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The One Guy story

The One Guy and his story. Its so good I gave it its own page. Thanks JP for taking the time to write it up and send it and the pics along.

Emo's by Shannon D

Emo's Austin Texas. Comedians of Comedy showcase. Line a mile long to see Flight of the Conchords, Patton Oswalt, Eugene Mermon, Bryan Poesen... I had tickets reserved... but they were still going to make me wait?? No. I think not. I waltz to the front of the line and try to look as important as possible on my cell phone, walk right in, flash the door guy my id so that he see's I've got my ticket online, and voila...I'm in.

The first thing I notice is that FOTC is standing right there! I'd already planned on being a nerdy superfan and asking the boys if they would take a picture with me. (I'm an actress/comedian and for inspiration I keep a dorky collection of comedians I've met around the ol' apartment.) I meet up with one of my friends and ask him to accompany me on my nervous journey to snap a quick photo with the boys. We approach them, meet them, take the photo...and then they ask us if we wouldnt mind a quick interview for a New Zealand documentary that they're filming. Awesome. We stand there while they ask us a few of the most ridiculous questions in the world that we can't answer without stuttering for the giant boom mic and cameras in our faces. "What do you kids listen to in America? We don't have the same music as you." I knew this was a lie and they were trying to make Texans look retarded, like everyone else does, but I still muttered out some ridiculous shit. When they asked us if we knew any other super stars from New Zealand all I could say was "Michael Jackson?" What the hell??? They laughed hhysterically, but I think it was at my stupidity.  So we finish up the interview, sign our release forms, and enjoy the show.

They only played three songs, but "The Humans are Dead" I hadn't heard yet, and it was amazing. The next day I had the privilage of going out to a free show that FoTC put on at another local venue. (During SXSW, there's a ton of free shows around town.) It was awesome. My roomate heckled the boys a few times and after they played their set I talked to them a bit more and pointed out that I'm not retarded and I know they were just asking us bizzarre questions the previous night to make Texans look like asses. They laughed and agreed, and told me that I don't count anyways being a comedian myself, but if I knew anyone who would look stupid on camera for them, to let them know. Back to my roomate heckling them... he just shouted out random famous peoples' names to be weird, such as "Rick Moranis" and "Will Smith", which made the boys of FoTC laugh hysterically during their set, and if you ever hear a recording of this particular set, just know that the part about the Fresh Prince and Honey I Shrunk the Kids was the cause of my hilarious roomate.

In fact, the next night, my roomate was out on the town at one of many SXSW parties, and he ran into FoTC on the street. He didn't say anything, but the three of them stopped in the street, looked at each other, pointed and smiled, and simultaneously said "Will Smith", and then continued on. I can't wait to see if we made it on this ridiculous documentary or any other recordings, and even if the footage is edited to make Texans and or Americans in general look like complete and ignorant asses, well, I guess it was all still worth it that I got to shake the hands of two hilarious and brilliant (not to mention super hot and gorgeous) boys from New Zealand.

Saturday March 18 2006 - Red Eyed Fly - By David C

It's David C. again from the sweet city of San Antonio (about 70 miles from Austin and SxSW) I just wanted to give a report from the other side of the wall, which is where I was fortunate enough to see the Conchords perform at The Red Eyed Fly. The club patio got filled with people so I had to make my way to an alley where I could hear, and barely see the Conchords through a slit in the patio fence. The guys made a reference to the people outside saying "they like them (the people outside) more," and also how Jemaine was playing favorites to the people outside. And a special, heartfelt, loving BOOOO is sent to the people inside for letting poor Bret hit the floor in an attempt at a stage dive, the people outside would have caught him. Another thing the dude inside forgot was, that the Conchords opened with "Beautiful" a song I had never heard before this week, but instantly liked at both of the guys' performances. Just wanted to say that I was at both of the performances, the guys rocked, and I hope that the guys will make Austin, and SxSW a regular stop in the U.S., cause they got a lot of fans on this side of the globe. Texas loves FoTC!!!

Saturday March 18th, 2006, 12:30 pm

SXSW Music:
Flight of the Conchords - By Ben Combee - Thanks to Ben for sending this along

I got to see my favorite musical comedy act, Flight of the Conchords, last night for a too-short 45-minute set at the packed Red Eyed Fly. I got there in a sprint from the Alamo Drafthouse and found a line of badges waiting to get into the club, but it moved pretty quickly and I found a spot to stand up near the stage.

Alas, my Treo's sound recording capabilities were no match for the loudspeakers, so I've got no "personal record" of the evening outside of a couple of photos. The group hasn't released a US album yet, so there was no merchandise. However, they were really funny, doing some improvising with the crowd. Britt even did a slightly pathetic stage dive at one point, then complained about the SXSWers who moved out of the way instead of catching him.

The set included "Bowie", a song with a long preface about time travelling using LSD and how Jermaine was trapped in a bathroom with the early-70's Tina Turner and the modern Tina Turner, and the young Tina was asking if she should leave Ike, and Jermain wanted to say "What's love got to do, got to do with it", but realized the young Tina wouldn't get the reference. There was "Humans Are Dead", which imagines a world in the distant future of the year 2000 where only robots exist and the word "yes" has been replaced by "affirmative". And of course, there was "Jenny", "Boom Boom", and "Business Time", and one song whose name I don't know but repeatedly featured the use of the word "motherucker". (yes, the 'f' was almost always silent).

The audience had a lot of fans mixed with the industry types. I saw one girl wearing a "Team-Building Exercise 1999" t-shirt (a reference to one of the lines in "Business Time"), and at one point, the guys up on stage started commenting on the fans they could hear standing behind the wall at the club, listening through the cracks because they couldn't get in.

*Editors Note*- A good time to mention for anyone wondering what *that* song the guys performed was called. Its called Mother*uckers. And yes, the * is intentional. The guys never pronounce the actual letter. Its sort of an 'uckgh' sound. And its an older song from 2002/2003. I remember it being one of my favourites live from that set. Glad to see the guys have brought it back for a few airings. Its a shame its not on the Folk The World CD, but I'd imagine its kind of hard to appreciate the effect of it unless you see it performed live.

Report from Tuesday 14 March by Vanessa

"Greetings from the great state of Texas.The craziness that is SXSW began early for me this year. Last nights show with the guys was sold out. Some of the comedians were not the best but FoTC were very well received, even though they only got to do 3 songs. I was lucky enough to be very close up and did manage a few photos. As we were waiting for the show to start, we meet a Lisa and Lynette. They drove down from Wisconsin, about 1000 miles, to see FoTC. They are making a week of it with the festival and all, but the main attraction is FoTC. After the show, we ran into others that were there just for our boys." - Thanks to Vanessa for sending this in

I would just like to say here, I am amazed and delighted at just how far people went, or even, how far people were, ahem, prepared to go, to see FoTC! Dedication for you. I know when I first saw them back in 2002, some people actually travelled the Atlantic to catch a show in Scotland. And for a holiday, but the Conchords were on the list of attractions to see! I also recall *thinking* about going to see them one time. Jemaine admired my dedication for that, so imagine the levels reached for people actually getting past the thinking stage.

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