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New Zealand: Chock full of talented people!

I've been writing about the Conchords a fair while now and thanks to my interest in them, I've wandered across much more in the way of New Zealand talent. I've been impressed. Enough so, I'm going to give over this page on What The Folk! and see if others out there in interweb land might find something interesting here. Many artists or bands featured here may well have links to Flight of The Conchords, so its all good in my book. If you know of a NZ artist you rate, be it singer/band, comedian, writer, actor, you name it, drop me an email with a little bit of blurb and a link or two and I'll see what I can do about giving them a mention.

Many thanks to Ms Indigo Jones and Andria for taking the time to write the musicians blurb. They have worded it far more eloquently than I ;) I'm likely to type 'teh rox0r' when describing music! O woe.

Also giving a shout out to groups and organisations that support NZ talent home and abroad so....

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New Zealand Comedy - Its out there. For sure.

Cori Gonzales-Maceur new gif August 2007 - Cori Gonzales-Macuer. A guy with a healthy David Hasselhoff obsession. Got a few giggles, snorts and laughs out of me when I saw some of his video clips. Winner of the 2006 Billy T Award in New Zealand. Performing in Auckland throughout August. Cori's gig listings.

Cori also appears in Eagle vs Shark as Mark (at Jarrod's party IIRC) and What We Do In the Shadows, both of which have connections (pretty friggin huge ones at that ) with Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement.

Ben Hurley Ben Hurley Winner of the 2004 Billy T Comedy Award, based in the UK. Working on a BBC radio sitcom with Andy Parsons. He's seen a million faces and rocked them all! *Update August 8 2007 * On tour in the UK at present. Gig info listings. More blurb over at Scene. He says on his webpage 'I like awesome times and choice stuff. I dislike people who are Dicks. You don't know who you are but we all do.'

new gif Download or listen to a Ben Hurley radio interview From Access Radio NZ

Rhys Darby - A Kiwi currently living in the UK. Hoping to return to NZ when TV networks get their asses in gear. Rhys recently worked with the Conchords on their BBC Radio series playing their wonderfully inept manager Brian Nesbitt. He's also on board for the Conchords HBO TV series. Read a WTF! Q & A with Rhys/Brian

*Update August 8 2007* Rhys Darby is back performing at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe. Fame in a cult US TV show could not keep him away! He's done with band meetings and red shorts... now he's back to stand up and a few of his characters Bill Napier the ranger, Ron Taylor the whale watcher and Steve Wittle the UFOlogist to Britain.

No listings on the official Fringe site for these gigs, but check out Rhys Darby's page here for dates. I'll post booking info as soon as the official site lists it. He says he is performing at The Attic, Pleasance Courtyard.

Dai Henwood - First came to my attention back in 2003 as P Funk Chainsaw. It was a look! He certainly filled the stage. Can also read his page here Past winner of the Billy T Comedy Award in NZ. NZ Herald ran a short Q & A in 2005. Currently performing througout October and November in NZ. Dates listed here

New Zealand Music

Worth mentioning that almost all the bands and musicians listed below can be found on LastFM. Online music database with a vast community. And pretty cool to boot.

Fat Freddy’s Drop - They are a seven-piece roots, jazz, reggae, soul band from Wellington. Their music is a fun mix of styles that alternatively has you feeling inclined to dance or just relax. Master improvisers, no two live gigs are the same. Read more on them here - Fat Freddys Drop on LastFM. Check out their CDs on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Hollie Smith - Hollie has a surprisingly deep, soulful voice that has been put to good use in various bands (Trinity Roots, Fly My Pretties) as well as in her solo work. Through her various projects she has proven herself capable of embracing multiple styles, all performed with depth and intensity. Don’t let her elfin appearance fool you; she has a set of lungs like no other. Check out her CDs on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Twinset - Twinset is unique in today’s music world. It is a five decade throwback in style and decades to come innovative. Twinset is Paul K. Hoskin, Dan Yeabsley, and Christopher Yeabsley. They’re jazz, they’re lounge, they’re tap-your-toes-groovy, man. NZ Amplifier article. If in New Zealand you can order CDs from here. Some are also available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Alternative, country, electronica, indie, pop, progressive, rock and acoustic -- just some of the descriptions given in an attempt to describe the musical stylings of The Phoenix Foundation. The thing is, they're all accurate to one degree or another, but once you hear the music, categories disappear and you're left with quintessential Phoenix Foundation. On the surface, the songs have a certain mellow sensibility, but within the songs and within the albums, there are moments where you'll find yourself bouncing around and singing at the top of your lungs. Visit the bands official site here. TPF on LastFM. Their latest album, Horsepower, is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Age Pryor - NZ Music says 'Wellington multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who recently released the groove/funk/ rock/ reggae influenced 'City Chorus'. The tracks on 'City Chorus' are sophisticated and beautifully crafted with an undeniable pop sensibility. These are rich and chilled out sounds, thoughtfully produced.... Read the rest here.

Age Pryor LastFM profile

Flash Harry, the alter ego of The Black Seeds frontman Barnaby Weir, takes you on a late-night journey of sounds with his eponymous debut album. Smooth and funky, raucous and hip-shaking, sexy and weird, there's something for just about everyone. Yet rather than being all over the place, there's a continuity of well-crafted songs with a strong sense of rhythm tying it all together. Even the unusual song Beverly manages to take a bingo number caller's recitation of the numbers and create a head-bobbing, foot-tapping exploration of a very funky beat. Definitely worth checking out.

New Zealand - Film makers - Actors - Writers

Taika Waititi (Cohen). Actor, comedian, writer, film maker, director, artist. You decide. Take your pick from a recent article in the Salient, a NZ Listener article from 2004. Two Cars One Night, Taika's Oscar nominated short film. City Gallery Wellington and his first feature length film, Eagle vs Shark, starring Loren Horsely and Jemaine Clement.

This page is a work in progress. Please be patient. More talented Kiwi's will be making an appearance soon.

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