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More in depth articles on Jemaine's projects outside of the Conchords over on Jemaine - A Bit On The Side

Bits and pieces

July 2007 - Claymation fun! Jemaine's hobby and also an amusing creative side project to the Conchords. Jemaine worked with Guy Capper for this claymation series. Titles include Sean, How To Ba and Life After Death.

Read more about this Clement and Capper project over on Jemaine - A Bit On The Side

View the Capper - Clement claymation shorts below

The Pen


January 2007 - Jemaine interviewed on the Heather Fink blog

Radio interview - June 2006 - Jemaine was interviewed recently on New Zealand radio and talked about the Conchords HBO pilot show and other things. Go here to listen now (see the Conchords music player) or download it and save to listen later. Enjoy!

November 2005 - Exclusive Q&A with Jemaine - The Guys kindly agreed to a Q & A for What The Folk! Can read Jemaine's answers to fan questions.

Humourbeasts - Also the other half of Humourbeasts (wouldn’t be a third now would he!). Taika Cohen (Taika Waititi) (aka as Ugly Dude) is his partner in crime. *Out there* is the only way I can describe them. I would have put up a photo here but I happened to take it when the guys were on stage wearing their invisibility helmets, so they sadly did not show up. Only two chairs madly going at *it*! They will remain a mystery and pictureless (the world is just not ready for Ugly Dude in all his glory). See the reviews page for more on them. A medallion man waiting to happen if only he would stop waxing his chest hair! O and wear a medallion! He does not drink. Not to say that he never drinks anything, just not alcohol. His body is a temple and is worshipped accordingly.

Humourbeasts in late 2003 for The Untold Tales of Maui. Read more HERE on it. (Yes, I relented, that is Ugly Dude Taika....)

Got less than a nanosecond to spare? Googlism for Jemaine only turned up one answer! Are there so few out there? It said - "Jemaine is also strangely familiar as one of those wheelbarrow spinning lads in the db export ad."
Here is where I start my campaign to get more googlywotistism's. This is also where I worry that Jemaine spun a wheelbarrow......

Unofficial Jemaine fan site called St Clements Another called Jemaine Clement Fanbase

Jemaine - The celluloid side of the coin

L&P advertising campaign 2006-2007

March 2007 - L&P advertising campaign - L&P have recently added a new bit to their campaign and Jemaine is once again providing the voiceover. Check out the new L&P radio ads. Six to choose from.

Below is L&P stuff from a little while back but still funny. While Jemaine does not appear in person in the adverts he lends his dulcet tones to the advertising campaign. I am much amused. Shame Jemaine never appeared in the Stubbies ad himself. His voiceover cracks me up, but his appearance, his legs appearance, would have been classic.

Go visit L&P, world famous in New Zealand since ages ago or click HERE for the Jemaine mp3. Watch the Stubbie ad below. Men in shorts! Men in tight shorts! Stubbies!

Also was in Phones4U ad with Bret back at the end of 2003 on UK TV. Cool ad with a very catchy tune.

What We Do In The Shadows - 2006

June 2006 - What We Do In The Shadows screened at the Wellington Film Festival. Thursday July 27 and Monday July 31. The synopsis reads -

Directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, assisted by fellow comedian Jonathan Brugh, explore the flatting lifestyle of three perennial bachelors, vampires Vulvis (aged 700, maybe 701), Viago (229) and Deacon (107). Listless, dandified masters of the artful sigh, they waver between trying to spook the anonymous filmmaker with their doomy tales, and making silken plays for pity. If you thought never dying might be cool, they’re here to tell you about the hollowness at the core of their eternal round of irritating household chores, domestic squabbles and Saturday nights being mistaken for homosexuals in the Courtenay Quarter. Few will be impressed by their haughty approach to younger vampires, though many may admire their openness in addressing such longstanding questions as: how can any man who never sees himself in a mirror care so obsessively about clothes, hair, and skin tone?

Read more about the project from Jemaine and Taika Waititi over on the dedicated page for the film - What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows

Eagle Vs Shark - 2007

Eagle vs Shark film poster Eagle vs Shark - A film by Taika Waititi. Jemaine stars alongside Loren Horsley in this feature length film. Covered in depth here on What The Folk! on the Eagle vs Shark page

Outback advertising campaign - 2006

I awoke one recent morning in January to a fair number of emails about a sighting or two of Jemaine in a TV ad that aired during the Superbowl (American Football - Its a sport in America apparently) For Outback Steakhouse. And lo, this turned out to be true. Not only has Jemaine turned into an Aussie, he turned into a mini mullet wearing one! The horror!

The TV viewing United States now think thats how Australians talk! Much amused. (Anyone wanting to brush up on their Aussie speak can go here). However, I have been reliably informed the Aussies are not fooled one bit and reckon he sounds like a Kiwi. Funny that. (In the interest of science I carried out an indepth survey to prove this. I asked my partner, who happens to be an Aussie to watch the ad and tell me what he thought. His words 'He sounds like a Kiwi still') Ooops

Note - The TV campaign with Jemaine's ads has now ended but you can watch some of the ads via What The Folk! Decent quality clips - Outback Boomerang, Outback Semiveg and Outback Shrimp.

Futile Attraction

Futile Attraction. Its a film. And Jemaine is in it. His part is only small, although he does feature more in the extras. Go read more on it HERE and Jemaine's cast write up HERE Now available to order online. Read an interview with Mark Prebble, the director and writer online at the New Zealand Listener. Futile Attraction has a long and interesting 'making of' behind it. Worthwhile project to get behind and a great idea from Mark Prebble to help get the film finished and released. Congrats all round.

Futile Attraction

Tongan Ninja

Tongan Ninja - Starred in/co wrote it/sounded well funny in it/wore a cool outfit/had a not so cool name (Marvin??) in the Tongan Ninja. Trailers and TV spots will be online here soon. Tagline reads: A film that will touch your heart... after it's finished with your teeth, ribs, spleen and kneecaps. And........ Worth it for the opening sequence alone.

Tongan Ninja starring Jemaine Clement Purchase Region 2 DVD --Tongan Ninja DVD starring Jemaine Clement Purchase Region 1 DVD


Fizz - 2000 saw Jemaine appear in the short film comedy called Fizz. It was written, produced and directed by Jason Stutter over in New Zealand. Cast is listed as Jemaine Clement. Hmmmm.....

Oooo scary! You could park a potato in there!

Jemaine links

Tongan Ninja - Tongan ninja stylee your thing? A film’s been made with you in mind. Funny that. A work of genius, good, bad or downright crap? Review over at IMDb!

Saint Clements – Jemaine's first fan site can be found here.

Jemaine Clement Fanbase - His second fan site is here

Humourbeasts - With Taika Cohen who is the director and writer of Two Cars, One Night and other projects

Futile Attraction - aka as Make Mark's Movie dot com - Jemaine Clement

Jemaine Clement Jemaine at Bumbershoot 2005 (Thanks Abby for the pic)


My thanks to Jemaine for taking part in this. The first four questions were popular ones asked by a few people. I put them to both the guys and their answers are in the appropriate thread. Enjoy. (Please credit What The Folk! if you use this Q&A stuff elsewhere. Its always nice to credit the source. The guys gave their time, I gave mine, so take a minute of yours. Thanks.)

What song have you played most frequently on your iPod (or
equivalent music-playing device)in the past week?

J: Agua De Marco (The Waters Of March) Susannah McCorkle.

What is your favourite Conchords song?

J: Busdriver's Song

What do you like to do with your free time? Hobbies, other work
projects, sleeping?

J: Claymation. Although I wish I could say something cooler like hang-gliding, snowboarding or sado-masochism.

Your Fan Q's

EvilMoose asks:
Are there any comedians you admire?

J: Yes, plenty. Mitch Hedberg (USA), Bill Bailey (UK)and Sugar & Spice (NZ) are among my favourites.

FluffyBlonde asks:
What qualities do you most admire in your friends and others with whom
you associate? Which qualities do you like the least?

J: I admire generosity. Whether they're generous with their time, effort or biscuits.
I don't like people who complain about other people. Like Bret for instance. Just Joking

Tell us about your family. Do you have many siblings? Are you the
oldest? Youngest?

J: I am the eldest of three brothers.

And a little something for the ladies: What qualities does your ideal woman posses?

J:Sense of humour is high up there. I am a sucker for a woman who can make me laugh when I first meet her, and later on in a relationship, after you've been together a long time it can really help you through tougher times.

Ellen asks:
At about what age did you start doing vocal impressions, and what kinds of voices or accents do you find to be the most challenging?

J: I used to copy the voices on the TV from about the age of 9 till I was about 17. I don't think of myself as a good impersonator though. I can do a couple of voices. I know people who are a lot better at it than I am.

specialkay asks:
Will you both list at least 5 of your most favourite things?
(without any funny business you two!) to be specific I want foods, music genres,
what you like to do in your spare time to relax what's your fav colour, surprise me now with a fav.......

J: Band: The Phoenix Foundation
Colour: Vermillion
General Ethnic Food Group: Mexican
Relaxation: Watching movies
Sport: Squash

Who has been the biggest influence in your lives; inspiring your choice of career choice the most and why?

J: I remember at about 11 watching the show 'Blackadder' starring Rowan Atkinson and being so amazed by how much it made me laugh. I thought 'I want to do something like that'

Courtney Ann N asks:
Where did Jemaine purchase his 'deer in the moonlight' t-shirt for the One Night Stand performance? (My friends and I thought it looked similar to some of the t-shirts we've seen for sale in gas stations)

J: I bought that from a vintage T-Shirt store in New York. I thought it was pretty funny, and thought 'who would wear something like that'? After I wore it on the show I started noticing that a lot of Americans wear stuff like that.

Andria asks:
Is there anything you can't do that you wish you could?

J: Most things.

indigo_jones asks:
Death is not an option. Which group would you rather be in: Loverboy or New Kids on the Block?

J: Loverboy never achieved the elusive goal of every American entertainer, popular success in New Zealand. In fact I have no idea who they are. Therefore I would rather be in Loverboy. I like their band name too.

What is the nickname you secretly wished you were called?

J: Snake-hips

conchordgirl asks:

What is Jemaine's birthday?

January 10

Does it bother him that girls on the forum want to kiss him?

I love it. Naturally.

What would he like to accomplish in his lifetime (the ultimate)?

I don't mind too much, as long as what I'm doing is interesting and that I am enjoying life.

Amaria asks:
You have some really wicked shirts. Where do you shop, man?

J: I like going to second hand shops in small towns.

*Must not comment*

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