2009 North American Tour

The Conchords hit the road. Or should that be take an amble along it. Whichever, they will be in a city near (or not so near) you soon. This page is for everything and anything tour related.

Email in your pictures from the gigs, pics with the guys, reports, video clips, links to blogs and whatever else you think might be good to share.

Please remember to not use flash photography when in the venues. It never works. Non flash is the way to go.

Email me Be sure to include the name you would like for credit. Thanks. Also anyone sending in pics of themselves with the guys will see their pics posted on the I'm With The Band page aswell.

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Flight of The Conchords Tour 2009

Flight of The Conchords tour 2009

View the Conchords tour merchendise here



May 7 - Austin, TX - The Conchords need more underwear

Well at least that's what was said at the gig! Along the lines of not having tees thrown at them but hoping for more underwear. Maybe they will get lucky at some later gigs now ;)

A few things to take from the Austin show

Impromtu song titled Take Your Shirts Off Austin. You can imagine the scene I am sure ;)

Once again, no meet and greet.

Great review of the gig can be found over at AustinTownHall

May 6 - Houston, TX - Pants! Well, not those kinds of pants. But pants.

The underwear kind. Not the trouser kind. I'm not American so don't use the same terminology. So yes, getting back to the topic at hand. Underwear. SugaLumps underwear. Stop buying those tees and get thee some clean pants! Now available at gigs.

Conchords underwear

A few things to take from the Houston show

The above mentioned undies!

Ummmm, ahhhh, well, ummmmm.... undies!

And lookie, there he is, stuck there, the Rhymenoscerous on Bret's guitar. Pic by Natasha Sills

Rhymenoscerous on Bret's guitar

And a few more from Natasha Sills as she took some amazing pics at the gig

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie 'Is your name on the poster ? No, then shut up.'

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie Sugalumps

View the rest of the pics in the set from Natasha Sills on Flickr - View pics here

May 5 - Dallas, TX - Well, I learn something new every day. Thanks Bret ;)

Not sure what I can say here. I'm running out of those whatyamacallits... words. Bret had a few to put to Dallas though. "Why so many condom shops, Dallas? We've been traveling for a month and we've never seen so many condom shops." Apparently. Not sure if Dallas had an answer for him.

A few things to take from the Dallas show

Penelope Princess of pets t-shirt was among the merch offerings. The band meeting shirt is now no longer a ringer tee - just a tan shirt w/white text front and back.

Eugene also made mention of many/varied condom shops. Amused that condom shops made such a big impression.

The sombrero given to Bret during Sexylady / Sugalumps was because it was Cinco de Mayo... obviously Bret has a different take on the Mexican hat dance! Bret's' 'take' can be viewed in all its glory HERE

Bret apparently had a little rhymenoceros stuck to the top of his main acoustic guitar.

Nigel joined them on-stage pretty early on and played on most of the songs. He seemed pleased when the guys told him some of the girls in the front said he was hot.

We were invited to join Bret as the chorus of ex-girlfriends on "Carol Brown" & though they didn't seem too impressed with othe ladies performance, Jemaine thought of having them all go to Houston and surprise the audience there by showing up behind them on stage to sing.

Jemaine mentioned a woman filming "the whole show" in the front... said she should at least cover the red light with tape. Then he called to Matt to come and take a picture of her from stage... which was tricky as he wore one of the robot heads from "Too Many Dicks" for most of the evening.

After a long explaination of how they'd travelled back in time to teach Bowie his hits from one of his own future songbooks, Jemaine pointed out "a Bret" in the audience. He eventually decided that it was Bret from the future there to warn present day Bret not to play the next song....

Thanks to Ruth for the snippets above :)

Some great pics on Flickr by clared23 - View them here

May 3 - Minneapolis, MN - False alarm

A night of fun and frolics. In between the fire alarm going off meaning people had to leave the venue. The show therefore kicked off late and Mirman thanked the audience saying “Just so everyone knows, that was a false alarm. Thank you for staying and not burning to death,”

A few things to take from the Minneapolis show

Nigel being called Virgil in a write up on the gig. Ooops - Read it here

Good write up on the nights events can be found over at Twin Cities Decider.

And once again, no meet and greet. The guys probably hit the road early to get to Dallas for the next day.

May 2 - Milwaukee, WI - !!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!! !!!!!! !!!!! !! !! ! !!!!! !!!!!! ! ! !

If that header went over your heads, read this review. Will explain all ;)

A few things to take from the Milwaukee shows

"We thought the show was over, so we got changed and were ready to go home, but then you guys wanted another song, so... we're just wearing our regular clothes " Click on images for larger size pics

Bret McKenzie Jemaine Clement Nigel

The words 'Jemaine' 'wearing' and 'sparkly blue thong' have been uttered in connection with the pics above.

Jemaine Clement Bret McKenzie

View more of these and other pics from the night over at Runaway Wind's Flickr page. Many thanks for letting me share these with the world.

Much amused at Jemaine being given a dollar for his sugalumps.

No meet and greet. You can thank the Conchords management and apparently swine flu for that. Or else they were off doing something else. Or sleeping. Or eating. Whatever it was, they were doing it elsewhere.

I can't include the reviews I was sent as the links no longer work. Apologies.

April 30 - St. Louis, MO - The phantom bra flinging gig

Yes, one was thrown. And then chucked back into the crowd where it got thrown around some more till Jemaine asked for it back, claiming it was their only one. I guess that's being framed then :p

A few things to take from the St Louis show

Jemaine Beard Watch - He was clean shaven. Thus disappointing many ladies who prefer him to have some stubble.

"How dare you ma'am!" They dared and Jemaine called them on it! Sugalumps keeps getting naughtier! See the clip below.


April 28-29 - Chicago, IL - Dealing with the issues by getting those pigs some tissues


And for the second night, Bret's Day song got its first live performance. Lucky Chicago.

A few things to take from the Chicago shows

John Wesley Harding performed with Eugene Mirman both nights. Read his blog on it all here

Jemaine is not impressed if you try to video his sugalumps ;)

Bret's Day (not the greatest quality but still good to see/hear) Bret had printed out lyrics he was reading from and somewhere during the song they fell to the floor.


Not heard reports of a meet and greet.

Set list from the second night

Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor
Hurt Feelings
Bret's Day (hearing this live made me absolutely giddy, they said they hadn't done it live before)
The Most Beautiful Girl (in the room)
I Told You I was Freekie
I'm Not Crying
A Kiss is Not a Contract
Bus Driver's Song
Business Time
Pencils in the Wind
Same Girl
Demon Woman
Foux de Fa Fa

April 26 - Madison, WI - Well, did anyone write a review? Take pics? Come on, dish!

Well by all accounts a good time was had by all at this gig. Conchords seemed to actually enjoy singing Freebird (perhaps they should just open the show with it and get it out the way) and played one encore of four songs.

A few things to take from the Madison show

They briefly discussed season 3 ...... They said they wished someone from the future would give them a book with all of their future songs (like they did with Bowie), so they'd have an easier time with writing for Season 3. (thanks Brian)

Another tour poster by Tyler Stout (he who did Conchords album cover artwork).

Short review of the gig - Read it here Only don't. It would appear its no longer there. That lasted all of 3 seconds. Whatever happened to internet people. Pages sticking around longer than 2 days *sigh*

People waited after the show, Conchords appeared, signed stuff, had pics taken. O wait, thats called a meet and greet.

Clips and pics to follow

April 25 - Bloomington, IN - Romance was in the air

A few things to take from the Bloomington show

Marriage proposal from Matt the sound guy to his girlfriend. Worked with the Conchords a while now and went to school here/there, so very sweet. Mananged to work it in to Sellotape/Pencils In The Wind at the end of the set. Congrats to the couple :)

Bret went seat surfing and climbed about 4 rows back at the end of the old Sugalumps song. The word 'gyrating' has been bandied about to describe his actions. Women from row 5 back went green with envy. Well some at least.

Whoever is writing the set list... its spelled Sellotape ;)

Freebird was back in the song requests.

Meet and greet was a go.

Review of the gig can be read here. Just the last part made me laugh. Erm hello, its a live stage show, its what they generally do. Lovingly referred to as 'banter'. And funny to boot.


Celeste76 has a great set of photos up on Flickr - View them here

April 24 - Detroit, MI - Busy night, two shows crammed in

This was a night of squishing them in, rushing them out and then squishing them in again.

A few things to take from the Detriot shows

Orange panties are never a good idea. And placing them on the stage (yes placed, not thrown) is even worse. Shame on you ladies for having too much dignity and not enough taste. However, they did end up in Bret's face thanks to Jemaine throwing them there. Panties that is, not the women who placed them.

The Conchords, well Jemaine, have an Insult Mirror. You have been warned.

Over zealous women trying to get on to the stage can only mean one thing. Those over zealous women don't get to see the rest of the show from their seats. They get to see it from outside somewhere.

Jemaine threw his drumsticks to people in the front row then when he realized he only had one left, politely asked for some to be returned because they had another show to do later. Bret came to the rescue when he pulled out a backup pair.

When someone asked for Murray, the Conchords kindly explained that he was a fictional character and was most likely hanging out with Jabba the Hutt. (thanks to Alec Robbins for the last 2 snippest)

No sign of Freebird being yelled out from anywhere. Apparently. At either gig. Impressive.

The Detroit poster

Flight of The Conchords tour poster for Detriot 2009 Thanks to Alec Robbins

Clips and pics to follow

April 21 & 22 Toronto, ON - They made it over the border!

And you sure gave them a welcome Toronto! Reports in suggest this was considered a great show by fans.

Emily emailed in and said - The good news: The guys were AMAZING - they sounded great, looked great, and as always, engaged in some very witty banter. They played for nearly 2 hours (including the lone encore).
The bad news: Robots and Rhymenocerous vs. Hiphopopotamous was not on the set list.

A few things to take from Toronto gigs...

Eugene Mirman was the opening act last night. I'm waiting to hear how he went over.

Loving Jemaine's mishearing of hecklers. Intentional or not, there are some classics. Tweeted by @kingdomofeven was this one Heckler, defending T.O.'s reputation: "We're good and bad!" Jemaine, mishearing: "You're going to bed?"

People were throwing stuff on stage. I guess mistaking the show for Rocky Horror. Bret as Frank N Furter anyone? I thought not :p Jellybeans and eyepatches were among the thrown stuff. Was one woman the sole culprit or were there more or you? Hoping this does not catch on. Dragons will be missing their tears otherwise. And pirates will be paying inflated prices for eyepatches. Won't do.

Penguin pajamas! Kudos :>

Baseball caps don't suit the Conchords. Not in my opinion anyways. But cool they wore them back on stage.

Don't go to the bathroom mid gig people. The Conchords stopped one of the Toronto gigs and waited for the offending person to return. O the shame!

No meet and greet the first night. Perhaps it was the hecklers put the guys off from appearing. Or maybe we can put it down to the weather. Or the planets were out of alignment and Jemaine's aura was a bit off colour while Bret's had packed its suitcase and was off out the door.Whichever it was (and I suspect the latter here) there wasn't one. There was a meet and greet the second night.

Article on AOLCanada - Read it here

One review in from Amused to read that Canadian Conchords fans are so tiny. Teeny tiny if they fit in Conchords pockets. Just hope that between them there were pockets enough. Read the review here

Awaiting clips and pics. Well I have some, just not got time to upload them or compile all the links.

In the meantime WhippetGood has posted some great ones on Flickr. View them here Also a clip of Sugalumps you might enjoy. View it here

April 19 Kent, OH - Well you lot sure like to talk

Did anyone actually go to this gig? Because reports on it sure are thin on the ground. No one excited enough to come back and blog, tweet or email in anything? Pics, vids, nothing seems to be floating around yet.

*Update* I take it all back. There was someone there who knows what email is! Thanks Sarah for sending a report in. Sarah says the set list was as follows

1.Too Many Dicks
2.Most Beautiful Girl
3.Hurt Feelings
5.Carol Brown
7.I Told You I was Freekie
8.I'm Not Crying
10.A Kiss is not a Contract
11.Bus Driver's Song
14.We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady/Sugar Lumps

Encore: Demon Woman, Hiphopopotamus Vs.Rhymenoceros, Bowie

A few things to take from the Kent gig...

This was the gig where two fans dressed as Robots and got up and boogied during the song. Jemaine and Bret seemed to be impressed.

Fan request - A Kiss Is Not A Contract was played. Sweet.

I laughed at this review quote 'The pair played along and even reprimanded a man for interrupting another heckler.'

That Guy was in fact mostly women at this gig. Kent however did score a bonus point for not yelling out Freebird!

A female fan appeared to have tried to join Bret on stage during a song. She kindly emailed in as she wanted her side of things known. Other fans are reporting it somewhat differently online so you can read her take on things HERE

I think there was a meet and greet. But no ones really talking. Secretive lot aren't you :| *Update* Yes a meet and greet took place. 40 or so fans about an hour after the gig ended. Thanks Robert for letting me know.

Review online via the Cleveland Scene. Read it here

And another over at Kent News Online - Read it here. Although its not got much of a review bit to be honest. The last couple of paragraphs are it.

No You Tube or pic goodness alas. O wait. I don't want to lie. One pic. A press one.

Flight of The Conchords - Kent, Ohio by Katie Young By Katie Young

April 18 Philadelphia, PA - Two shows in one night

The first of the Conchords 2 shows in 1 night. And by all accounts this wasn't half bad. The guys were really on form and having a good time.

A few things to take from these Philadelphia gigs...

Bret bought one of their own tour tees off a fan. Paid US $20 and NZ$10 and said that was equal to US$25. Both were much amused at having a signed tee from fans.

Bret messed up and decided to take an impromtu shower with Jemaine pouring water over him. Jemaine then felt bad so then doused himself also (I think I have this correct now)

Jemaine is still rocking that white suit (its cream in normal lighting but who cares, on stage it looks white and very funky).

Bret crawled. Broke some lighting. Note to Bret - Stay away from everything :p

Meet and greet did take place after the end of the second gig.

The guys wore mirror ball codpieces at the opening of the second set. Reports in say they were made by a fan who gave them at the first gig.

April 17 Boston, MA - We have a winner!

Boston, you win the prize (no actual prize as am too poor for something that big, you just get some WTF! thank you goodness heading your way). Boston is not a venue with That Guy in it (ok maybe a few minor That Guy's in training but still no outright That Guy). Reports coming in say that the crowd were great, somewhat throwing Jemaine and Bret a bit with their good manners and lack of yelling out.

A few things to take from the Boston gig....

Both Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal opened for the Conchords.

There was a real love fest going on for Boston from the Conchords. "You're a very attractive city. We'd love to take you back to the hotel" said Jemaine. Recorded for prosterity to view on You Tube

Bret quit the band. But then rejoined. Once again the tape recorder misses out on its chance for the limelight.

Jemaine rocked in his threads. Blue be gone! Its all about the white now.

Jemaine rubbed his stubble/beard across the mic. Women nearby were sat down so its impossible to say if any of them had their knees actually buckle causing them to fall over.

A fan really wore a hair helmet.

Three encores I am told. Lucky Boston, they really liked you ;) (Thanks to Alicia)

Once again no meet and greet. Apparently they had to leave right after the gig and head to Philly.

Boston Herald has a short write up on the gig - Read it here posted a decent review also - Read it here

Waiting on pics and clips if anyone has them :)

April 14 & 15, New York, Radio City Music Hall - Two nights in town

Some great reports sent in. Pics also. Many people who follow WTF! seem to be seeing the Conchords at Radio City, so hopefully I'll have some great stuff for you. I'll upload all the pics, vid links and so on once the second gig is done and dusted.

Bret still isn't 100% better so again no meet and greet after the gigs. However a few lucky fans happened to be lurking by the other stage door and did meet the guys as they were leaving. Hopefully he'll be back on form soon and be able to get back out and meet fans.

Maile emailed in to say of the guys leaving and getting to meet them - There was no official "meet & greet" but I along with a few other people did get to meet them. There was confusion over which door they were coming out and we happened to go on the right side at the right time. The guys were very sweet and nice, making sure everyone got their autographs and pictures, Jemaine even asked to see our photo to make sure it came out good. There were only 10-15 people I'd say. Bret still looks a little sick but better than previous nights.

A Conchords tour first next. That Guy went one better on the first night and actually ran onto the stage mid song. The guys, ever cool just carried on as they were. Security nabbed the offender once he ran off stage and he was escorted out in plastic handcuff things it is said. Whoever you are mate, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the gig from outside.

A few things to take from the first New York gig....

The lil red piano is no more. It got broke. Accidental but luckily there was a spare waiting in the wings.

Jemaine wore a Penelope Princess of Pets t-shirt. We like :) Not to be outdone, Bret worked a pink shirt.

Nigel stole the show for LSully9 apparently. Curious as to what exactly Nigel was getting up to but it must have been good!

Stop yelling out for Freebird. You are not original and every gig before you its been done. So lets see if the next lot of gigs can break the mould, rebel, and not yell it out ;)

Great write up on the second night by Camille over at Now Serving Number 1976 - Read it here Thanks for sending it in Camille :)

Entertainment Weekly posted a write up also - Read it here

You Tube Clips

Loads by tehwillsterrr - View them here


Jemaine Clement of Flight of The Conchords - Radio City Music Hall by Gabi Porter Prefix mag have some great gig pics online - View them here Pics by Gabi Porter

Maile has also emailed in pics and you can view them all here

Conchords have a few pics up over on their MySpace page - View them here

April 13 - Washington, DC - O what a night

Lots of fans sent in pics and reports on this gig. Thanks for taking the time. I'll try to include as many as I can here. Alas Bret was unwell, so maybe not their greatest gig, but fans seemed to have had a great time.

A few things to take from the Washington gig....

Bret was ill. The guys didn't do a meet and greet. Probably because of Bret being unwell.

Sound was apparently really good.

They played Hiphopapotamus v Rhymenocerous as part of the encore.

There was only one encore.

Chad sent in the set list - Setlist:
Too Many Dicks. Hurt Feelings. Stana. Most Beautiful Girl. Jenny. Mutha uckas. Bowie. Business Time. I'm Not Cryin. You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute. If You're Into it. Carol Brown. I just met a girl> Sugalumps

Encore: Robots. Bus Drivers Song. Hippopotamus vs Rhymenocerousceros

You Tube Clips

Hurt Feelings - Most Beautiful Girl - Business Time

Also 7 clips of between song banter. View them clicking One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven


Set of pics over on Facebook by Amber - View here (if on FB)

Set of pics on Flickr by Odessea - View here

Set of pics on Flickr by Robotrock - View here

April 11 - Atlanta, GA - Bret does a runner

If Twitter, blogs, Facebook and just about every other social networking site on the net is to be believed, then last nights gig in Atlanta was 'awesome' 'amazing' or 'incredible' or quite simply 'they rock. Two guys, on stools, playing guitars rocked Atlanta. A pretty picture.

A few things to take from the Atlanta gig....

Jemaine referred to Atlanta as "the fabled lost city of Atlanta". Apparently. Wonder if he watched the TV show as a kid ;)

Shouters still abound it seems. Yes you, shouting our for Freebird *sigh* Well Jemaine told you didn't he ;) And the other shout outs. Seems to me the guys have answers for you and it isn't usually what you want to hear.

They did two encores.

They ended the gig with Bret doing a runner into the audience and along the aisles and Jemaine shaking hands with the front row.

No news on a meet and greet after the gig. Anyone who went and can tell me otherwise feel free to let me know.

Not got time to dig up pics and clips atm. Will try tomorrow.

April 10 - Nashville, TN - A more intimate venue

The Ryman, known for great acoustics and less seats! 3000 or so people. Small fry amount wise ;) Apparently a great gig with the Conchords spotted around town the night before. Shock horror, having dinner and then Bret and Kristen were seen out and about together.

A few things to take from the Nashville gig....

The guys let the audience have the floor to have a go at Kiwi impersonations. Apparently someone did a very good Murray voice.

The ladies got to join in and be the choir on Carol Brown. And impressed with their singing.

Another meet and greet. Fans waited two hours in drizzle for the guys to appear.

Crapness that cameras were not really allowed inside. People were told to put them away so I've not got any decent pics from inside the venue for you.

I think I read somewhere that the poster for the Ryman gig had a contribution of artwork from the Conchords themselves.

Nashville review for you - Read it here

Another review, fan one this time from B. Read it (and see pics, some blurry) here. And more pics here. Thanks for sending this in B :)

No You Tube goodness from this gig alas. At least not that I can find right now to post.


Concert LiveWire has some pics from the Ryman gig posted online - View them here

A couple of people posted pics from the meet and greet afterwards. View them here and here

April 8 - Orlando, FL - Third ones a charm

Things are really getting going now. Two gigs down, about ummm, alot more to go. Third gig on the tour seemed to go over well. A few loud tossers but it didn't spoil the evening for most.

A few things to take from the Orlando gig....

Someone yelled from the audience "Band Meeting.....Jemaine??" and Jemaine caught on immediately and called out 'present'. Then he said "Bret?" and of course Bret called out that he was 'present'. Then the guys pointed to the audience and said "audience??" and we all called out 'present' too. (Thanks for the snipet Venus)

The arena was at half capacity (requested by the bands management).

Good online write up from the night from the Orlando Metromix

Fight of The Conchords - Tour tee 2009 - Band Meeting I bet this one is getting framed

They did play one song request. If You're Into It. Made them run late :p

Bret apparently lost his wedding ring during the show. It was later found.

Again, shouting out song requests and other crap constantly isn't cool. Most people commenting after the gig(s) think you are annoying tossers doing so. I would suspect that Bret and Jemaine might be thinking the same thing ;) Mind you, the guys have some great come backs for the shouters. The classic retort to That Guy last night was from Jemaine — saying to an audience member who was making noise, “Don’t feel like you have to entertain because we have it under control up here.” Ouch.

Nigel, the New Zealand Symphoney Orchestra and some other guys (pictured below). Nigel seems to be gathering a bit of a fan following on this tour. Friend of the Conchords, appearing on their Folk The World CD and also a member of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (scroll down and look for Nigel "Dark Horse" Collins) along with Bret.

Nigel and some other guys - Flight of The Conchords tour 2009

The guys have one scary sodding huge tour bus.

Meet and greet again. 200 or so popsicled fans waited two hours or so for the guys to appear. Was well worth the wait from what I hear.

In need of some exercise the guys actually stand and do something called 'moving' and 'dancing' during a song. The crowd barely contained their enthusiasm.

Flight of The Conchords tour 2009 - Orlando - Rocking it

You Tube Clips

Too Many Dicks
Carol Brown
Business Time
Sellotape (goes a bit weird in the middle for me)


Set of pics from lisalisa88 over on Flickr - Click here to view

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April 7 - Coral Gables, FL - Second night in

General concenus is that this was a much better show. Both from the guys and the audience. Set list was different from the opening night, Too Many Dicks got an airing last night :p Opening number. Didn't the first night.

A few things to take from the Coral Gables gig....

Singing along loudly may backfire on you as the guys are mixing it up and changing the lyrics to songs. This has always been their way and I find it works well as it keeps things fresh with a few little surprises along the way.

The guys seemed more relaxed. Danced a bit with the crowd during Sugalumps, had a cool meet and greet with about 200 fans after the gig also.

Jemaine has shaved! Yes, not that I care either way but masses do. Honest. Much to the consternation of many of his female fans who liked the facial fuzz and chops, they are now gone. It almost seems he is trying to put these ladies off with his clean shaven chop free face methinks :p

Some good write ups on the gig - Incertus blog page - Conchords: The Geekiest Rock Stars Ever Have to say I don't agree with the writer of the latter piece when he says the Conchords won't be able to come back due to saturation point being reached. Maybe the TV show has made people overly familiar with their songs, but if they don't make another series but simply come back with an all new live show (not an old song in sight) then it'd be sure to be something worth seeing.

Great review from Spin Magazine now online. Also one from Accidental Sexiness.

Some decent tour tees to be had it seems. Thanks Euridice and dandy. Also Band Meeting tees and other 2009 Tour tees

Flight of The Conchords tour tee 2009clear Flight of The Conchords tour tee 2009

Flight of The Conchords tour tee 2009

You Tube Clips

A vertitable feast of clips from the gig - Posted by SwaggerTooth

And this one, Sugalumps as you've never seen or heard it before. The place went wild.


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April 6 - Tampa, FL - Opening night of the tour

What can I say, the tour kicked off in Tampa. Many pictures have been posted online. Via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Flickr. I'll link to the best ones where possible.

Same with reviews. People have expressed opnions as to the quality of the opening show. Of course, what one fan enjoys, another doesn't. So I am going to spare you the insanity of reading them pretty much. I'll link or copy over the odd one, but for the rest I don't see the point in posting. It doesn't help anything toward any other upcoming gig as each one is so different. Lots depends on the crowd, the alcohol consumed, the guys and the set list. And so much more. If you really want to read them you can find them I am sure :)

A few things to take from the Tampa gig however....

Bret McKenzie from Flight of The Conchords - Tampa April 6 2009 Bret in leather playing the drums. Bret. Leather. Drums. Nuff said.

Jemaine Clement from Flight of The Conchords Tampa April 6 2009 Jemaine leaving women the world over speechless at his garb. I think he looked cool. I remember the 70's so this gives me flashbacks.

They played Bus Drivers Song and seems some fans didn't have a clue what genius was before them and didn't rate it! Best Conchords song ever for me (along with Pencils In The Wind and Hotties). And for fans who go outside of the HBO TV show its a real gem. Found on the live album Folk The World (that price is NZ$). If you've no idea what I am talking about, go get educated ;)

Flight of The Conchords Tampa 2009 Robots had props!

They kind of didn't do a meet and greet. As to what this means for other venues I have no idea.

On multiple occasions, the band had to shush the audience from shouting out song suggestions -- sometimes cheekily, sometimes with a little more pepper.
"If you want to talk," Jemaine joked, "write a note."
"Send it to Bret and Jemaine, New Zealand," Bret added.
That didn't stop them. The chants kept coming.
"Business Time!"
"I love you Jemaine!"
"Bring it, Bret!"
"Shush," Jemaine said. "What did we say about the notes?"
"That's no way to talk to your friends," Bret said.
"You're making it hard to concentrate," Jemaine said at one point. "This is our first show of the tour. We've barely got it together."
Shortly thereafter, Jemaine apologized, tongue in cheek, for getting snippy toward the audience. Which did nothing to stop the screams.
"Doggy Bounce!"
"You guys have a completely different setlist than us," McKenzie said.

Review from Metromix

Read the blog/review the above snippet came from. It ain't pretty. That Guy has a lot to answer for.

Another blog report - What John Thinks

Flight of the Conchords to audience - Bret: Tampa, you've been kind to us. Obnoxious, but charming. Jemaine: Like Will Ferrell.

You Tube clips

The tour opener - Most Beautiful Girl In The Room

Same Girl - Sugalumps - Business Time - Carol Brown/Stick Around - Conchords save the whales - Thanks to lisalisa88 for these clips


Set of pics from lisalisa88 over on Flickr - Click here to view

Set of pics from Facebook - Adam's collection - Click here to view (only if have FB account)

Set of pics from UniversalCynic over on Flickr - Click here to view

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