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NZ Listener Conchords article and magazine scans - From Dec 2006

Snippets include - TV3 in New Zealand are hoping to screen the HBO One Night Stand show this year. Only two years behind the times guys, but its getting to you there. The Conchords also talk about their frustration with TV comedy (or lack of it) on NZ television.

The guys talk a little about their fans, being based in LA and how 'Hollywood' they now are. 'Whether they'll have time to give their fans when the show rolls is another matter, but for now, McKenzie says, the Conchords appreciate their fans for how committed they are. "Should be committed" Clement adds.' Awww you guys *sniff*

Bret delights in ergonomic chairs (have to say I do also), Jemaine reflects on the joys of basketball hoops and both give a little insight into their present schedule and who is working with them on their HBO series. Have to say, I'm impressed by the choice of director, James Bobin, (living in the UK I watched The 11 O'Clock Show and Ali G) and anyone, ANYONE, who has worked writing for Futurama is alright by me. Anyone being one Eric Kaplan

And yes, tis I, your humble webmistress looking not so pretty in pink on one of the pages there. I was interviewed for the article, and as soon as I put the phone down worried I had sounded like a madwoman. After 20 minutes or so of talking to myself about it, I decided to stop worrying and went outside to talk to my chickens instead. I'm relieved to see I appear sane in the article. What The Folk! gets a mention too, cool beans. Thanks Sarah.

So, without further ado, I give you four pages (all with text) of Conchords. Left to right, top to bottom, click on the image to open the full size scan. Enjoy!

NZ listener scan pg 1thumb- NZ Listener scan p2 thumb

NZ Listener scarn pg 3 thumb-NZ Listener scan pg 4 thumb

Anyone wanting to discuss the article can do so on the WTF! forums

Thank you Sarah Barnett for the article. And thanks Meli for scanning it and sending it in.

NZ Listener


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