A little slice of fan pie for you. Artwork, musings, reviews of gigs, comments, clips. Pretty much anything people put together that is decent. Submissions welcome. Please feel free to email stuff in

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Anyone wishing to send in a review, artwork and the like please feel free to email me

Fan art from winter 2007 - 2008 - Thanks to all for sending stuff in :)

Ryan Estrada, of Carton Commune made these nifty icons and also did some Conchords artwork.

Flight of The Conchords - Bret icon by Ryan Flight of The Conchords - Jemaine icon by Ryan Flight of The Conchords - Mel by Ryan Flight of The Conchords - Murray by Ryan

Flight of The Conchords by Ryan Estrada

Flight of The Conchords poster by Steven FoTC looking good by Steven. Click image for full size.

Flight of The Conchords by Valerie Drawing by Valerie . Click image for full size.

Flight of The Conchords by Alice Drawing by Alice.

Fan art - From summer/autumn 2007 - Thanks to all who sent stuff in :)

Flight of The Conchords oil painting by Laurie A wonderful Conchords piece by Laurie (click image for full size) Visit Laurie's webpage here

By Nicolle - Ocotber 2007 - Flight of The ConchordsBy Nicolle - click on image for full size

And below, Valerie made a Conchords lunchbox and drinks bottle!

Flight of The Conchords lunchbox and drinks bottle

Jemaine Clement by Laurie And lastly, Jemaine as painted by Laurie. Click image for larger size. Visit Laurie's webpage here

Come on sucka lick my batteries by Andrew

Flight of The Conchords - Lick my batteries Thanks Andrew :)

Conchords go South Park stylee by Geaux Tiger

Right down to the stripey sweater! I'm impressed. Thanks GT :)

Flight of The Conchords - South Park stylee

Conchords go Simpson stylee by Dana

Thanks to Dana for sending this one in. Bret got the clean shaved look but its working for him methinks. And no, this does not mean I am strangely attracted to yellow cartoon characters....

Flight of The Conchords as the Simpsons

Jemaine - by DayDreamer

This picture was done by DayDreamer, a WTF! forum member back in February 2006. Enjoy :)

Please remove these cutleries from my knees

Thanks to Fawad for this cool sketch. Much like Phil Collins who taught us what it must be like to be a tramp, Fawad has shown us what it must be like to be sung about in a cool comedy duo song.

'Will somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees'

Quite a good likeness methinks. Who knew robot Jemaine had such nice legs! View larger version of image HERE

Conchords desktop background

Thanks to a certain Adam Ford for getting creative and sending it in. And then for going one better when confronted with an email from moi truly and making it into a desktop background for download. Follow the links and right click and save if you are a Windows user. Or whatever else you do on your compy! Cheers once again Adam.

Flight of The Conchords Intense 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 or even 1600 x 1200

Guess who and don't sue! (*hint* Two are of Bret, the other two of Jemaine....)

A couple each of Bret and Jemaine. Yes, the Bret beanie is back! And some of you eagle eyed people might recognise the Jemelvis look inspired from Jemaine's turn in Tongan Ninja Thanks to Gayle, Indigo, conchordgirl and Kate for these.


This pic was sent to me ages back by a Conchords fan. Alas, I can not find the email (it appears lost in between computer changes) Anyways, it was cool to not post online. If I find the name of the person who made it, I'll be sure to let you know.

Fan clips of songs

Holden made a clip to go with the Bus Drivers Song. Works really well with the song. Almost as good as being on the tour itself!


Matt posted to the WTF! forum a while back about this clip of his a capella group singing Humans Are Dead. Jemaine noticed it also and liked it so much he posted it to the Conchords MySpace page and called it 'fairly choice'. View the clip below. Enjoy.


Lexxie Lizzie made a few clips to go with some Conchords songs a while back. I'm now able to host them all again for you to download and watch. Enjoy. WMV format. Stick men ahoy!

Humans Are Dead Albi Frodo

Anyone using information, images, mp3's etc exclusive to What The Folk! a credit and/or link back to the source here would be much appreciated. We are all fans together. I'd like to think others using material taken from here will give credit to the source. Its not just my work on this site. Others have contributed also. So do the decent thing people. Thanks

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