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Lots of discussion on the WTF! forum about the films release so I thought I would compile a bit of a rundown on the region 1 and region 2 releases.

Region 2 has differering extras to region 1. Sorry North America but apparently you miss out on the Jemaine commentary for some reason. And also America and Canada miss out on Taika dressing up for the intros. Read info on both releases below.

Jump to read DVD extras in on Region 1 (North America) or Region 2 (UK and Europe)

Eagle vs Shark US DVD cover Order Eagle vs Shark region 1 sans Jemaine on the commentary HERE . Or if you really need your extra Jemaine fix and have a multi region player or somesuch, order the Region 2 DVD HERE

Eagle vs Shark - Region 1 - The one without Jemaine commentary

Bonus features include -

*13 deleted scenes
*Commentary from Taika Waititi and other actors who drop in
*Music video

Or as Rebecca Murray over at says of the Eagle vs Shark extras -

There's a much better collection of extras on Eagle vs Shark than you'd expect from a film of this size and budget. In addition to 13 deleted scenes with commentary by writer/director Taika Waititi and Craig Hall, the Eagle vs Shark DVD also includes outtakes and a music video, as well as a feature-length commentary track by Waititi (who's occasionally joined by Horsley on the phone and other actors from the film who drop in and out). Extend the fun of Eagle vs Shark by listening to the commentaries. Both the commentary track and the deleted scene commentaries are way above the standard fare.

From The Wallaby c/o WTF! forum Eagle vs Shark thread

The outtakes are cute...but there aren't a whole lot of them. It starts with Jemaine doing his kung-fu moves in the water...and he almost tips over.

*During the computer scene in Mason Hutchinson's bedroom, Mason has some giggles. Jemaine cracks up I think after he says "you've got pornography on your computer screen." Then Loren laughs.
*During the scene where Jarrod is digging around his his brother's closet for the tent, he tries to say something to the order of "My brother died saving kids in a fire at a school"
Off camera you can hear Taika whisper "I started the fire"
Jemaine tries not to smirk, he tries really hard to hold it and says "what's that bro?"
Taika says louder "I started the fire" and Jemaine just loses it laughing.
The camera cuts to the side and Taika is sitting just off to the side in a closet.
*In the scene where Lily & Dad come around the corner and Jarrod is laying in the street under his bike, Loren just starts laughing when she sees him.
*In the bedroom scene, Jarrod is kissing Lily and then asks her if she wants to lay down on his bed. Loren just starts laughing and Jemaine says laughingly "was that what I was supposed to say?"
*Jarrod, Vinnie & Lily are sitting on the couch. Jarrod asks Vinnie who she thinks won the Fight Man contest. The little girl just kind of sits there, then shrugs & mumbles "I don't know" Jarrod says..."I did" then looks down at his hands all uncomfortable & Jarrod-like. Then the little girl mumbles, very unenthusiastically, "" Jemaine just cracks up laughing.
*When Lily comes out of the bedroom with all the make up on her face and asks Nancy if she can still come to the party...Nancy, her husband (I forget his name) and the son are all holding knives (to advertise them I suppose) and they laugh because Nancy forgets her line.

I think there are some other scenes where Loren laughs but I'm forgetting at the moment.

The very last outtake is Jarrod & Lily eating dinner...Taika butts his head in from the side wearing ridiculous white plastic sunglasses and holding scissors and says "cut!"

There are also several deleted scense (all very good and probably could have been in the movie). There is the option to watch the deleted scenes with a commentary from Taika.

The regular commentary starts with Taika...then he has Loren on the phone with him. Then she leaves to pick up her mom and he has the guy who plays Lily's brother Damon in with him. Then he leaves and the guy who plays the brother in law comes in. Then he leaves and Loren is back on the phone. The audio commentary I find hilarious mainly because Taika is hilarious.

There is also the music video for TPF "Going Fishing"

Eagle vs Shark - Region 2 - The one with Jemaine commentary

Bonus features include

* 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
* Hard of Hearing Subtitles
* Commentary with Director Taika Waititi and Lead Actors Loren Horsley and Jemaine Clement
* UK Exclusive Interview with Director
* Director Introduction
* Deleted Scenes
* Cast & Crew Interviews
* Mouse Wheel (Behind the Scenes footage)
* Theatrical Trailer

And from Chica c/o WTF! forums Eagle vs Shark thread

We have no out-takes, but we do have AN ENTIRE COMMENTARY WITH TAIKA, JEMAINE AND LOREN!!!! I've only been able to listen to the first 10 minutes so far and must get to bed, but Jemaine is eating a pie (cheese) and within seconds was complaining about what a rubbish commentary this was. It's all very cute. I wonder why the American one has a different commentary? Actually, I might have an idea, as at the start Jemaine mentions this commentary is for New Zealand.

Also, does the American DVD have Taika's absolutely hilarious introductions? He does one for the Audio Options and an introduction for the film itself, all wearing a dressing gown, cravat and very odd sunglasses. So, we don't get outtakes, but dammit we have a proper commentary!

Interesting gems so far from the commentary:

*Shortly before recording it, Jemaine went to a party and didn't have time to get a haircut, so he cut his own fringe and it went a bit wrong.
*Jemaine usually sleeps in the nude. No, honestly, he does.
*The squashed eagle cake was "yummy."
*Jemaine does a pretty good Arnie impression.
*"I dropped a noodle on my shirt!"
*The pictures on the Jarrod photomontage he gives to his dad was made by Jemaine going into town with $20 and a few changes of clothing to a photo booth. "It was a little embarrassing."
*Jemaine's favourite line was the one about going on your computer and changing your desktop picture.
*The very first scene they shot was Loren jumping on the trampoline.

And a few more snippets....

*Taika banned Jemaine from training throughout filming because he didn't want him to be too muscular. He also wanted him to gain weight, but Jemaine didn't want to, so they made sure there was ice cream every day for lunch. "We know your weakness."
*Jemaine has been punched in the face once, but was not wearing his glasses.
*Jemaine is short-sighted.
*Loren wants to play a game that involves throwing coins at the gap between Jemaine's teeth.
*There's a great conversation when he is doing the bad karate in the sea. Taika says he's still "impressed" with Jemaine's body even after two months of ice cream, as he doesn't put weight on "in any of the wrong places." Loren giggles and Jemaine gets very embarrassed. "Shut up!"
*When he was a kid, Jemaine wanted karate lessons and his mother said they couldn't afford them. So he punched himself in the face to feign an attack, gave himself a red eye more than a black one, but still didn't get the lessons.

Transcript of Taika's intros, they are very funny. Of course it can't capture the daft way he says them, but it's a start.

Taika's special introduction to the film:
*Taika opens a door and strides in wearing big black 80s sunglasses - which he whips off - a cream jacket, pink shirt and cravat, he leans with one elbow on a mantelpiece*

"Hi, my name's Taika Waititi, writer and director of the latest motion picture export from New Zealand, Eagle vs Shark. Thank you for purchasing this disc, or if you've managed to rip it off the internet, congratulations for getting away with a crime!

I invite you to sit back and enjoy the movie now, perhaps later you'll join me in exploring the special features, where you'll find deleted scenes - scenes that were considered too shit to make it into the final picture.
So now sit back, grab a drink and a loved one and press play. Enjoy the feature presentation of Eagle vs Shark. Cheers."

Audio set-up menu:

*Taika is leaning against an old bookcase, still wearing the cravat but now with a red and gold dressing gown. He is holding a book*

You selected Audio Set-Up, congratulations, that means you must like technical stuff. This is your chance to set up audio any way you want, through one speaker, two speakers, three speakers, four speakers or 5.1 speakers surrounding with sound.

If you choose subtitles it means you're probably foreign or deaf. I hope you enjoy the film, whichever way you watch it. Cheers.

*Taika snaps the book shut*

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