing to promote their new album. It isn't that. As reported here a while back its the NZ HBO DVD release alongside the release of Eagle vs Shark.

A few snippets, clips and radio interview about the Grammy win also now.

The guys actually speak! Radio NZ report - click here They enjoyed the writers strike as it was a bit like a holiday and its bad news for them as it means they have to work again. And they also say they are heading back to the US in the next couple of months. And some others stuff, but I'll let you listen.

TV3 has a video clip online of the Conchords talking about their Grammy win.

Stuff NZ has this report online .

Flight of The Conchords in Welly - Feb 12 2008

February 10 2008 - Accidental Sex Gods - Is there a health warning with that?

*Update* I go to sleep, wake up and lo the Conchords have won a Grammy. Best Comedy Album! Congrats guys. Read more here and here. And no, the Conchords did not appear on the live telecast that I am aware of. Not that I saw a second of it, because I am elsewhere in the world and find award shows the perfect time to sleep :p But I am reliably informed they were not seen. And yay go The Muppets for winning also! Full list of 'the award goes to' here

The track list for the upcoming Conchords album has been released. Go read it over on Billboard . I'm pretty happy with most of the listing, but its missing Pencils In The Wind and Jenny. Would have been great to have both of those on there. O and the Bus Drivers Song. And I could happily have done without Business Time. It's already on the EP and is probably their most overplayed/over quoted song. And as I first heard it back in 2004 I'm kind of bored with it now :p Tracks like Leggy Blonde and Motha'uckas, I have old bootlegs of and its cool to see how much the songs have changed over the years to make it into the TV series and this album. And I'm still a fan of live material over studio tracks, but looking forward to the album nontheless :)

The Observer in the UK ran a great interview with the guys also this weekend. Giving it the title of Accidental Sex Gods gave me a giggle. Anyways, for those hormonal female fans, it might prove too much as the guys reveal they are now both engaged to be married (well their partners as both referred to as 'fiancées' now, not just Bret's partner) and they both appear somewhat bemused by the whole sex god thing. The article says ' They're not entirely enamoured of their burgeoning celebrity, which is, they say, why they give few interviews.' Anyways, go read it here

The Conchords didn't win anything at the WGA Awards. Read about that over at Variety

A not in person Conchords appearance will take place at the Grammys! I boggle at my amazing use of language there :p They are set to appear via video link from back home in New Zealand.

The Conchords are appearing in this months The Word magazine. On sale now. Anyone who gets a scan of it and would like to share with me, drop me an email please.

Finally, a couple of new Conchords promo pics. Click on the images for full size. Thanks to SubPop site for the pics. Go read the lastest Conchords SubPop blurb here. Pictures by Amelia Handscomb

Flight of The Conchords by Amelia Handscomb clear spaceFlight of The Conchords by Amelia Handscomb

January 31 2008 - Priceless - Jemaine to make a new film?!

I find this kind of, well, amusing. If this is true, then *laughs* All those comparisions to Eagle vs Shark being like some film called Napoleon Dynamite and then all those comparisons to FoTC being like some band called Tenacious D (rock!) and look who Jemaine is going to be working for.... Priceless. Congrats Jemaine!

Cast ready to saddle up for "Broncos" - Thu Jan 31, 2008 By Borys Kit and Leslie Simmons

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Michael Angarano, Sam Rockwell and Jemaine Clement have signed on to star in the comedy "Gentlemen Broncos," to be directed by Jared Hess ("Napoleon Dynamite," "Nacho Libre"). The script by Hess and his wife, Jerusha Hess, follows a high school outcast who attends a camp for writers where his story gets ripped off by a legendary fantasy novelist.

Angarano plays the teen, and Clement is the famous author. Rockwell will play the fictional story's title character, who appears in book-come-to-life sequences under two guises: one in the teen's story and one in the author's story.

Angarano, whose credits include "Lords of Dogtown" and "Sky High," next stars in "The Forbidden Kingdom" opposite Jet Li and Jackie Chan. He also appears in the ensemble drama "Snow Angels."

Rockwell was recently in Sundance for "Choke," Clark Gregg's adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel, which was picked up by Fox Searchlight. He also appears in "Frost/Nixon" and "Snow Angels."

Clement is the co-creator of HBO's comedy "Flight of the Conchords," which he stars in and writes.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter - IMDB of film -

From what I've discovered filming is due to start in March in Utah. Jemaine is playing the veteran, desperate, written-out fantasy novelist Ronald Chevalier.

Ummm yes I am sure you'll all have lots to discuss now. Maybe? Feel free to sign up and talk about this and other stuff on the WTF! Forum

Other news while I am here...

The Wellington Ukelele Orchestra Heartache EP The Wellington Ukelele Orchestra, of which Bret is a member, has released an EP titled Heartache. Buy it online here . Price is NZ $ Read more about this group and watch a clip over on Bret's Bit On The Side page.

Flight of The Conchords have a basketball team named after them. Honest! Unless I misread that bit :| And they won! Wooo go Conchords.

January 30 2008 - It's not Conchords news, but its still very important. Like recycling.

Eagle vs Shark news now - Yes it's out on DVD. But region 2 has differering extras to region 1. Sorry North America but apparently you miss out on the Jemaine commentary for some reason. Read info on both releases here on What The Folk!

New Zealand fans of the Conchords might like to know the HBO series has it's DVD release on February 13 2008. Same day funnily enough as Eagle vs Shark gets it's DVD release there. Priced at NZ$39.99 (shop around, you'll find it for less somewhere). No news as yet about the extras but I'm hopefully New Zealand will get something along the lines of the UK version with Jemaine commentary.

Updated the Fantastic page with some new fan art. Many thanks to all who sent stuff in.

Also this! Holden made a clip to go with the Bus Drivers Song. Works really well with the song. Almost as good as being on the tour itself! Can view other fan clips here


Conchords cohorts news update

Rhys Darby is apparently filming his first stand up DVD at the El Rey on February 18. Info on the El Rey calendar and booking there also. Two shows, early and late.

He is also doing some lead up shows in and around the area -

Irvine Improv CA Thurs 31 - Sat 2 - More info and book tickets
San Jose Improv CA Thurs 7 Feb - Sat 9 - More info and book tickets

Murray talks to NME. Read it here

Appearing at Comix in New York this February

February 22 & 23 at 8:30 & 10:45PM - Todd Barry - Booking and info here

January 22 2008 - *wedges self into computer chair* Conchords update time ahoy!

Back home in New Zealand the Conchords talked to Tim Hume.

Kiwi jokers Flight of the Conchords - Sunday Star Times by Mark Coote

Comedy duo Flight of the Conchords have been spending an extended summer break in New Zealand and enjoying a heroes' welcome home. Tim Hume talks to them.
Of all the unsolicited advice the Flight of the Conchords have received for the second series of their cult HBO comedy, one suggestion crops up with stubborn regularity.

"So many times people come up to us with: `How about your Kiwi cousin comes over and stays on the couch?"' laughs Jemaine Clement.

"It's not necessarily just comedians saying that, it's often strangers in bars," says Bret McKenzie, the other half of the duo which first conquered America, then won over New Zealanders last year with their critically-acclaimed, US-produced comedy series.

You can't blame opportunistic comics, or even barflies, for trying their luck in inveigling their way on to the show. An invitation to fellow Kiwi Rhys Darby to play their manager in the series in which the pair play struggling musicians trying to make it in New York has seen his stock rocket, and Hollywood offers, including a role in an upcoming Jim Carrey film, come his way.

Read the rest of the article here

The Conchords chow down on the culinary experience that is fish tacos!


Bret and Jemaine also make an appearance in the trailer for the upcoming film about the Largo venue in LA. Can view it here and visit the Largo film site here

Variety report on the Conchords winning another award. This time its for Outstanding Comic Duo or Group. Read about it here.

KMTT, fans of the Conchords, have a CD out from their 3rd annual: 20 Funny. The Conchords make an appearance on the CD along with a whole host of other bods. Read more here

A 3 minute interview with Rhys Darby and also a write up from his appearance at Sketchfest by Jennifer Maerz in the SF Weekly.

January 8 2008 - I took some time off ....

hence the lack of updates the past couple of weeks. Though to be honest there has not been much Conchords news anyways. So while it was quiet I quit my job, moved house, watched my baby bump expand even more and am currently living in chaos but have of course set up my computer and gotten back online.

Now for stuff.

Eagle vs Shark US DVD cover Eagle vs Shark, starring Jemaine Clement and Loren Horsely is out on DVD in the US today. Order it here. Never heard of it before and want to know more? Have a read and view some clips here.

Are the Conchords back in the US? Maybe, if this news snippet is to be believed. Don't get all hissy at me for not posting this sooner. It was only announced recently and is apparently very expensive and chances are, very un-giglike. It is the International Consumer Electronics Show after all.

Anyways, it may well be the Conchords are back Stateside as it is the season of silliness, ie Awards Season, though as to how many of the events will actually take place remains to be seen. And if they do go ahead, will the Conchords stay away due to the writers strike? Talking of which, no news on the second season. I doubt we'll hear anything much for as long as the writers strike continues as both Bret and Jemaine are part of the union and therefore are restricted to what they can do. Someone tells me they can write episodes during the strike, they just can't hand them over to HBO or get paid for them.

If shopping at the WTF! shop there is a discount on orders made in the US store. 20.08% off all orders till January 14. Valid on all orders over $10. Use coupon code newyear08 (Candaian code: CADnewyear08). Shipping charges not included in discount. Visit the WTF! shop here.

The Conchords HBO series made a few critics Top 10 lists at the end of 2007. Time Magazine and the Chicago Tribune named Flight of the Conchords one of the top ten best new series. ranked them at #7 and NPR listed the Conchords EP The Distant Future one of their top 10 albums. Rolling Stone included the Conchords Bowie lyrics in their 40 Reasons We Loved Television in 2007 and also on their Years Best TV on DVD list. Buzz Sugar ranked the show the 2nd best cable show of 2007.

Back home in New Zealand the Conchords and Rhys Darby were nominated for the Kevin Smith Award Best Artist Achievement at the 2007 NZ Comedy Guild Awards -

Flight of the Conchords – For renewal of their HBO series
Dai Henwood – For his overall contribution to C4's programming.
Winner: Rhys Darby - For his landing of a role in Yes Men with Jim Carrey

Last but not least, being super organised this year I am mentioning Jemaine's upcoming birthday two whole days in advance rather than two weeks later. I'm not much on birthdays and all that, so Happy Leg Day Jemaine! Jemaine was born in 1974 which still makes him younger than me. Cor I stun myself at the extravagance of my celebrating. *Must sit down and rest now*



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