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June 2007 - Conchords on Letterman and Conan

Grab the Conan clip here - Something Special For The Ladies (45MB) - An old song from the 2002 season revamped and sounding good.

Watch or download the Letterman clip here - Conchords performing Beautiful Girl (28MB)


March and April 2007 - HBO series - promo clips

Flight of The Conchords - HBO View/download this short FoTC HBO promo clip HERE

Promo clip for the Conchords HBO series

  Download this clip here

Behind the scenes of the HBO series

  Download this clip here

From September 2005 - One Night Stand

Jenny (39MB download)

Issues (spoken word from between songs)

Think About It, Think Think About It


She's So Hot, Boom!

And if you've made it this far and have not seen the entire Flight of The Conchords HBO One Night Stand performance, all 30 (give or take a couple) minutes of it, its now on Google Video

Odds and sods

Lexxie Lizzie made a few clips to go with some Conchords songs a while back. I'm now able to host them all again for you to download and watch. Enjoy. WMV format. Stick men ahoy! Humans Are Dead Albi Frodo (If you use any of these clips anywhere, please credit Lexxie/WhatTheFolk! Thanks.

Business Time - Performed on Conan O'Brien September 2005

Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous - From an appearance on the Craig Ferguson show in September 2005

Below - Bowie - Thanks to some nifty time tripping the Conchords tell all about Bowie and his songs.


Below - Something Special For The Ladies - from a 2004 TV appearance


Phones 4 U - The annoyingly catchy phone ad, but not. The 'flimed on the bus' version. Not seen on TV. Aired Novemeber 2004 in the UK.

And another blast from the past, the Conchords TV ad for Phones4U in the UK. I think this was shown late 2003, early 2004 on UK TV and was one of those annoyingly catchy tunes being hummed round the country for months. Thanks dandy lyons for digging this nugget up.


Humans Are Dead First on What The Folk! From the Comedy Gala, shown on TV in New Zealand back in 2003. The guys only performed this one song. This was the first track I ever hosted on the site back in early 2003, so its good to have it back after its long holiday. Also in more recent times its come to light the guys also ended up calling this song 'Robots' Both are correct ;)

Outback adverts featuring Jemaine Clement - Outback Boomerang, Outback Semiveg and Outback Shrimp.

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