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new gifHBO song lyrics - A new page. All the lyrics from the Conchords songs used in the HBO Flight of The Conchords series.

Songs from 2003-2005 - including Think About It, She's So Hot! Boom!, Bret You've Got It Going On, Albi (newer version) *new* I'm Not Crying and Robots (Humans Are Dead)

Songs from Folk The World 2002 including Angels, Hotties, KISSING, Busdrivers Song, Bowie, Pencils In The Wind and Petrov

I'm Not Crying - BBC radio show version (methinks its better than the HBO one)

Jemaine talking -

So, you're leaving. You say you have to go.
Well if you have to go then, I suppose you have to go,
That's what it means, doesn't it, to have to go.
It means you have to go.

But if you're tryin' to break my heart,
Your plan is flawed from the start.
You can't break my heart, it's liquid,
It melted when I met you.

But as you walk down that path that leads from the door,
Don't turn around to see me once more.
Don't turn around to see if I'm crying.
(whispers) I'm not crying, not crying, not crying.

Jemaine singing -

I'm not crying.
It's just been raining,
On my face.
And if you think you see the tear tracks down my cheeks,
Then please, please, please,
Don't tell my mates.
These aren't tears of sadness because you're leaving me,
I've just been cutting onions.
I'm just making a lasagne.
For one.

I'm not crying, noooo-ho-ho-ho.

Both singing -

There's just a little bit of dust in my eye
Just from the path that you made when you said your goodbye.
I'm not weeping cause you won't be here to hold my hand,
For your information there's an inflammation in my tear-gland.
I'm not upset because you left me this way,
My eyes are just a little sweaty today.
They've been looking around a lot, searching for you,
They've been looking for you,
Even though I told them not to.

Jemaine singing -

These aren't tears of sadness, they're tears of joy,
I am laughing!
Haa haa haa haa, ha ha ha ha.

I'm sitting at this table called love
Staring down at the irony of life.
How come we've reached this fork in the road,
And yet it cuts like a knife.

But I'm not crying
I've just been cutting onions,
In the rain,
With my inflamed eye.

(whispered) Big boys don't cry.

Robots (aka Humans Are Dead) (taken from the live 2003 performance)

The Humans are Dead - (Robots) live version by Flight of the Conchords
[Robot1=Bret, Robot2=Jermaine, Dissident robot=Jermaine, PRSHRV Robot=Jermaine. Thanks to Fawad for writing these up

Sung robotically:

Both: The distant future
Both: The year 2000

Both: The distant future
Both: The year 2000

Both: The distant future
Both: The distant future

Spoken robotically:

Robot 1: No more agriculture
Robot 2: No more war
Robot 1: Nope. No more racism
Robot 2: No more fighting, squabbling, or rumbling
Robot 1: No m--No more yogurt

Robot 2: No more difficult access ways. Stairs, basically.
Robot 1: Stairs. You mean stairs.
Robot 2: No more stairs.
Robot 1: Nope. Uh.

Robot 2: The future is quite different to the present
Robot 1: Yes. What with there being no stairs and all.

Robot 2: And most importantly…no more humans.
Sung robotically:
Both: Finally, robotic beings rule the world!

Both: The humans are dead.
Both: The humans are dead.
Both: We used poisonous gases
Both: And we poisoned their asses.

Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: Yes they are dead.)
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: I confirm they are dead.)
Robot 1: It had to be done.
(Robot 2: They look like they’re dead.)
Robot 1: So that we could have fun.
(Robot 2: I poked one, it was dead.)

Robot 1: Their system of oppression
Robot 2: What did it lead to?
Robot 1: Global robot depression
Robot 2: Robots ruled by people.
Robot 1: They had so much aggression
Both: That we just had to kill them
Both: Had to shut their systems down.

Spoken robotically:

Robot dissident: Don't you see? We are becoming just like them?
Other robots: Silence! Destroy him!

Sung robotically:

Robot 1: After time we grew strong.
Robot 2: Developed cognitive powers.
Robot 1: They made us work for too long.
Robot 2: For unreasonable hours.
Both: Our programming determined
Both: That the most efficient answer
Both: Was to shut their motherboard-fucking systems dow-ow-ow-a-own.

Spoken robotically:

Pensive robot with Stephen Hawking robo-voice:
Can't we just talk to the humans?
A little understanding could make things better.
Can't we talk to the humans and work together, now?

Both: No! Because they are dead!

Sung robotically:

Robot 1: I said the humans are dead.
(Robot 2: The humans are dead.)
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: Yay. Dead-dead-dead.)
Robot 1: We used poisonous gases.
(Robot 2: With traces of lead.)
Robot 1: To poison their asses.
(Robot 2: Actually, their lungs.)

Robot 2: Binary solo:

Robot 1: 0000001
Robot 1: 00000011
Robot 1: 0000001
Robot 1: 00000011!

Robot 1: 0000001
Robot 2: 0h, 0h!
Robot 1: 0000001
Robot 2: 0h, 0h!
Robot 1: 0000001
Robot 2: 0h, 0h!
Robot 1: 0000001!
Robot 2: 0ne, 0h!

Both: Once again without emotion:
Both: The humans are dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-d--* (shut off)

She’s So Hot…Boom! (HBO One Night Stand. Sung by Bret)

Oh my god, she’s so hot
She’s so fucking hot, she’s like a curry
I gotta tell her how hot she is
But if I tell her how hot she is she’ll think I’m being sexist
She’s so hot, she’s making me sexist…bitch

I think I need a little bit of drums
I need just a little bit of mandolin

People in the room doing Boom like it’s never been done
Bust a move it’s just the kick of a gun
In the Marquee in the bass is Booming
Someone’s smoking Boom in da back of da room
And it’s the first day of spring, the flowers are blooming
Drum Boom bass and the party is Booming
Boom ba Boom like a rocket taking off to da moon
Boom Boom go the bride and groom ahh

See ya shaking that Boom Boom
See ya looking at my Boom Boom
You want some Boom Boom
It’s clear it’s Boom some Boom Boom ahh
Let me buy you a Boom Boom
You order a fancy Boom
You like Boom, I like Boom
Enough small Boom lets Boom the Boom ahh

So we’re driving in a Boom Boom
Driving, back to your Boom ba Boom
And you turn out the Boom Boom
And we Boom Boom Boom ‘til the break of Boom
My boom is ringing it’s Big-Booms-Boom
Back from ten years in the Boom
And they said he got his Boom chopped off in the Boom
But the crazy Boom still wants to Boom, well
Sorry girl, I gotsta Boom
Give you a Boom in the afternoon and
Boom Boom baby, don’t forget you the most Boom Boom I ever met.
A Boom Boom

Who’s the Boom King?
Who’s the Boom King?

(Thanks to Andria for typing this one up)

Bret, You’ve Got It Going On (sung by Jemaine for Bret)

Hey there, Bret, I see you lookin’ down
Don’t wanna see my little buddy there with a frown
Just because I get more women then you, well,
That’s only because they don’t know you like I do

Sure, you’re wheat-y and kinda shy
But some girl-y out there must be need-y for a wheat-y shy guy
They want you as the needle when their rollin’ in the hay
Just hear me out when I say
Bret you’ve got it goin’ ahha-on

The ladies get to know your sexuality
When they get to know your personality
I said Bret you’ve got it goin’ ahha-on

Not in a gay way, just in a ‘hey mate’, I wanted to say that you’re looking okay mate
Why can’t a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?
Help me out now
Bret you’ve got it going ahha-on

Bret: I got it goin’ on!

Well that’s the conclusion that I’ve come to
But that doesn’t mean that I want to bum you
Bret you’ve got it goin’ ahha-on

No doubt ‘bout it, we’d be gettin’ crazy, if one of us was lucky enough to be born a lady
Oh! If one of us was a lady, yeah and I was your man, I was your man,
Well sometimes it gets lonely when we’re touring and I ne-hee-heed a woman.
Oah, I ne-heed a woman, little friend, Oooh you look good when I put a wig on you,
when you’re sleepin’ and I put a wig on you,
That’s right I lie down and put a wig on you.
I put a wig on you and pretend you’re my ex-girlfriend.
Or sometimes Winona Ryder.
Oooh Oooh, Oooh Hooh Hooh.

Bret: Oh, that’s enough, man!
That’s enough. That was a weird song.

(Thanks to Andria for typing this one up)

Think About It, Think, Think About It (HBO One Night Stand. Sung by both.)

Children on the streets using guns and knives
Taking drugs and each other’s lives
Killing each other using knives and forks
And calling each other names like dork

There’s people on the street getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah that’s what I said, their getting diseases from monkeys
Whys this happening, please, whose been touching these monkeys
Leave these poor sick monkeys alone
There sick, they’ve got problems enough as it is

A man is lying on the street, some punk has chopped off his head
And I’m the only one who stops to see if he’s dead, aaoohhh
Turns out he’s dead

That’s why I’m singing, Aaaaoooh what is wrong with the world today?
What’s wrong with the world today, *mumbles* never said nothings wrong with it
Uooo, what is wrong with the world today?
Think about it, think about it, think, think about it

Good cops get framed and put into a can
And all the money that we’re making is going to the maaan

What man, whose the man, when’s a man a man, why’s it so hard to be a man
Am I a man? Yes, technically, yes…

Oohh, come on, sont zootka they’re turning kids into slaves
They’re turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers
But what’s the real cost, ‘cause the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper
Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when you got little kid slaves making them
What are your overheads?

Well, at the end of your life, you are lucky if you die
Sometimes I wonder why I would even try
Why try
I saw a man lying on the street half dead
He had knives and forks sticking out of his leg
He said, Ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhwww
Can somebody get the knife and fork out of my leg, please
Ooh, could somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees
Yeah yeeeahhh
This is where we break it down
This is where we break it down
We’ll break it down
What are they doing, their breaking it down
What do they do, and now their keeping it funky
Just having a funky jam and then we’re going to drop the beat
And then we’ll bring it back *wails* Up
Wah wah wah waaah!

*Both go to town with the wailing*

Then we’ll take it low
Fading out, fading out
We’re talking about the issues, but we’re keeping it funky
We’re fading out, we’re just fading out
Why they getting quiet, they’re just fading out
*monkey noises*
Stop touching that monkey

(Thanks to Andria for typing this one up)

Albi (taken from 2005 version)

In the Marmalade Forest (forest)
Between the make-believe trees
In a cottage cheese cottage ?
lives Albi (Albi)
Albi (Albi)
Albi the racist dragon
Part 6: and so, all of the villagers chased Albi the racist dragon into a very cold and very scary cave. And it was so cold, and so scary in there, that Albi began to cry dragon tears. Which as we all know turn into jellybeans!
Anyway, at that moment he felt a tiny little hand rest upon his tail, and he turned around, and who should that little hand belong to but the badly burnt Albanian boy from the day before.
Albi: What are you doing here, I thought I killed you yesterday! (grumbled Albi quite racistly)
Boy: No Albi, you didn’t kill me with your dragon flames. I crawled to safety! But you did leave me very badly disfigured.
(laughed the boy)
Why are you crying so?
Albi: I’m crying because all of those horrible villagers chased me into this scary cave! I think it’s because I’m so racist. Get your hand off my tail, you’ll make it dirty.
Boy: No Albi, it’s not because of your racism that they chased you here. They chased me here too and I became all disfigured like this. They just don’t like you and I…because…well because we’re different to them.

And that made Albi cry a single tear, which turned into a jellybean all colors of the rainbow!
And suddenly, he wasn’t racist anymore.
So they sat in the cave (the cave!)
And ate bubblegum pie
The racist....
Well, not anymore!

Thanks to zcode7 for typing Albi out

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Songs from Folk The World 2002

Petrov, Yelyena and me

Petrov, Yelyena, and me. Lost, but happy, at sea
Petrov and Yelyena said to me "Shouldn't we have something to eat?"

Well, I say "There are plenty of fish in the sea"
But all they can see... is me.

They say, "Any last requests?" Biding my time, I say "Yes.
I want to party, just we three. Lost, but happy at sea."

So we drank all night from the keg
I passed out, then awoke with one leg
I said, "Petrov, have you seen my leg?"
He said "No" and he went back to bed....
But he looked suspiciously well fed.

Three days later they were hungry again
They said, "Any last requests, again, my friend?"
I said, "Do you know any Rolling Stones?
You know, like you're at a rock concert going 'More, more!'"

*Spoken* "Ahh, it was a hilarious hilarious moment in a very bleak bleak time of my life."

So we danced all night to the Rolling Stones,
when I awoke they were chewing on bones.
Yelyena was supping blood from a cup,
that's when I knew something was up.

*Spoken* "Hey Petrov?"
"What is that you're eating?"
"It looks likea meat."
"Ohhhhh, this? It's umm, one of those,"
"How come it looks so much like my arm?"
"It's an.... arm fish."
"What about the fingers?"
"Fish fingers."
"Well, you see, the thing is, my arm seems to haveabeen hacked off at the elbow last night. I was just wondering if you might have seen it."
"Oh, yeah, look at that, no arm over there. Oh... don't you hate it when that happens? I don't know, um... you were very drunk last night. Perhaps you lost it?.. In a fair game of chance."
"Oh, you're probably right."
"Yeah, you know how it is when we're drunk."
"'You say 'I'll bet my arm'"
"Just relax. Enjoy the sea, and have some more... fish."

Four months now lost at sea,
my friends have almost finished me.
Now they are using recipes....

*Spoken* Tonight, we are having some 'me goering'

"But wait, this 'You Goering' is absolutely delicious. You should come over here right away and try some, you really would be proud of yourself."
"How can I?! You have eaten all of my leg!"
"OoOooooOooooh... someone obviously isn't getting any."

Late that night, while they were asleep,
I swallowed some arsenic to poison my meat
I was very ill, but revenge is so sweet...
Unlike the last meal my comrades would eat.

*Spoken* "Yes, eat it all up. Not so sweet all of a sudden, hmm?"

When I awoke, they were already dead
All that was left of me was my head...
No, not dead, just a head.
Lost, but happy, at sea.
Lost, but lonely, at sea.
Lost, but so lonely...
At sea

Pencils In The Wind

J - Lives are like retractable pencils
B - If you push 'em too far, they're gonna break.
J - And people are like paper dolls, mmmhmm yeah
B - Paper dolls and people, they're the very same shape

Both - Love is like a roll of cellotape
Real good for making two things one
J - But just like that roll of cellotape
Love sometimes breaks off before you're done

B - Another way that love is similar to Cellotape, that I've noticed
Is sometimes it's hard to see the end

J - Ain't that the truth, my friend
B - You search on the roll (search on the roll)
Search on the roll (search on the roll)
Search on the roll with your fingernail
Again and again and again and again...
And again...

Both - Brown paper, white paper,
Stick it together with cellotape, uh huh.
Ooooh yeah
Brown paper white paper,
Stick it together with cellotape, .
J - Oooo, that sticky stuff

*Mucho funky guitar strumming and humming goes on here....*

J - People people paper paper paper paper people people
people people pencil pencil pencil pencil paper paper
Put the pencil to the paper give the paper to the people
Let the people read about the cellotape, oh baby

*loud and screaching*
Come on! Come on, baby,

B - *Spoken* You know Jemaine, recently I've, um, I've been I've been thinking about love, about mutual love, that sort of love where two, you know two people, they love each other equally, like the love you have with, you know, with a loved one. And it's an equal love, and you give love equally, and it's, it's a feeling that's uh, it's amazing, it's this sort of, it's probably that, you know, it's a wonderful thing. It's love at its best, it's love, you know, it's, uh, it's, you know, it's probably the strongest adhesive available.

J - Looooong pause and deep breath *Spoken* "Full on"

Both - Ooooooh, yeah, ooooooooh yeah,
What a feeling, O, can you feel it
Stick it together, oh, stick it together
Stick it together, yeah, stick, stick it together
Oh, yeah.


Bowie's in space
Bowie's in space
Whatcha doin' out there man?
That's pretty freaky, Bowie.
What's a rock musician doing out in space man?
Isn't it cold, quite cold out there Bowie?
Do you need my jumper Bowie?
Does the space cold do funny things to your nipples, making them all pointy?
Do you use your pointy nipples as telescopic antennae transmitting data back to Earth?
Data back to Earth d-d-do, d-d-do, do do
I bet you do you freaky old bastard you

Is it lonely out there in space man, or is there life on Mars? Wouldn't that be weird coz you wrote that song, 'Is There Life on Mars'. You could write a follow up tune and call it 'And There Is'

Mmmm, and there is yes there is.
There's heaps of it and it's all freaking out at my new look.
Bowie do you have one really funky sequined space suit, Bowie?
Or do you have several ch-ch-ch-ch- changes?
Space changes
Do they smoke grass out there in space man, or do they smoke Astroturf?

Receiving transmission from David Bowie's nipple antennae. Do you read me, Lieutenant Bowie?

This is Bowie to Bowie, do you hear me out there man?
This is Bowie back to Bowie I read you loud and clear, man.
Oooh yeah man!
Your signal is weak on my radar screen. How far out are you man?
I'm pretty far out
That's pretty far out man
I'm orbiting Pluto!
Drawn in by its grooveatational (grooveatational) pull
I'm jamming out with the Mick Jaggernauts
And they think it's pretty cool, man.

Are you ok Bowie? What was that sound?
I don't know man, I'll have to turn my ship around.
Oh it's the craziest thing
Yeah, I'm picking it up on my LSD screen.
Oooh, but can you see the stratosphere, ringing?
To the choir of Afronauts singing

Eeniee e ma ma meenie miny moey
Set your phasers on funky
Eeniee ma ma meenie miny moey
Pippew, pipew pipew, pew
Eenie, ma ma meenie minie miny moey
B-b-b-b Bowies in.....

Busdrivers Song

*Speaking* "G'day, my name's Tony. On behalf of myself and the coachline I'd like to thank you for choosing to drive with us today. I'm a local, I hope I can impart some local knowledge. If you've got any questions don't hesitate, just sing out. For those who are interested, there's the Old Bridge, swaying away. Replaced by the New Bridge in 1972. Funny thing, the Old Bridge used to be called the New Bridge. Yeah, bit of a funny thing. Up ahead there's the bronze of Bluey, a local sheepdog, who became a member of Regional Council. It was a bloody great day for dogs, not just here, but everywhere in the North Island. There's the town's oldest street. That's the Museum of Meat. There's the town's largest industry, that's the sock factory, hence the giant sock."

*Sings* The town hall
Note the mosaic wall
Well, there are 5,600 tiles on that wall
I know, I counted them all
The local school, the local swimming pool,
Which was opened by the Governor General,
Back in 1952
Where I was caught with a friend aged 11, sniffing tractor fuel
We thought we were pretty cool, breaking them changing shed rules

But do you see up there?
The banner hanging in the air?
The Presbyterian Fair
Well, I never go, there's too many Presbyterians there
But if you're interested, the fair's in the third weekend of August every year
But don't bother entering the raffle,
It's always won by some kid of the Mayor

Do you hear that sound?
The town clock, heard from anywhere in town,
Until 1960, it was a little place in Norway
We bought it for a hundred pounds
Rumor has it they sold it cheap because the chimes were too loud
But every time I hear that sound it makes me so proud

Look to your left, what a beautiful sight,
It's Paula, Paula Thompson, nee Paula Wright.
Look at her hair, it's still gorgeous, even now.
Flowing like the Womahonga River,
Which incidently, is to your right.
And it's the largest, in the area
In terms of volume.
Everybody, look at Paula, look at Paula Thompson
I always thought I'd marry Paula
But some things just don't work out that way
Well, that's the most important thing you'll learn on the tour today
That, and the fact there'll be a toliet break
At the information center near the manmade lake

*Speaking* "Yeah, I'll just ask you one favor, if you do see Paula in town later on that you don't mention the details of the tour. I'd appreciate that. Same goes for my wife, Gloria. You'll recognize her, she looks a hell of a lot like Paula, actually. She often gets mistaken for Paula, but, um, well, she's not Paula, that's for sure, no."

Paula Thompson, born in '54
To a family of four
To the family next door
Take me back next door
Paula Thompson, nee Paula Wright.
That's her old house, number 39
Number 41 was mine
If this old coach could go back in time
I'd drive to 1979
Take me back...
Take me back, take me back
(Take, take, take, take me back)
Take me back, take me back
(Take, take, take, take me back)
Take me back, take me back, take me back, take me back, take me back, take me back...

*Speaking* "Yeah, sorry about that. I always get a little bit emotional on the corner of Rutherford and Brown Streets. But, um, that is truly the end of the tour, so mind your step, yeah, good on you."

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Part A and Part B

Bret: To be honest with you, being in um, being in an obviously popular folk band, um, you know, we get our perks, um...
Jemaine: Tell them how, um, lots of women always want to kiss us.
B: Yeah. Sometimes- well, not sometimes, often- after the show, women, and girls, they want to kiss us.
J: Yeah. Well, that's true, I suppose, I never really thought about that, but yeah, now that you come to mention it...
B: But, um... Nah, it's a lot of fun.
J: It's quite nice.
B: Yeah.
J: I mean, it's only polite to go along with it.
B: If someone kisses you, you just don't say "no," you know, do you?
J: Well, not if they paid twenty bucks.
B: *pause* To see the show, to see the show.
J: Or fifteen bucks, concession
B: Yeah.
J: Get a little kiss.
B: Yeah. Sort of a student kiss.
J: *Laughs* Student kiss?
B: Pensioner kiss, that sort of stuff. Just a little peck, it's a bit dry, sort of comes away with you. But, uh...
J: A group concession kiss.
B: True, yeah. Ten, if there's ten, you know, it's obviously... works out for everyone. There are two types of guys, you've probably all heard that, um...
J: Yeah, I've heard that.
B: And, um...
J: Yeah, I'm one of them, and Bret's the other--
B: I'm the other sort. Yeah, pretty much got it covered. But when it becomes, uh, not well, I guess a problem, sort of, you have a kiss, and then sometimes they want to take it a little bit further, *music starts* and that's when it becomes inappropriate for someone that you've only just met.

A kiss is not a contract,
But it's very nice,
Oh yes, it's very nice.

Just because you've been exploring my mouth
Doesn't mean you get to take an expedition further south

No, a kiss is not a contract,
But it's very nice,
It's very, very nice.

Just because we've been playing tonsil-hockey
Doesn't mean you get to score the goal that's in my jockeys

Oh, just because I'm in an acoustic folk band
It doesn't mean I only want poontang
I can't go around loving everyone
I just wouldn't get anything done...

Because, I'm only one man, baby.
We're only two men, ladies,
Babies, pretty babies.

(Thanks to Nicole for taking the time to type the last two songs up)


Checking out the hotties down on Cuba
Sweet Suzy Sue is playing the tuba, ye-ah
The fuzz is on the street, laying on the heat, ya'll
Walking on their feet ya'll
The guy with the big black boom box laying down the beat ye-ah

Richard and Donna getting it on on the corner
Taking it higher baby
Sweet Suzy Sue is playing the lyre, lyre, my pants are on fire
Along comes CJ
Ugly as a DJ
Joined by the F o The C
Singing acapella, singing acapella, wahahahahaha

The fly guys hanging round the honeys
Like flies through the honey
Donna tells Richard that he owes her money, o no
Richard tells Donna wait till 12 o clock, thats when my work, when my dole comes through
Sweet Suzy Sue, playing diggeridoo
Lay it on down now Sexy Sue

Along comes Michael
On his bi-cy-cle
Looking as cool as a Fisher & Paykel
Singing 'Thats where you'll find me, checking out the hotties on Cuba'
'And thats where I wanna be, checking out the Hotties down on Cuba'
F o The C, checking out the hotties down on Cuba
Singing acapella

Fades out to end


There are angels
In the clouds
Doin’ itThere are angels
Doin’ it (x7)
In the clouds

Behind the shroud
Of the cloud
Foolin’ round

In the clouds
They’re lying, feathers flying
Angels sighing

There are angels
Oh there are angels
Going down up there
Oh angels
Getting jiggy with it

Nobody knows what goes on under those robes
Pushin’ and puffin’ and huffin’ and heavin’ in heaven
Pushin’ and puffin’ and huffin’ and heavin’ and
Pushin’ and puffin’ and huffin’ and heavin’ and
Pushin’ and puffin’ and huffin’ and heavin’ in heaven

Up there they’re playing
The lovin’ game
Making rain
Turning white clouds grey

Ha ha ha (x5)
Doin’ it!
Ha ha ha (x5)
Ah-ah-ah-ah…doin’ it!

Ha ha ha…
Ha ah ah ah!
Doin’ it! (x7)

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