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Flight of The Conchords - CD's and MP3's to purchase

    Flight of The Conchords - The Distant Future EP *note* some songs from the EP will also appear on the full length upcoming album due for release in January 2008

You can now download Conchords songs from the Humans Are Dead EP in MP3 format from Amazon. Flight of the Conchords - Distant Future EP

Flight of The Conchords BBC radio series audio download purchaseFlight of the Conchords  Click on image to go purchase from Amazon the audio download of the Conchords BBC radio series from 2005. Read some blurb I wrote about it all and also view the winning 'Win a BBC FoTC CD' entries. Yes, there was a competition. But not anymore.

Order the BBC CD set from these online stores - (Prices correct as of August 2007)

UK (and overseas) Amazon UK £9.58
New Zealand - Smoke CD's $34.95 and Marbecks $38.78
Australia - Allen & Unwin $35.00

Can also purchase the radio show from Audible and iTunes in download form.

Conchords CD cover Flight of The Conchords live World Tour CD available from Smoke CD's. Audio snippets so you can get a taster of the album. From the 2002 season.

The Conchords have recently signed to the Sub Pop label. The guys have been around a fair while now, and tend not to rush anything. They also work on other projects outside of the Conchords and can be off doing other things for months at a time. Hence it sometimes goes very quiet on the Conchords front for months at a time. All being well there may be a new album in early 2008. The signing with Sub Pop is for one record.

I have various mp3s and clips I have collected over the years from radio performances/interviews and TV appearances. Most of what you can download here, originated from What The Folk and has been downloaded many many times now. And seems to have filtered through to other sites out there :) I've put more or less everything I have online now. Except my personal stash. *evil grin*

Its all here in the Folk Out section. Enjoy


New stuff

WTF! Conchords tees available

WTF Conchords tee shirt

WTF! Discussion forum - Still open, online and active - Visit it here


2010 Tour poster gallery online 

Twitter - What The Folk!

Order season 2 Amazon US & Amazon UK

Flight of The Conchords - Season 2 DVD

Order S1 DVD or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark from or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark US DVD cover

Find other Conchords CD's and DVD's here


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