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Flight of The Conchords

Bret McKenzie

Jemaine Clement

Sites I like and want to share because I care and have no hair

Conchords Links

Flight of The Conchords official site. Launched in the autumn 2005. Getting there slowly, but getting there. Bless em!

  clear Conchords EP The Distant Future now available

Flight of The Conchords audiobook. Released May 1 2006. The 6 part show that aired on Radio 2 last autumn. Read more about this show HERE Looking to order this CD or buy and download? More info HERE

Flight of The Conchords live World Tour CD available from Smoke CD's. Audio snippets so you can get a taster of the album. From the 2002 season.

Flight of The Conchords season one DVD from HBO - released November 6 2007 Order this DVD from or Amazon UK

Management - Flat Iron Mgmt - No website for them but can email.

Booking - Creative Artists Agency - So exclusive their website has no content other than listing their offices. So please don't email me asking for their email or who to contact.

Hbo gif Flight of The Conchords on HBO

Last FM Conchords group – an online music database. I know, it sounds bad, but check it out, its pretty cool. Numbers in the Conchords community are now boosted to 70. Will need to register to sign up to this group.

BBC Radio 2 – Summer of 2005 saw the Conchords record a 6 part radio show for Radio 2.

HBO interview - Flight of the Conchords, a folk parody duo from New Zealand, earned rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival. They won the Bass Ale Award-Best Alternative Act at this year's US Comedy Arts Festival.

Wikipedia Conchords page - Had to happen. They have been added to Wiki.

FoTC in an attempt to outfox the dopplegangers appearing on TheArseOfTheInter.... I mean MySpace, set up their own page. Do not be fooled by imposters!

Flight of The Conchords unofficial fan site (now in blog form). Launched March 2006.

My friend /me set up a Frappr Conchords map. Check it out HERE

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Bret McKenzie Links

Bret McKenzie LiveJournal Communities - Lil Bit of Bretty and Bret McKenzie

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Bret joined the WIUO recently and can be found performing with them out and about round Wellington (when he is in town) The site is under construction still. Read more HERE

Video Kid – Bret's solo project. Have a look/listen and if you like, then perhaps purchase ;)

FigwitLives! - Learn all there is to know about Bret's hobby....Elvish impersonations. Say hi to inDUHvidual shmoopie for me.

The Black Seeds - Oooo a band! Yep, Bret was in one. Left in early 2006 to spend more time on other projects. - Bret McKenzie

The Frogs A play from way back in 2000

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Jemaine Clement Links

Jemaine Clement LiveJournal community - set up in the summer of 2007

Jemaine Clement Fan Site Jemaine's second fan site. It really is pretty good and the lady behind it has done Jemainiacs proud. Visit the Jemaine Clement Fan Site here

Eagle vs Shark film poster Eagle V Shark - A film by Taika Waititi. Starring Jemaine Clement and Lauren Horsely. Read more about this film over on Eagle vs Shark, and on Jemaine's Bit On The Side, a more in depth look at his career to date.

Tongan Ninja - Tongan ninja stylee your thing? A film’s been made with you in mind. Funny that. A work of genius, good, bad or downright crap? Reviews over at IMDb! Jemaine acted and co wrote the script. Bret and Jemaine both contributed to the project in some shape or form. Is there anything they *don't* do? Answers on a microscopic pinhead please! Read more HERE What The Folk forums have a discussion ongoing about the film

Saint Clements – Jemaine's first (but no longer only) fan site can be found here.

Humourbeasts - Scoop article. Also What The Folk forums has an ongoing thread with write ups etc

Futile Attraction – Film shot in 2002, finally saw a DVD release at the end of 2005. What The Folk fourms has an ongoing thread on the film - Jemaine Clement

The Frogs A play from way back in 2000.

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Sites I like and want to share because I care and have no hair

Twitter - Another reason to while away your life in front of a computer screen

Uncyclopedia - Wiki it ain't! Leave your senses at the home page please. Read the blurb and start clicking 'Random' in the menu. Much more fun than reading Wiki IMHO.

AudioScrobbler/Last FM Its an online music database. Stop rolling the eyes. Its good. And yes, I do know people who use it!

Dribbleglass If you spend any amount of time on the Net, you quickly realize one thing: People have way too much free time....

SatireWire Sadly no longer updated, but still worth a browse. Some real gems lurking there.

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New stuff

WTF! Conchords tees available

WTF Conchords tee shirt

WTF! Discussion forum - Still open, online and active - Visit it here


2010 Tour poster gallery online 

Twitter - What The Folk!

Order season 2 Amazon US & Amazon UK

Flight of The Conchords - Season 2 DVD

Order S1 DVD or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark from or Amazon UK

Eagle vs Shark US DVD cover

Find other Conchords CD's and DVD's here


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