Close Encounters of the Conchord Kind

In Your Own Words (and pics)

What better thing to do than have a page where fans can recount their stories of meeting Bret and Jemaine while on tour. Of course we have room for mentions of any other Conchords cohorts so feel free to tell about Kristen, Eugene and Arj if you are lucky enough to bump into them also.

Sharing your I'm With The Band tour pics is also good. Email me with your stories and pics. Be sure to let me know how you'd like to be credited.

I'll post stories in no particular order.

It happened one night....

In Kent Ohio. Front row, Bret's side. We heard reports of a stage jumping (rather an attempting to stage jump) female fan who was stopped by security. Reports varied but no one really had a definate on what had gone on. That is until the lady herself emailed in to give us the correct version.

Hey there,

I just wanted to give my report about the Kent show. Mainly I just wanted to clear something up about the crazy stage jumping girl. Yeah, that was me. But it's not what anybody thinks.

I was sitting in the front row with my sister and we were super excited. So the boys were playing "Sugarlumps", and my sister and I noticed that when Jemaine sings, "I see you girls, checking out the front of my trunks," he very clearly pointed at us and made eye contact, which we thought was funny, obviously. Then, Bret and Jemaine both get up and start dancing around to the song and Bret happens to come to the side of the stage where I am. The next part happened so fast.

Next thing I know, Bret is jumping off of the stage in front of me, where I thought he was just going to keep dancing. No. He comes straight at me with his arm outstretched and takes my hand and pulls me up to the stage, saying something like, "Come on up here!" Naturally, I was mortified. So I follow him up to the stage and stand there and he motions for me to come up on stage. However, I cannot do that seeing as the stage was almost up to my shoulders. So then he jokingly said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, lady rushing the stage! Security!" Then I walked back to my seat, completely mortified, but at the same time rather excited about what had just happened to me. After the song was over, Bret leaned over to me and waved and sincerely apologized a few times, which was quite sweet of him. I must have been four shades of red. He apologizes again after the encore and they were leaving the stage. I just wanted to clear that up for whoever thought that there was actually a crazy stage jumper. It made for an interesting night for me, to say the least.


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