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Images from 2002- mid 2005

Don't let a chair come between us. Smiles abound during a London gig in 2005

Flight of The Conchords in all their understated glory back in 2002
(no licking the screen ladies) Spot the glue on chest rug! Ooops! Bret's fell off again.

Right I'll count to 100 Bret and you hide ... 1 2 3...

(During the Ed Fringe, 2003)

Jemaine's theory that the sky is indeed *up* is disputed rather vigorously by Bret.

"I was here first Bret... you find somewhere else to sleep... that bin just down there looks pretty comfy...the one next to the kebab shop..see" *points*

Dressed up for the Perrier Awards Party in 2003. Bret takes his beanie out for the night.

All smiles at an Ed Fringe bash (I forget which one now)

2002 - Jemaine left, Bret right. No idea who the chair is but I'm guessing Taika was sat on it in *invisible mode* Beware low flying bats? A new form of dance? Maybe their trousers are to tight! Or someone superglued their hands without them noticing till it was too late? Personally, I think they might be constipated. But who am I to say? Thanks to MadMarie for this pic.

While Bret is captivated by the lens, Jemaine sneaks up on him with a plank of wood cleverly disguised as a guitar. NB-Jemaine is also a traffic warden in his spare time (note the expert use of arm waving directing birds and low flying objects)

He really does stop traffic. Must be the legs. Gets ‘em every time.

'If he stands there posing much longer I'm going to wallop him one...' Jemaine prepares to tee off from the top of Bret's head. Kevin Stent/Sunday Star-Times

Bret and Jemaine go commune with nature and stuff but end up doing pygmy impersonations and dodging seagulls. Bret gets the risky job of lookout for the birds.

The Official Conchords Site pic! "Ee-yor ee-yor ee-yor"

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