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More in depth articles and images on Bret McKenzie's projects outside of the Conchords over on Bret - A Bit On The Side Updated with a couple of clips - WIUO and Black Seeds.

Bits and pieces

July 2007 - Great interview with Bret McKenzie prior to the Conchords apperance at Bonnaroo 2007. Read the ongoing discussion on the What the Folk forums.

31 October 2006 - Gareth Shute has written a new book, Insight and Inspiration: NZ Artists Talk About Creativity and it is out November 10 2006. It features as one of its subjects a certain Bret McKenzie.

Insight and Inspiration: NZ Artists Talk About Creativity

A recent article said

"This book was an odd one for publishers to grasp. It was quite nefarious. Then these themes came through about people being able to make something out of whatever came to hand and being able to do more than one thing because they can't afford anyone to make stuff for them."

Shute cites Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords, who is one of the 52 subjects. An extract reads: "In New Zealand you have to do more than one thing to create enough money to live, so you end up juggling these different projects - I do comedy, theatre and music as well as a bit of TV to make a living. Sometimes you do lose a bit of focus by not committing to one thing, but at the same time it makes you very multi-talented and multi-skilled... Nobody does that overseas. Most of the people we work with over there solely do comedy and they struggle to understand why I would want play in a band and do theatre as well."

ExposureLifestyle magazineJuly 2006 - Exposure Lifestyles (online magazine out of Wellington, NZ by Pat Sheperd) ran an interview with Bret in its July 06 edition. Read it from a screencap here (small text) or go visit Exposure Lifestyles and download the PDF (issue 2)

Here is something to pass a nanosecond or two..... Googlism of Bret Take your pick as to what you like from the list. I'm going with Bret is .......

... goddamn (This just sounds good)

... a certified wildlife biologist and a member of the wildlife society (Who knew?)

... currently the wcw world heavyweight champion (Now I know its on a wind up)

... probably a dream of Bret's *Mirthful snittering*

... embedded in a weak steering flow and has been nearly stationary over the past several hours

... kind of a bitch

... a tough security agent who definitely doesn't believe in ghosts. (What! Not even poltergoose's?)

And finally....

Some blurb on Bret that tells it better than I can be bothered to try and write. Or something. Bret McKenzie- 'The Video Kid' & Internet Elf Celebrity

Bret McKenzie

Bret - Music projects


A member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. Read more about Bret's most recent project over in Bret's Bit On The Side.

The Wellington Ukulele Orchestra performing Hey Ya. Bret can be spotted there somewhere.


Video Kid - Prototype Video Kid (aka Bret aka Figwit) has recorded a few tracks in his time. And now he has his own little corner of webspace. November 2003 saw a 5 track EP out in NZ featuring the Video Kid. Can listen to clips and purcase the CD HERE at Loop NZ.

Was part of the band BlackSeeds. Left in early 2006 to work on other projects. Based in New Zealand (some countries have all the luck. Others have Bret ;-). Reggae dub sort of thing going on.

Black Seeds The Black Seeds, Bret 3rd from left

Read more about all these and other Bret projects over on Bret's Bit On The Side

Bret - The celluloid side of the coin

A top notch Elvish impersonator. Often mistaken for Figwit. Spooky that! Read a write up on him over at USA Today. Got a few hours to kill? Type Figwit into google and your time can be filled. Its ok, you don't need to thank me :-) Jan 2004 - Yes, Bret got called back for pickup shots for Peter Jackson's Return Of The King. He also got given lines. And a TOPPS card. You really want to see it? Arghhh... ok I caved. Here it is

Yes, this is for real. Only not the hair.....wig alert!

Also was in Phones4U ad with Jemaine back at the end of 2003 on UK TV. Cool ad with a very catchy tune.

Bret practices his 'deer in headlights' look

Bret links

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

Video Kid (site appears to be no longer live as of early 2007) Video Kid CD titled Prototype is available from Loop NZ

The Black Seeds (no longer a member of this band, May 2006)

Figwit Lives - Bret McKenzie

The Video Kid

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