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Kiwis show their power of Flight

By Rebecca Barry - Thursday June 21, 2007

So the Kiwis in Alinghi are getting a hard time from the Kiwis in Valencia. But are the Kiwis in New York giving Kiwi duo Flight of the Conchords a hard time for making a TV show with the HBO network in the United States?

Let's hope not. We should all be buying figurines of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. Their show premiered in the US on Sunday night to mostly great reviews. Which is a relief. We've been laughing at their droll chemistry and deadpan ditties for years, but there was no guarantee it would cross over - particularly given their stoic, dry-to-the-point-of-chafing humour that name-checks the mother country at every chance it gets.

The good folk at Prime TV have long recognised the comedic and musical talents of the Conchords and will screen the show later this year. By then, no doubt, Clement and McKenzie will be big stars. Already, say people living in the Big Apple, the underground is plastered with posters of their faces.

Yet last week a programmer at TVNZ - the same network that nixed plans to make a show out of the Conchords' comedy routine a few years ago - confessed to knowing nothing about it.

In another telling twist, the Conchords have taken over The Sopranos' old HBO slot just as our state broadcaster resumes the second half of the series here.

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