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It had to happen; I devoted a corner of the site to me! Shameless self promotion. Well it would be if I had anything to promote. Luckily I don't.

About me

  • Still in search of a life. Won't be finding one anytime soon I hope. UPDATE! Wooot I got a life! No really I did. Only I'm not telling you about it ;)
  • Pootle Flump Pootle Flump was and still is my childhood idol. Check out this Flumps site and have a listen to the shows theme tune……. *goes off tadaaaing….. tada…tada…ta da da daaaaa* Class stuff!
  • What the hell, I just love this..... Spongemonkeys Moon Song
  • I live on coffee. Food helps naturally, but coffee is the lifeblood.
  • I am the proud owner of a Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet picture disc. Never been played and still in its plastic cover! Now you see why I have no life? NB- See Update above
  • CD of the moment - Mika and Macca's latest
  • Drink of choice? A good single malt whisky. (May 2005 - Is this a good time to mention I no longer drink alcohol? Cause if it is, then, I don't. But if I did, a good malt would be what I'd choose)
  • I never wear a watch.
  • My favorite quote (or rather quotes as I have two) are from Oscar Wilde.
    Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer.
    One should never listen. To listen is a sign of indifference to one's hearers.

    I will spend the rest of my life puzzling the second quote. Should I ever discover the true meaning then I would have achieved everything I ever wanted to. There will be no more. Existence is futile then.

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