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There are now so many press articles, interviews and goodness knows what else about the Flight of The Conchords and their HBO series, I've decided to compile all the HBO related ones here.

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August 2007

Boston Globe has a two page Conchords article online.

Marc Allen has a short interview with the Conchords online. Jemaine tells the world he fancies toothbrushes and Bret recommends a great little cafe on Kantara.

July 2007 has a Conchords interview/article online. They aren't actually a real band you know.... read it all here

Vulture called the Conchords 'unlikely studs' I wonder what that means.... shocked gif

Buddy TV also has an article on the Conchords online.

Flight of The Conchords Rolling Stone snippet

Geekgeekgeekgeekgeekgeekgeek You have to read it to appreciate true geekdom. I am a mere sproutling in comparison :p

LA Times has an article/interview with the Conchords. Some interesting snippets can be found there.

June 2007

Brian Logan, Guardian writer and long time Conchords fan wrote an article about how well the Conchords have done since their days gigging in a cave.

Is this article saying the Conchords are ugly? Nerdy? OK, so maybe the guys are not trying to look hot in their series, but blimey, women all over seem to be swooning over them and finding them attractive and telling them so. The not trying thing seems to be having a reverse effect on the ladies out there ;)

IGN have glowing reviews for the first two episodes of the Conchords show. Read the Sally review and Bret Gives Up The Dream has a review of the Conchords TV show.

Rebecca Barry over at NZ Herald writes about the Conchords. I won't mention how some TV stations/networks over in New Zealand were a bit dumb and passed up on the Conchords in years gone past. Oooops, I guess I just did. Ah well, the HBO show has been picked up by Prime (who beat TV3 to it) and will air there later this year. Lets hope the Conchords overseas success story opens the door to more home grown comedy on TV in New Zealand. Pay attention TV bigwigs! - You may not have good taste but 1.5 million TV viewing Americans and goodness knows how many Kiwi, Brits and <insert long list of countries this site has had hits from here> can't be wrong!

The NZ Herald reports mixed reviews from the US critics. Chortle UK reports more of the same.

A couple of Conchords HBO reviews, San Francisco Chronicle liked, Reuters Hollywood Reporter didn't.

Now Toronto talk Conchords and tiny TV subgenres. Oooerrr!

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article on the Conchords HBO show.

TVGuide not wanting to miss out on some Conchords action, came up with a great interview. The guys sounded like they were kicking back a bit. Go read it here.

TVNZ ran an article about the Conchords and the HBO series. Over 100 days straight working on the show! In need of a holiday methinks.

Washington Post has a Conchords review. Its in the 'we like it' camp!

TV Blend have a Conchords article online.

Detriot Free Press call the Conchords a 'giggly flight of fancy' and really like what they haveseen. Read what they said here

New York Times article - A Family in Harmony

New York Times HBO Conchords review - The New Zealand Invasion: Digi-Folk Now!

New York Observer - The Sopranos' is done! Will New Zealand’s folk parody duo Flight of the Conchords keep the network from getting whacked? - Flight of The Conchords Q&A - Irregular 'Flight' Patterns

USA Today - Conchords take 'Flight' with new series and spoofs - By Susan Wloszczyna

USA Today - No. 1 fans — on-screen and on tour - By Susan Wloszczyna talks HBO and the Conchords

ComingSoon - Jemaine talks E v S and Conchords

NY Times New in Town, Talking Funny - By Dave Itzkoff

NY Post - Kiwi Con Men - New Zealand comedy duo masters the offbeat

LA Times - Eagle vs Shark and Flight of The Conchords

Flight of The Conchords The Conchords - quirky, offbeat, strange, funny and unique. Allegedly. I'll stick with 'rather talented'

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