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This section is all about you, the fans. Your Conchords artwork, icons, reviews, pictures....

Forums - Forums on What The Folk! We have a discussion forum where you can meet fellow Conchords fans and discuss all things Conchord and non Conchord related. Forum guidelines can be found HERE

I'm With The Band - The idea is simple. If you have had a pic taken with Flight of The Conchords (pre gig, during gig or post gig), or with Jemaine or Bret, and would like to share, send it along. Be sure to mention your name so I can include it with the pic. EMAIL ME

Fantastic - Fantastic is a little slice of fan pie for you. If people send it in, I'll post it on the site. Artwork, musings, reviews of gigs, comments, clips. Pretty much anything people put together that is decent.

Icons - Since the Conchords began appearing on HBO many fans have made icons of the guys. I've compiled a collection on it's own page as things were getting a little crowded over on the original Fantastic page.

Fan Reviews - Want to write a review for What The Folk! ? Anyone wanting to submit a fan review of a Conchords gig (or anything from any project the guys are working on for that matter.... film, other music act...) please send it along - Email me (Please note - submissions may be edited in length before putting on the site)

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