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01.11.03 - Somebody answer the phone....

Well it is November 1st after all! ;) And the TV mystery is finally revealed.

Flight of The Conchords can be seen all over UK commercial TV networks doing an ad for a phone company. So, you will get plenty of chances to see it and laugh a bit. The guys look rough as hell IMHO, part of the charm though, and they get to see the white cliffs of Dover and some ummm cows and stuff... *goes of humming* Another thought! Yes I do have them from time to time... Bret's beanie? Starring role now in the TV ad. Does he ever take it off? Is he hatching an egg under it or growing out a mullet? He's had that beanie on for the last few months and its showing signs of wear!

17.10.03 - The plot thickens! FoTC on TV in the UK?

Did I use enough acronyminiewotsits there? Needs more salt? Thought so. shed the proverbial light and all that.... The guys cancelled a couple of UK dates before the Perrier Show on 19th October. But why? Well, to find that out I've been told to tune in and veg out in front of the TV at the start of next month. 'Keep your eyes glued to the TV at the start of November and it will all become clear' I was told, so I am. Well, I'm planning on propping them open with matchsticks rather than using glue but same effect. Eyes will be on stalks. Who knows what this all means. It might not come to anything but what the hell, its a chance to scoff pizza and choccies :p

So, if any of you in the UK care to join me, its backsides on sofas in early November. Plan of action is as follows 1) Park self on sofa 2) Hog remote control 3) Order out for pizza and chocolate. 4) Check TV listings (if like me you are soon bored by reading such matter then keep biro handy to deface celeb airbrushed pics splashed everywhere) 5) Channel surf 6) See what the guys have been up to when (and if) they appear on TV finally!

August 2003 - Folk the Fringe: Snippets, news and stuff

So, here is my little section for Flight of The Conchords at the Edinburgh Fringe! Want to read reviews, thoughts and articles and other such like of the guys new show go to Folk The Fringe

28.07.03 - FoTC and a little something for the BBC???

The guys just finished playing gigs over in NZ and are on their way to the UK for their stint at the Edinburgh Fringe. Seems that plans are afoot for a pilot something or other for the BBC. *OooO* And a little bit of time off after Ed to see some more of this rather erm, <insert descriptive words of choice here> country ;p

*Pssst* Bret, who are those guys and what the folk are they doing over there?

05-06-2003 - Flight of the Conchords - High on Folk

Or 'One reason why you should get your ass to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer'

Flight of The Conchords are making a return trip to the northern hemisphere and playing the Edinburgh Fringe. The guys were over last year and generated a fair bit if interest and word of mouth on them was good. A return visit to build on their efforts of last year makes sense. People certainly got to hear about the Conchords last time out and I am sure that audiences this time round will contain some of those who caught the guys act last year.

So, if you are in the UK in August and passing Edinburgh.... Well you never know. And not only the Conchords will be there. Heaps of other cool (and possibly not so cool) acts will be performing also.

24.04.2003 - Ding ding ding! Conchords win Best Newcomer award

Wake up! O you are already *sheepish grin* So here is the rundown on what happened on the guys stint at the Melbourne Festival.

First up congrats to the guys for picking up the Best Newcomer award at this years Melbourne festival. They were also up for the Most Outstanding Show award but lost out on that one. Chortle has an article on the awards and mentioned the guys. Read it here. A round up of events can be found over on The Age, where the guys get a mention.

01.04.2003 - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? WTF? It's Jemaine

OK, so lesson number one for today is that I am crap at writing titles for stories. Lesson 2, er well there is no lesson 2 but beside the point. I know, I know, this is a FotC site but look.......

Yes you to can now have your own little cut out and keep action figure Jemaine. Keep him handy when all those ninja type peeps are attacking your waffles or something. Or maybe as company for your Barbie doll! Or you could go really nuts and have a whole boy bands worth. Dress him up as a J***** T********* lookalike! Or not! This was too good to pass up :p Check out the official site Tongan Ninja site for more.

18.03.2003 - Bret gets about a bit!

No, not like *that* Wash your minds out this instant! He's only gone and grabbed himself another little corner of cyberspace. Ho hum. Not to be outdone by Jemaine, Bret got his own fansite, Let's Bret It On! Erm, someone cared enough to make one devoted to him anyway. And look *more* dinky buttons to be had. *Chortle*

Who knew?!

And talking of getting about a bit check out the news on the Black Seeds site about their upcoming tour in Australia. Going to be a bit hectic for Bret with Conchords and Black Seeds gigs going on. Who knows, that person you step over on the floor seemingly passed out, might just be Bret having a kip between gigs :-)

NB - Let's Bret It On! is no longer online to view.

09.03.2003 - Meanwhile back over there somewhere... New picture goodness

Pics ahoy! Check them out over in the Posing Folkers section. Actually my quip about chairs and being invisible seems to be borne out in the first picture! Not a Jemaine or Bret to be spotted and then voila, Conchords appear.

Just *how* do they do that?

04.03.2003 - Jemaine and a little www dot....

Well wouldn't you know it, Jemaine got his first fan site, Saint Clements. Wahay! They have all these dinky buttons and stickers and I just can't seem to make up my mind which one to put here... so I put two! Its a work in progress (what site isn't) and should have more news there soon. Enjoy!

*Looks left... looks right* Opts for choklit!

20.12.02 - Flight of The Conchords CD

Yay! Much yayness! Yay o yayness! Euphoric and utter yayness!
There is a live CD finally! Check it out over here at SmokeCd’s. They have audio snippets so you can get a taster of what the Conchords do. SmokeCDs is worth a squizz, some pretty good stuff to be found there

20.12.02 - And the Winner is...

Over in New Zealand the NZ Comedy Guild Awards 2002  have taken place.
The Conchords were nominated and they bagged a couple on the night. I notice the award for being Funny as fuck has not been made an official category…yet! They did however win for Most Inspiring Performer, and the Kevin Smith Award for Best Show or Achievement! Good on the guys. Congratulations.
Also back in October they won an award at The First Annual Wellington Comedy Awards. Best Musical Act none other than Flight of the Conchords. Taika Cohen was spotted hosting the event. I can report that no chairs were injured on the night

26.11.02 - The Conchords have landed

Well by the time you read this article they will have anyhoo. And taken off again. Good on the guys for this. Folking LA as I type.

Tickets to Fly

26.11.02 - Flight of the Conchords present Folk the World

Wild folk child Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords, is interviewed by notorious muthafolka Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords for Guano Magazine. Taken from Scoop site.

Jemaine for Guano Magazine : Hey bro, what's up?
Bret: What are you on about Jim? What do you mean what's up?
Jemaine for Guano: Remember last time we stayed here, that thing with the fish?
B: No.
J: You remember...
B: I said no!!! I don't remember. I don't fuckin remember!! Drop it! I'm serious.
J: O.K. [uncomfortable pause] (I skip through my questions about the fish, and notice that's all my questions. I use my wits and freestyle some, realising my approach will have to be more tenetative from now on.)
J: What the... what is the there any..umm.. is folk.. remember that time we...what did you do today?
B: I was with you! Then you told me to go outside and come back in.
J: Hows your mum?
B: She's good, she's in Auckland.
J: Is folk music dead bro?!?
B: Folk is a cat. Is has nine lives. Its first was with the ancient druids of old singing their oral history with ballads and dirges {Editors note..transcript has been condensed} ..and finally there is us - Flight of the Conchords. Folk on bro, into that ever dwindling light.

After the interview Bret drags us off to some party, of course all of the proponents of millenium folk are there. Folk on man.

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