I'm With The Band

Have you had your picture taken with the Conchords somewhere? At a gig, in the street, after a show.... anywhere? If so, feel free to email it in and I'll put it on this page for all to see. Be sure to tell us who you are.

July 2007

Cankersaurous with Jemaine and Bret after the El Rey gig in LA, July 12

Cankersaurous - Jemaine Clement

Cankersaurous - Bret Mckenzie

July 2006

L-R are Zee, Toni, half a Conchord, Luz and the other half a Conchord!

June 2006

Jemaine's photo taking needs work! He's cutting himself out of pics!

L-R Lisa, Kim, Kevin, Allan and half a Jemaine!

Jemaine takes a better pic second attempt!

Oooo a pic taken by Jemaine with MMari and friend plus a hairy guy!

March 2006

Katie with the guys (Did Jemaine get stuck in some lift doors or something prior to this pic? )

Shelly smiling in the middle of a Conchord sandwich

Vanessa meets the guys at the Red Eyed Fly gig. This Conchords sandwich thing looks like a good idea!

Luisa stuck in the middle. Or as Luisa called it, 'basking in heaven'. I could think of worse places to be!

The One Guy meets The Two Guys



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