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What The Folk! tees and other goodies

What The Folk! now has its own tees and a few other goodies, so if you'd like to show your appreciation of the Conchords and help support What The Folk! go have a look. Choc full of Conchords goodness. Tee shirts and more tee shirts. Some with writing on the front. Some with writing on the front and back. Have people peer at your chest in wonder!

We had a little fun with the Binary Solo. Go check them out, we've also set it up so you can pick your own color t shirt for many of the new designs.

Visit the What The Folk! US shop

Visit the What The Folk! UK/European shop

new gifA selection of what is available - more in the stores new gif

WTF! t shirt - Flight of The Conchords binary designWTF! Conchords t shirt - Binary soloWTF! Conchords binary t shirt

WTF Conchords binary t shirt for ladies

The US store ships overseas, pretty much everywhere including New Zealand, Australia, Canada. The UK/European store ships within the EU. There are some slightly different designs to be found there also.

Thanks for supporting What the Folk!

Flight of The Conchords

Flight of The Conchords season one DVD from HBO - released November 6 2007 Order this DVD from or Amazon UK

    Flight of The Conchords - The Distant Future EP *note* some songs from the EP will also appear on the full length upcoming album due for release in January 2008

You can now download Conchords songs from the Humans Are Dead EP in MP3 format from Amazon. Flight of the Conchords - Distant Future EP

Flight of The Conchords BBC radio series audio download purchase  Click on image to go purchase from Amazon the audio download of the Conchords BBC radio series from 2005. Read some blurb I wrote about it all and also view the winning 'Win a BBC FoTC CD' entries. Yes, there was a competition. But not anymore.

Order the CD set from the following online stores

UK (and overseas) Amazon UK
New Zealand - Smoke CD's and Marbecks
Australia - Allen & Unwin

Can also purchase the radio show from Audible and iTunes in download form.

Flight of The Conchords live World Tour CD available from Smoke CD's. Audio snippets so you can get a taster of the album. From the 2002 season.

World Comedy Unplugged 2004 - Australian release, so Australian $$ and shipping. Also region 0. So should play anywhere. Please note, the Conchords only perform a short set of two or three songs.

Electrofork by Elizabeth Dagger - poster from 2004 New York gig SOLD OUT

Jemaine Clement

Eagle vs Shark DVD cover UK release January 21 2008 Eagle vs Shark - A film starring Jemaine Clement is available for pre order via Amazon US and Amazon UK

Tongan Ninja cover Tongan Ninja cover Tongan Ninja. UK release on left, US on the right. Click on the images for links to respective ordering sites.

Futile Attraction DVD cover Futile Attraction - Jemaine has a small part in the actual film. Seen more in the extras.

Bret McKenzie

The Wellington Ukelele Orchestra Heartache EP The Wellington Ukelele Orchestra, of which Bret is a member, has released an EP titled Heartache. Buy it online here . Price is NZ $

The Black Seeds - Into The Dojo. Purchase from Amazon UK or Amazon US Can also be purchased online from SmokeCD's in New Zealand.

The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing CD The Black Seeds - Keep On Pushing - Purchase from Amazon UK or Amazon UK

Video Kid - Prototype - Bret's solo project from late 2003. Purchase Prototype at Amazon US Also available from Loop in New Zealand.

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New stuff

WTF! Conchords tees available

WTF Conchords tee shirt

WTF! Discussion forum - Still open, online and active - Visit it here


2010 Tour poster gallery online 

Twitter - What The Folk!

Order season 2 Amazon US & Amazon UK

Flight of The Conchords - Season 2 DVD

Order S1 DVD or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark from or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark US DVD cover

Find other Conchords CD's and DVD's here


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